Twitch Alternatives: 6 Platforms to Stream your Favorite Games

By Deepak Parihar / March 7, 2019

Twitch has done to game streaming what Photoshop has done to photo editing. Today, twitch has become the generic descriptor for powerful video game streaming. The platform was started as but soon was purchased by Amazon for nearly $1 billion. That billing amount is not a surprise considering it’s the 12th most visited website in the united states. Over the years, it has been successful at creating sensational buzz around streaming games. This storm has gotten so strong that multiple celebrities and various esports teams have become the part of this versatile community. Although the platform is hard to compete, the Twitch alternatives promise something more to the Gaming crowds.

The alternatives have garnered people who are looking for niche specific platforms that are not crowded with explicit content and promise a land away from toxic chatrooms.
Twitch service is available for PCs, consoles, and even for your mobile smartphones. Despite its main focus on Games, it also allows users to stream IRLs and more. Even with all its promising features, it has become an uptight platform, especially with its recent change in guidelines. In this article, we will explore 6 comparable options to Twitch that promise a great experience in 2019. Here is the list.

1. Mixer

Twitch Alternatives - Mixer
Supported Platforms Web, Android, iOS
Price Free
Pros Built-in Level Editor, Live Broadcasting
Cons Limited support to non-Microsoft titles
Visit Mixer

We can’t mention game streaming, and not talk about Mixer, Microsoft’s own streaming platform to compete with Twitch. Previously known as Beam, Mixer uses Faster Than Light (FTL) streaming protocol for its broadcasting. Apparently, FTL gives no room to latency between your gameplay and the stream. We found that everything on Mixer gets transferred in real time. While testing Mixer, the game streaming felt like as if the person watching the Live Broadcast was in the same room, in real time, with absolutely no lags. This should be compared to the standard 10-20 seconds lag on the other platforms. It clearly shows the strength of the platform. Microsoft is the giant behind Mixer, and anything less would have been unacceptable.

Mixer uses a currency called Sparks which helps users in interacting with the games. Certain games like Minecraft allows users to directly interact with it with the help of this currency. Adding to that, Mixer is seamlessly integrated with the Xbox platform. So, if you already use Xbox, it becomes a clear choice for your game streaming.

It supports USB webcam and has tons of layout options to choose from. It has a co -streaming feature with which you can jointly stream with three of your friends at the same time. Furthermore, the popular titles by Microsoft like Forza and Halo have built-in streaming options to stream with Mixer. It supports Chromecast and allows users to follow their favorite channel to keep them up to date. It also has a full-featured chat option with which you can talk to all your connected friends.

Microsoft's Mixer is a comfortable place, and if you are already in its ecosystem, then it becomes a logical Twitch alternative for users who are looking for something different. We give it our first spot.

2. YouTube Gaming

Twitch Alternatives - YouTube Gaming
Supported Platforms Web, Android, iOS
Price Free, $4.99 per month (Sponsorship program)
Pros Records videos, Live broadcasting
Cons Lags at content discovery
Visit YouTube Gaming

Recently, Google launched its streaming platform, YouTube Gaming, to compete with Twitch. It promises to keep you connected with the games, players and the gaming culture around it. While testing we found that its live streams are perfectly integrated with chat. This is coupled with its ‘let’s play’ feature which allows gamers to review, and discover speedruns and trailers from their favorite publishers. With its large database and popularity among the general population, exploring the games that you care about has become easier than ever before.

We also found the videos on YouTube Gaming from tens of thousands of titles like Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft, League of Legends and many more. As far as the interface is concerned, it mostly resembles its cousin platform YouTube. Using it feels like using YouTube, which we all are accustomed to. We were impressed by how Google has created a platform to bring all your videos and streams in one place through YouTube Gaming.

If we believe the statistics, it features more than 25 thousand games. We found its recommendation pretty clean, which works more or less like YouTube. It primarily focuses on the Games you are interested in—almost 90 Percent of the time, and mixes it with content discovery, 10 Percent of the time.

Like YouTube, it has dedicated channels for publishers and gamers. You are allowed to follow them for updates and easy access. Upon finding anything glitchy, you are allowed to comment and review the channel or game.

YouTube gaming has wrapped the game streaming in our favorite video website and layered a skin on it so the gaming content can take the center stage. We love it. We will give it our second spot.

3. Periscope

Twitch Alternatives - Periscope
Supported Platforms Android, iOS
Price Free
Pros Support of HD videos, CrowdSourced
Cons Plenty of explicit content, Weak privacy guidelines
Visit Periscope

Periscope is not a dedicated game streaming platform. However, it arguably is the most complete Live Streaming platform on the list. Owned by Twitter, Periscope is promoted as a platform to explore the world through someone else’s eyes, and unsurprisingly, it has caught on in today’s streaming world.

Needless to say, it is used by gamers around the world to broadcast their gameplay. The platform is integrated with Twitter and allows users to stream through their phone, and then later pushes the content on Twitter for the maximum viewership.

