Demon Slayer: Who Killed Gyutaro and Daki?

Written by Samona Punjabi
Published on February 11, 2022

The latest episode of Demon Slayer's Entertainment District Arc, titled "Never Give Up," saw the end of the fight between the Demon Slayers and the Upper Moon Six. While the episode ended on a cliffhanger, leaving fans worried about the fates of their favorite Demon Slayers, it resulted in the death of the Upper Moon Six demons, Gyutaro and Daki.

The fight between the Slayers and the Upper Moon has been long and taxing. At the beginning of Episode 10 of the latest arc, it seemed as though the demons had won while the slayers remained dead or unable to move. However, as the episode progressed, we saw the Demon Slayers return to action and finally put this battle to an end.

The Demon Slayers defeat Gyutaro and Daki
The Demon Slayers defeat Gyutaro and Daki.

As a result, Gyutaro and Daki both had their heads cut off! So, the only question that remains is, who killed whom? Read on to find out how the Upper Six Demon Siblings met their end.

Who Killed Daki and Gyutaro in Episode 10 of the Entertainment District Arc?

To give you a short answer to the question of who killed whom: Tanjiro and Uzui killed Gyutaro while Zenitsu and Inosuke beheaded Daki. In the long version, Tanjiro wakes up after his near-fatal fall only to find the entire area on fire, with Nezuko still asleep in her box, at the beginning of the episode. Gyutaro notices the Demon Slayer is alive and is surprised. He begins to mock him, exclaiming how Inosuke, Uzui, and Zenitsu are all dead.

While Gyutaro continues to bully and humiliate Tanjiro, the latter grabs the box with Nezuko and runs away, leading the demon to call him the "most disgraceful" of them all. Gyutaro then kicks Tanjiro into a burning building, where he dodges a falling plank and begins to run once more. However, Tanjiro soon falls over from exhaustion and starts throwing whatever he can at Gyutaro using his mangled hand – wood, rocks, satchels of aroma from courtesans.

Gyutaro mocks Tanjiro
Gyutaro mocks Tanjiro.

Gyutaro continues to bully Tanjiro, even offering to turn him into a demon, after which the young demon slayer raises his head and says he was waiting for this moment. With defiant eyes, he headbutts Gyutaro, who thinks it does not affect him, but then wonders why he can't move and notices a kunai in his leg that Tanjiro placed with his headbutt. Tanjiro then prepares to sever Gyutaro's head, using a Hinokami Kagura slash.

On the other hand, Daki notices her brother in distress and prepares to send her Obi towards Tanjiro. However, she's soon intercepted by Zenitsu, who escapes the rubble using "god-speed." Daki seems confident at first, exclaiming how she knows how fast Zentisu is, having seen his attacks many times. However, Zenitsu uses god-speed once more, surprising Daki.

Meanwhile, Tanjiro still tries his best to subdue Gyutaro, who manages to take out the poisoned kunai from his leg. Gyutaro unleashes his Blood Demon Art: Rampant Arc Rampage to create a dome around him and repel Tanjiro's blade. Suddenly, as Tanjiro is about to be pierced through the eye, Uzui appears – with one sword in his mouth – and deflects the attack, then sends an explosion at Gyutaro. Tanjiro keeps up, running alongside the struggle with his blade in hand, noting Uzui will reach his limit first. The Hashira and Upper-Rank Six begin another fierce battle that leaves shockwaves and explosions in their wake.

Tengen and Gyutaro fight at high speed
Tengen and Gyutaro fight at high speed.

As Gyutaro and Uzui's battle rages on, the latter yells for Tanjiro not to stop and jump for his final attack while he holds Gyutaro. The Upper Moon demon stabs Tanjiro through his jaw; however, this does nothing to break the Demon Slayer's resolve who summons a power through his scar! Tanjiro's scar increases, his hair gets a little longer and turns redder, and he gains more power.

In the meantime, Zenitsu tries to behead Daki using god-speed; however, because her obi is too soft, his power isn't enough. Zenitsu has no strength left and is about to get overpowered by Daki but is saved by Inosuke, who slices her obi. Inosuke then combines his blades with Zenitsu's while Daki screams for her brother. Daki is shocked to see Inosuke alive, who reminds everyone that he can move his internal organs, and poisons don't work because he grew up on the mountainside.

However, Tanjiro beheads Gyutaro with Uzui's help while Zentisu and Inosuke decapitate Daki! The two heads of the demon siblings land symbolically, facing each other. So there you have it, the long and short versions of how the Upper Moon Six siblings, Gyutaro and Daki, died. The episode ends in a cliffhanger, leaving fans worried about what happened to their favorite Demon Slayers. It looks like we'll have to wait for next week's episode to find out what happened to the Demon Slayer gang!

The Upper Moon Six siblings' heads land next to each other
The Upper Moon Six siblings' heads land next to each other.

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