Windows Live Mail Alternatives 2019: 6 Clients to Replace the Dead Live Mail

By Deepak Parihar / March 25, 2019

After fair warnings for about a year, on January 2017, Microsoft stopped the official support to all the programs from Windows Essential 2012 suite. When we tried to test the old essential programs, including Windows Live Mail, we found most of them still working. However, they lack new features and security updates. We don’t think anybody would still be sticking to the outdated Essential programs. However, there are many who are looking for a comparable program—a stable and powerful email client. And 2019 seems to be the right time to explore Windows Live Mail Alternatives.

Users loved Live Mail for its simplicity. It streamlined the crucial mailing functions and smoothly synced your messages and calendars at one place. Apart from that, what further adds up to the need to find an alternative is Microsoft’s change in its communication protocols. So, if you have a Hotmail or Outlook account, which still strangely are two different things, you cannot use its old email client without certain manual tweaks. However, the new alternatives on the web can fill this gap.

In this article, we have compiled 6 Windows Live mail alternatives that are best suited for modern needs. Here is the list.

1. eM Client

Windows Live Mail Alternatives - eM Client
Supported Platforms Windows
Price Free, $49.95 (One-time purchase)
Pros Highly customizable, Neat interface, Easy importing
Cons Limited free account
Visit eM Client

The importing experience on eM Client itself deserves 5 stars from us. When you launch the software for the first time, its migration tool gives you a quick list of options to import all your message and calendar from your old platform. It is much more than your traditional client. It not only helps you manage your messages but also keeps track of your schedules, organize your tasks and ample of other things.

eM Client is a free platform that effortlessly manages your contacts and messages. Its in-built integration with calendar and chat gives it a well-founded reputation. It supports three major messaging services; Google, Jabber and Facebook. This allows users to transfer files without the old method of link sharing from the third-party websites.

The platform is beautiful in and out. Its modern and simplified interface ensures that users can find their way no matter what they plan to do with their emails. All the functions are neatly presented in the platform. Its collapsible panes make sure that it’s never too crowded while managing your emails. This streamlined experience further expands with its advanced features. It includes beautiful templates, message encryption, in-built translator and a powerful search.

The platform features three beautiful themes; Classic, Modern and Dark. Coincidentally, the Classic theme has many elements of Live Mail and takes you back to good old days. eM Client comes with a 30 days free trial, after which you can continue either with its free version with limited capabilities or switch to its Pro version with a reasonable one-time payment. It’s a perfect upgrade option in 2019.

2. Microsoft Office Outlook

Windows Live Mail Alternatives - Outlook
Supported Platforms Windows, MacOS, Android
Price $129.99
Pros Smart design and functions, Dark mode
Cons Complex structure, Requires phone number
Visit Microsoft Office Outlook

Outlook is a powerful platform that probably has everything you would want from an email client. However, it isn’t free to use. Currently, it’s a part of Microsoft Office Suite, which has many other office tools to enhance your professional life.

The platform can work with unlimited accounts. This personal information manager is well-equipped to manage all your messages, contacts, calendars, and tasks.

The complain that’s most common among its users is its complex structure. This makes it a bit inconvenient for beginners who just want a simple email client to get all their emails at one place. But users should understand that Outlook is a heavyweight champion, which not only looks good with basic functions but also performs advanced operations. And once you set it up, we agree that life does seem a bit simplified.

The platform requires you to have a Microsoft account which helps in providing you with a 360 experience between multiple office apps. This included Skype’s voice chat and instant messaging features.

If you are already on Microsoft’s ecosystem, Outlook is a logical switch. However, if most of your tasks are performed on Google apps, then eM Client probably would suit you better.

Outlook also has a free app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, so you can access your mail no matter which device you are on. People who want a full-featured email client must try Outlook.

3. Thunderbird

Windows Live Mail Alternatives - Thunderbird
Supported Platforms Windows, MacOS, Linux
Price Free
Pros Advanced search, Tabbed browsing
Cons Complex importing routine
Visit Thunderbird

Modelled after Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird arguably is the most popular cross-platform email client on the internet.

The management on the platform is a breeze. All your messages, contacts and calendars come at one place with wide support for extensions, newsfeed and chat features.

Like Outlook, Thunderbird prefers an advanced structure. Users should know that highly capable email clients require a complex structure to accommodate all the advanced features. More than the preference, it’s the need for a fully featured architecture.

Despite having a plethora of options, the platform manages a straightforward and clean design. Its default interface is kept rather classic, so there’s hardly any learning curve to worry if you are coming from Live Mail. Once you delve into its detailed configuration and get a hang of it, we promise that things become quite easier.