While testing the platform, we found that it allows users to interact with the live stream, much like Twitch. The moment you go live, the platform instantly notifies your followers, so perhaps they can join you and like your stream, which on the platform is stacked as giving heart. More the hearts, higher the engagement you get on the stream. Periscope keeps track of the number of hearts you get and accordingly places you on its ‘Most Loved’ list.

After you complete your stream, you can also make it available to replay for viewers who have missed it or want to watch it again. Currently, the platform allows the replay within the first 24 hours. You can also delete the stream whenever you want. Adding to that, you are allowed to stream for a private audience by inviting the people you would want to participate. It also allows you to block unwanted viewers.

All in all, Periscope has so much going on for it. It is worth a try.

4. Mirrativ

Twitch Alternatives - Mirrativ
Supported Platforms Android, iOS
Price Free
Pros Untethered mobile broadcasting
Cons Limited to mobile streaming
Visit Mirrativ

Users who prefer mobile streaming over everything else should consider Mirrativ, which fundamentally is a streaming platform dedicated to smartphones. Mirrativ features a mix of untethered mobile broadcasting and screen sharing with the ability of social interactions. All this can be done on the platform without any kind of third-party client.

On Mirrativ, all features come together in one user-friendly app. It's intuitively designed to ease the process of switching between platforms, no matter which app you have been using in past. Mirrativ is currently available for both Android and iOS users. Very much like Twitch, the platform allows you to interact with your followers in real time with the help of comments. Adding to that, users are allowed to like your stream by clicking on a cute star icon.

Without being tethered to a computer, Mirrativ seamlessly performs. It not only shares your screen but also all the elements on it like menus and apps. In short, it transfers everything that’s happening on your screen natively.

Mirrativ becomes a logical choice for people who love mobile games like Cash Royale, Color Switch or Game of War. Its utility allows users to avoid all kind of external streaming hardware, which makes it an excellent alternative to Twitch on mobile. It is definitely worth your time.

5. Smashcast

Twitch Alternatives - Smashcast
Supported Platforms Web, Android, iOS
Price Free
Pros High quality limited to chosen titles
Cons Selforganized tournaments, 4K support
Visit Smashcast

Smashcast is one of the oldest players in the online live streaming scene. It started its journey with a different business model, but later became a product of a merge between Hitbox and Azubu. For people who aren’t familiar with Hitbox and Azubu, should know that some years ago these brands were the renowned live streaming eSports websites. They collaborated to form Smashcast, which today directly competes with Twitch.

While testing, we found that Smashcast’s website is well integrated with JavaScript, which makes the streaming experience quite intuitive for the users. Adding to that, this delay-free streaming platform supports 4k broadcasting at 60fps. This feature makes Smashcast an essential player of the high-quality streaming world.

What makes Smashcast special, apart from the standard features, is the wide range of tournaments it organizes. These tournaments are organized by all sort of groups from a few like-minded people to a massive-gatherings. On Smashcast, you can pick any role of your choice; viewer, streamer, tournament organizer or partner. We found Smashcast to be a true streaming platform which is created by the members of the community, for the community.

If you are looking for a tailored experience of game streaming, then this could be the right pick for you. Highly recommended.

6. Facebook Watch

Twitch Alternatives - Facebook Watch
Supported Platforms Web
Price Free
Pros Familiar user interface, Watchlist
Cons Not specifically targeted to gamers
Visit Facebook Watch

Facebook is never behind when other big players like Google, Microsoft, and Twitter are on to something. Facebook Watch is another attempt in the same line of struggles by Facebook to expand its social networking site with a dedicated video streaming platform. The biggest power of the platform is that it features a similar interface that of Facebook, which makes it easier for a user to switch to Facebook Watch. We all are familiar with the traditional interactional elements of Facebook. Engagement on Facebook Watch revolves around the same set of reactions, likes, comment, and shares.

Since it launched a year ago, Facebook has garnered a lot of attraction from users in terms of total viewing time. Facebook claims that at least 50 million people are active on the platform and it's consistently going up since its global launch.

The platform is built around discovering new content. It allows you to follow your favourite creators, and share the content between friends and family. Adding to that, you can participate in an open conversation on the platform on a variety of topics. Also, Facebook Watch lets you create a watchlist so you don't miss any of the latest updates. If you are looking for a familiar alternative to Twitch, Facebook Watch probably is the one for you.

As per us, these are the 6 most powerful Twitch alternatives that are going to stay relevant in 2019. The choice clearly depends on your requirement. For PC gamers, Mixer and Smashcast seem to be the right fit. But, if you are on a mobile device, periscope and Mirrativ offer a great package. We would recommend you to visit the website of the platform before you pick your streaming client. All the very best.

Do you agree with our list, or do you think we have missed one of your favourite streaming platforms? Do let us know in the comments. Also, to get instant tech updates, Follow TechNadu’s Facebook page, and Twitter handle.

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