YouTube Alternatives: Watch Videos like a Pro in 2018

By Deepak Parihar / July 11, 2018

YouTube in 2018 is the home for billions of videos and billions of users. Certainly, the platform has grown to become the most dominant streaming source for free online videos. Apart from that, YouTube has also successfully monetized the videos through targetted advertisements which successively supports millions of creators who are actively making content for the platform. Despite all this, the recent guideline revisions of YouTube without any prior notice is a bummer. These restrictions have pushed a large fraction of users to look for YouTube alternative websites.

There has been a consistent outcry from the users for something different. People need a YouTube alternative that’s as effective and efficient as the Google’s giant. In the quest to find a perfect alternative, there are certain issues that are coming out. These issues chiefly revolve around the alternative platform’s compatibility, its guidelines to support creators, the reliability of its community and others.

We know the importance of time, so, we have lined up 8 most reliable options that stand a fair chance against YouTube without wasting any time. Here is the list.

1. Vimeo

YouTube Alternatives - Vimeo
Supported Platforms Website, Android, iOS
Pros Professional Community, ad-free interface
Cons Limitation on uploads
Price Free, Paid plans available
Visit Vimeo

Vimeo is unique and is in a way different race compared to YouTube. It tops our list for two reasons: its curated quality content and an ad-free interface. Apparently, it is a platform for serious creators.

Vimeo encourages professional filmmakers to flaunt their work in the form of short movies or artistic videos. The one thing that standout is Vimeo’s beautiful—distraction-less interface that steals the show from all the other YouTube alternatives. When you visit the website, it welcomes you with a comforting tagline that says: ‘Your videos belong here.’

There are several categories that you can subscribe to as a user. Out of all, our favorite is ‘handpicked by the staff.’ On the platform, you are also not bound to ads before or after you watch a video, unlike YouTube. On Vimeo, you can upload up to 500 Mb of weekly content. You can extend this limit to 5 GB with a monthly plan of $9.95, or to 20 GB with an annual payment of $199.

2. DailyMotion

YouTube Alternatives - DailyMotion
Supported Platforms Website, Android, iOS
Pros Monetized platform, Massive Userbase
Cons Don’t support 4K
Price Free
Visit DailyMotion

YouTube has billions of users, and if there is anyone who could stand against it in terms of users, it is DailyMotion. DailyMotion has 300 million unique monthly users which make more than 3.5 billion monthly views on the platform. With these numbers, this platform gives you an opportunity to reach millions of people and as a result, go viral.

The interface of DailyMotion is quite similar to YouTube previous look, with trending videos on the homepage and a clean search bar at the top of the website. There are upload specifics that users have to follow after registering themselves. Users can go up to 4 GB in size and a video length of 60 minutes, with HD 1080p support.

You can easily turn off these limitations by signing up for a free MotionMaker account. Like YouTube, DailyMotion too has monetized the content creation with its DailyMotion OpenVOD program.

The videos are systematically categorized in a similar way to YouTube so you can switch right away to your new platform without any wandering.


YouTube Alternatives - IGTV
Supported Platforms Android, iOS
Pros Personalized content, a massive community
Cons Only available for mobile devices
Price Free
Visit IGTV

Recently launched by Instagram, IGTV is a new app for watching long-form, vertical videos. The platform shows personalized suggestions as per your Instagram following list and your usual streaming behavior. Since it is affiliated to Instagram, it has more than a billion potential users who will be able to access the app right from their Instagram app.

IGTV is different in many ways, as it is specifically designed for vertical videos—the way we use our mobiles. Apart from that, the videos are not limited to one-minute as it is on Instagram but can go up to 60 minutes.

The IGTV gets started as soon as you open the app, and is capable of switching between different categories like ‘popular’ and ‘for you.’ You can easily share the content from IGTV to either inside followers or outside the platform. It is a comfortable place which is growing with each day and with billions of people investing in it, it is destined to become a massive source.

4. Flickr

YouTube Alternatives - Flickr
Supported Platforms Web-based client, Android, iOS
Pros 1 TB storage
Cons Upload limitations
Price Free, $ 49.99 per year
Visit Flickr

While the platform is chiefly designed for hosting images, its recent update has welcomed uploading and sharing videos too. For the majority of people, it is still a news.