The platform uses POP and IMAP, which allows it to save your messages locally on your hard drive for your offline access. It also features excellent filters and management tools. By far, the search option on the Thunderbird has impressed us the most. Its strong algorithm makes it very easy for users to search through past and recent conversations.

Apart from its advanced features, the other thing that impressed us about Thunderbird while our testing was its multilingual support. Since it is managed by the same team that designs Mozilla Firefox, its wide support of languages is obvious.

If you’re looking for a classic product without any flashy promises, Thunderbird is the way to go. Also, it’s completely free.

4. Mailbird

Windows Live Mail Alternatives - Mailbird
Supported Platforms Windows
Price Free, $49 (One-time subscription)
Pros Integrates with online services, Easy data importing
Cons Lite version only supports Mailbird
Visit Mailbird

Designed specifically for Windows computers, Mailbird is an all-in-one communication platform for managing multiple accounts. The interface of the program resembles with the Windows native styles and provides a rather clean and fast email experience.

Compared to the other email clients, it supports a much broader set of integrations with the third party clients. This makes it a very potent alternative to Windows Live Mail. Even the migration process is a breeze. All you need to do is select the options and the migration tool handles the rest. It even connects with your Facebook to add your profile picture and other basic information.

Like most of the paid email clients, the software has two versions; Lite and Pro. It's Lite version comes with limited features, which is a bit more limited compared to the above clients, nonetheless, excellent. The Lite version only supports three email accounts. However, if you have more accounts, you can switch to its Pro version with a reasonable $1 per month cost.

The platform’s effortless performance at keeping your messages intact, both online and offline, is commendable. Its convenient list structure makes search and navigation easier. Your calendars and contacts, even Linkedin come at a click distance.

This unified email client also supports 17 beautiful languages all over the world. Mailbird is a powerful desktop client that simplifies the mailing experience. It is worth a try.

5. Postbox

Windows Live Mail Alternatives - Postbox
Supported Platforms Windows, MacOS
Price Free, $40 USD
Pros Extensible by plugins, Visual programming
Cons Relatively expensive
Visit Postbox

While testing, we found Postbox’s approach quiet professional. The platform is designed around organizing your days and get stuff done.

It’s unapologetically based on Thunderbird. Its elegance and simplicity clearly set the tone for its minimalist approach, especially when you compare it with Thunderbird. Strangely, while testing we found that many of Postbox’s functions overlap with Thunderbird. For many parts, it felt like a tweaked better-looking version of its parent platform. If you like Thunderbird, you’d probably like Postbox too.

In terms of appearance, Postbox resembles Apple Mail. For years, people complained about its slow developments, and dead paced updates, but things have changed in the last few years. Today, Postbox is pretty caught up with the trends. The platform has a simplified view that is further supported by its focus pane and filters. Its organization tools help in grouping messages and contacts the way you like. Apart from that, there is a powerful search option that searches through all files, images, messages, and contacts.

Postbox is a comfortable place for professionals which tries to keep its users away from mistakes. On the platform, you can reuse common responses and edit your messages directly in HTML. Adding to that, it highlights contacts if they are addressed from the wrong account.

The platform is available for both MacOS and Windows. It supports a wide range of extensions and third-party apps. Even many of the Thunderbird extensions work with it. Highly recommended!

6. Claws Mail

Windows Live Mail Alternatives - Claws Mail
Supported Platforms Windows, Linux
Price Free
Pros Lightweight, Integrated RSS feed
Cons Low-resolution appearance
Visit Claws Mail

Claws Mail is an email client based on GTK+. The platform smoothly integrates e-mails, calendars, and contacts in one window. It follows the POP and IMAP protocols, which simplifies the process of handling multiple accounts.

Claws Mail doesn’t look very fancy. In fact, it reminds us of the older version of Windows. It’s plain and to the most part grey. Its default theme, to be honest, is not good looking but it does support custom themes.

As per us, its comprehensive interface is more intuitive than Thunderbird, and way less confusing. This quickens the learning curve on Claws Mail for new users. Also, its tuned down appearance provides it with lightning speed.

Claws Mail supports tons of features which makes the emailing experience a breeze. The functions on it are intact and perform quite smoothly. For example, the search filters are specific and can be used to retrieve exactly what you are looking for. You can also save searches for future usage.

Claws Mail is super light in structure, and smoothly does what it is designed for. For people who don’t care about fancy appearances, and value functions more than resolution, this platform is the way to go. And since it’s an open source, it’s completely free and customizable. Try it.

Here are the 6 email clients that could replace Windows Live Mail. These alternatives are apt to manage your messages and contacts in one place. We would suggest further research on the email clients before switching to them.

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