Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games 2018: Top Suggestions

Written by Novak Bozovic
Last updated May 19, 2021

By many accounts, 2017 belonged to Nintendo Switch as much as it belonged to the PS4 and Xbox One. But what will the Switch do about 2018? The PS4 and Xbox One already have a series of titles lined up for the whole year. Thankfully, there is a battery of upcoming Nintendo Switch games too.

Only time will tell if the Switch games measure up to the competition offered by PlayStation and Xbox games. But we can assure you that Nintendo is trying very hard to equal (if not better) the quality of experience offered by the competition. Nevertheless, the community that benefits the most from it is that of the gamers!

Top Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games: 2018 Solved

That is right. Games are hitting the Nintendo Switch platform in thick numbers every week of 2018. Some of these are meant to be superstars and some others might just be there for the numbers. We help you do the sorting – here are the best upcoming Nintendo Switch games for 2018.

Project Octopath Traveler

Developer Square Enix, Acquire
Releasing 2018
Platforms Nintendo Switch

Here are two reasons why we are head-over-heels immersed in the concept of Project Octopath. It is brought out by Bravely series creators Square Enix. And secondly, the game makes mixed use of HD-2D visuals, pixel art, and even CG. You embark on a role-playing adventure in a vast world as one among a party of eight travelers.

Every traveler has a different story, place of origin, and path. Even the objectives are different for different travelers. You can make your choices independently. Where should you begin? Who do you team up with? Where do you go next? There are pre-defined Path Actions that you can use when interacting with others and hitting objectives. You can be the warrior and challenge others to a melee. Or you may become the dancer and seduce them into battle.

For one, we really liked the concept of players getting a free hand to choose their path. The combat in the game is modeled on the Boost method, where you can battle your turns and make use of some modern enhancements as well. The surest way to victory is to know when to boost!

Kirby Star Allies

Developer HAL Laboratory
Releasing 2018
Platforms Nintendo Switch

Kirby Star Allies has to be among the most talked-about releases of 2018. The Nintendo game follows the adventures of the pink puff, which is already in some demand! And Nintendo is releasing them to the console in high definition. This time around, Nintendo has also decided to give co-op play a try. Yes, that means you get some support during gameplay.

The simple way to start is to recruit enemies into your group. Hit them with hearts and make a party of up to four characters. The co-op does not end there. Kirby Star Allies also allows you to join other players. At the moment, the number is limited to three. But this can definitely go up based on the response the game gets.

The game makes use of different elements that are especially relevant to the gameplay. You can use the broom, bomb, water, fire, sword, or even electricity to stun your enemies. As of now, we have news that the game should hit the first Switch consoles in the spring of 2018. But to be honest, you have to have some interest in cartoon violence to enjoy this game.

Yoshi (2018)

Developer Good-Feel
Releasing 2018
Platforms Nintendo Switch

Just when you thought you had enough of it, Nintendo gives you another side-scrolling adventure to marvel on! And with Yoshi, you get the full, 3D picture! Something tells us that it will be fun watching 3D characters moving on a 2D plane. Both Yoshi is unlike any other side-scrolling adventure you have ever been in. It allows you to view the game from two different perspectives. Yes, that is effectively a rearview camera.

The viewpoint changes again when the character stomp stays put on the ground. Apart from the new perspective, the gameplay stays true to Yoshi games in the past. You can make Yoshi eat other objects in the environment with its tongue and turn them into eggs.  Use these to attack other enemies later.

The game also offers a multiplayer mode this time. Both the players can maneuver their Yoshis through different levels of the game. If things go well for Yoshi, it could be among the coolest upcoming games for Nintendo Switch.

Super Meat Boy Forever

Developer Team Meat
Releasing 2018
Platforms Nintendo Switch PS4, Xbox One, iOS, Android, Linux, Windows

When they say Super Meat Boy Forever, all they want to do is say Super Meat Boy 2 without sounding boring! Yes, the game is a sequel to the sleeper hit Super Meat Boy. You still deal with Dr. Fetus, who is as sassy as ever. The difficulty is challenging and fair at the same time. Apart from the usual dynamics, there are some cheeky improvisations as well.