You can quickly sign up for a free Flickr account and start uploading the videos as you upload an image on it. TO OUR SURPRISE, Flickr’s free account comes with 1 terabyte memory which can be extended to unlimited storage and additional features like the ad-free interface and detailed stats.

Flickr’s clean and simple user interface with its massive community gives a well-orchestrated streaming experience. There are some limitations too. Users are allowed to upload only short videos with a top cap at 90 seconds. Users are also capped to upload two videos with a time limit.

5. Metacafe

YouTube Alternatives - Metacafe
Supported Platforms Website
Pros Quality content, huge userbase
Cons 90-seconds limit on uploads
Price Free
Visit Metacafe

Metacafe is an old friend which has come to the business back in 2003. Yes! Even before YouTube ever stepped in. The site is relatively huge with more than 40 million unique visits per month.

Metacafe is unique. It supports 90-seconds video format and that is where it becomes more appealing to the community. It is a reliable YouTube alternative for streaming videos which is both entertaining and appealing. Metacafe might not have the numbers like YouTube but its decade-long experience is reflected the way its website is designed. The comfort of the website lies in its no-nonsense policy.

If you are someone who appreciates short-length videos, there is nothing better than Metacafe for its convenience and attractiveness.

6. Vevo

YouTube Alternatives - Vevo
Supported Platforms Website
Pros High definition professional videos
Cons Content is limited to music videos
Price Free
Visit Vevo

We all have seen the slashed thumbnail on YouTube videos with Vevo tag. That tag means quality and trust. Since Vevo mainly garners its platform for Music videos, it is no game for trashy content.

Vevo streaming service has all the major artists from around the world lined up in its database. And that’s the reason it is a go-to source for an endless supply of music videos—a platform to dive for the lyrics, music, and vocals.

Vevo is intuitively designed and systematically organized compared to the other platforms. It features a search bar which easily gets you what you want. It supports high definition videos that go up to astonishing 4K. Of course, It doesn’t feature diverse content in comparison to YouTube, but it isn’t in that race. It conveniently stays around Music videos and artists and efficiently does what it does. And yes, Beyonce is here too.

7. Twitch

YouTube Alternatives - twitch
Supported Platforms Website, Android, iOS
Pros Niche-based content, Live broadcasting
Cons No Rewind Option on videos
Price Free, Paid plans available
Visit Twitch

What started as a concept a few years ago has now turned into a stable gaming video platform, and it is called Twitch. The platform is strictly for gamers and viewers who appreciate the content related to video games. It has become a comfortable source for millions of gamers to refer and learn the gaming tricks of all kind.

Of course, it doesn’t have a massive headcount compared to YouTube, but since it has set its niche, it’s worth a check, especially if you are into video games. Twitch hasn’t monetized its platform yet, but looking at the reports in the past, it will soon introduce a premium version which users can subscribe for prime content. The platform has become one of the most stable sources for live broadcasting.

There is also Twitch Prime for people who are interested in in-depth gaming content. It offers additional features like channel subscriptions and forum support. After last year’s treat, the twitch prime membership comes out free with Amazon Prime at $99 per year or $10.99 per month. It’s your call—game or no game?

8. Veoh

YouTube Alternatives - Veoh
Supported Platforms Website, iOS
Pros Unlimited upload, Intuitive design
Cons Vague search results
Price Free
Visit Veoh

Over the years, Veoh has become what an ideal streaming source should be. Veoh is designed very intuitively and is organized into well-formed categories. Apart from millions of users, Veoh offers you a series of perks. Here, content creators can upload any video of any length, which is such a relief, which means ‘no holds barred’ environment.

Veoh is also packed with social features that help you to easily share your content on other social platforms with just a click. Hence, it has the potential to make videos viral. It also features groups and forums where users can come together and discuss the topic of their choice. You can also add other users as friends. The site has a clean interface and is very simple to navigate. While we were testing we found its search capability a bit vague, but the big will hopefully fade out in the next few updates.

Overall, it’s a happy community that welcomes the content creators of all kind.

Final words

These are our favorite YouTube alternatives that could become the next big thing. All these platforms have their own unique set of benefits and limitations. We sincerely hope to guide you to your next video streaming source through this article.

Do you agree with our list or do you think we have missed one of your favorites? We would love to know your opinion in the comments. Also, to get instant tech updates, Follow TechNadu’s Facebook page, and Twitter handle.

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