YouTube TV Cuts Showtime Subscription Price to $7, Lowest on the Market

By Gabriela Vatu / November 14, 2018

YouTube TV is upping competition and has cut the price to Showtime from $11 to $7 per month. That's well below what Showtime costs everywhere else, including Showtime's own site.

According to an announcement YouTube TV made over Twitter, Showtime will now cost $7 per month. The best part, however, is that the price cut isn't just for new subscribers, but for old ones too.

While some users were complaining that their accounts still showed the old price, YouTube promised to look into it. So, if you're in the same situation, hang in there and reach out to them so they clear it up for you.

Regularly, Showtime subscriptions cost $10.99 or they're rounded up to $11 - even on Showtime's own site. The premium channel is quite popular and it's widely acclaimed for the original content it runs, like Dexter, Ray Donovan, Stargate SG-1, The Tudors, or United States of Tara.

The only platform to offer Showtime at a lower price before YouTube TV stepped in was DirecTV Now. With a subscription to one of its plans, you can get Showtime for $8 per month. Well, now that YouTube TV has reduced it to $7, it's officially the lowest price you can get Showtime.

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