Bandage Girl and Meat Boy now have a little baby called Nugget (whoa!). The evil Dr. Fetus kidnaps baby Nuggy and Bandage and Meat must team up to rescue her. The level contraction is dynamically done. That means, once you are able to beat a level, it enhances the difficulty level for itself. Since Bandage Girl and Meat Boy are out for the rescue, they punch and kick whatever comes in their way.

The amazing thing about Super Meat Boy Forever is the presence of two buttons only. You might feel that is a dumb idea at the start. The developers promise to infuse immense levels of control with just two buttons and we cannot wait to see how that turns out.


Developer Chucklefish
Releasing 2018
Platforms PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

Wargroove is set to be just the game that you think of after hearing its name. You get to wage war on random enemies. And you can wage war as a team of 4. The game is fairly easy to play and there is accessibility written all over it. However, you will never quite master it if you are looking for casual play only.

The developers have made the gameplay mechanics pretty deep. If that works well for them, we will reap plenty of strategic gameplay from that. At the same time, it is especially relevant to remember that the game is a little more than Advance Wars. The makers have injected modern tech to make sure you get higher resolution pixel art.

Along with the resolution and graphical element, the gameplay is robust and there is deep modding capability. Ultimately, this game is about giving an exquisite experience to both the lovers of advance wars and TBS games. There are also a few features that the makers have claimed are new to the genre. We will tell you about them when we have them.

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

Developer The Game Atelier, FDG Entertainment
Releasing 2017
Platforms PS4, PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

When it is Nintendo, you can keep expecting side-scrolling adventures one after the other. Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is developed in partnership with Ryuichi Nishizawa – the famous director of Wonder Boy in Monster World series. The purpose of Monster Boy is to restore the enjoyment of the classic games along with lots of simplicity. The experienced is doubled by buttery graphics and some peppy music.

During the course of the gameplay, there will be some big bosses to beat. You can also find powerful machines and use them the best to remove a strong, hidden curse. You can transform into over 6 different creatures, each one having their own abilities and skills to demarcate their roles in the game. Make the most of these unique abilities to keep progressing in what shapes up to be an epic path!

The environment of Monster World is totally interconnected. The more special items you pick up on your way, the better you can come through this fact as well. Overall, the game promises you more than 15 hours of epic action in both 1080/60fps and 720/60fps modes.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Developer DICO, Art Play, Inti Creates
Releasing March 2018
Platforms PS4, Nintendo Switch, XB1, Wii U

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is developed by DICO and ArtPlay and published by 505 Games. Leading the game is the producer of the Castlevania series (dates back to 1997), Koji Igarashi. The game is touted to be the spiritual successor to Bloodstained. The new game is set to be released on Linux, PC, PS2, XB1, and Nintendo Switch.

While many thought that Igarashi would retire quietly after his exit from Konami studios, that was not the case. To allure potential funders, Igarashi started a Kickstarter campaign for $500,000. The game raised $5.5 million in no time and became the highest funded Kickstarter campaign for a game.

In the game, you play the role of Miriam, the lady who is suffering the alchemist’s curse. The only way you can survive the curse is by exploiting a castle full of dangers. There, you must find Gebel, the summoner, and sufferer of the same curse. You play the game in 2.5D style, just the way we played the previous Castlevania games!

Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Developer Ubisoft Toronto
Releasing 2018
Platforms Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Starlink: Battle for Atlas is a scheduled cross-platform game on the action-adventure model. It should release in late 2018 and will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. There are even toys-to-life elements in the game. You play the game in the Atlas Star System. Earlier on, your mother ship, Equinox was ambushed by The Forgotten Legion.

Starlink promises to be among the most exciting upcoming Nintendo Switch games because of its rescue theme. Your ship’s captain is taken hostage by the Legion. The Legion is led by Grax, the villain who is obsessed with an ancient race called the Wardens.

To be able to rescue your captain and save the star system, you must visit different areas of the star system. There will be an option to visit different species as well. You can form meaningful and game-defying alliances for them. The best thing about the game is the way it transitions between the surface of a planet and space. They call it “seamless”.

Final Words

So that makes it a good year (hopefully) for the Nintendo Switch. We would like to remind you that some of these “working titles” could be changed before the release of the game. If that is the case, we will keep you in the loop. For now, these are the best upcoming Nintendo Switch games.

Presently, the Nintendo Switch will have a tough task trying to win over new gamers with their upcoming Switch games in 2018. Is there any Switch game we were looking up to and we forgot to list? Let us know.

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