Tinder Alternatives: 10 Dating Apps You Must Try

By Deepak Parihar / July 9, 2018

If we have to explain the changes in the contemporary dating patterns in the urban world, we would certainly name Tinder and its alternatives. There is no denying that today the market is full of apps to find a date or just someone to hang around with over a coffee next weekend. Today the dating phenomenon that Tinder and its alternatives have created is par the understanding of an average user. But, let’s not try to understand love while swiping on Tinder, and not get turned off by the multiple paid route that Tinder has created. But what else can we do?

Since Tinder has its own model which primarily focuses on appearance-based dating, it is clever to look for other options. Also, due to the influx of heavily restricted interface of its basic version, it has become a necessity to turn to Tinder alternatives.

So, if you are looking for your next date, here are 10 alternatives to Tinder for Andriod and iOS. Let’s go through the list.

1. OK Cupid

Tinder Alternatives - OK Cupid
Supported Platforms Android, iOS
Pros Personality quiz and effective filters
Cons Important Features are restricted to paid versions
Price Free, Paid - $19.95 per month
Visit OK Cupid

The app that tops our list is OK Cupid, and the reason is its omnipresence. Regardless of where you are located in the world: Italy, France, India, US, UK, this app will find you a date no matter what. There are tons of people on OK Cupid, which is neck packed with features and filters that claim to lead you for your next love adventure. This app has a quick Tinder-style swipe match system but smoother.

There is also an upgrade option that gives access to another set of unique features like anonymous browsing and like notification.

2. Coffee Meets Bagel

Tinder Alternatives - Coffee Meets Bagel
Supported Platforms Android, iOS
Pros Curated matches
Cons Limited matches since limited users
Price Free, Paid - $35 per month
Visit Coffee Meets Bagel

This app has a different methodology to match people. At the crust it’s simple to understand, ‘every day at 12 in the noon, the male users will receive up to 21 quality matches which are famously called Bagels, which men can either Like or Pass. This would be followed by curating the best potential matches for women from the all the men that expressed an interest.

Coffee Meets Bagel saves your time and only shows you the options that have liked you. So, you don’t end up crying for the one girl you couldn’t impress.

3. Hinge

Tinder Alternatives - Hinge
Supported Platforms Android, iOS
Pros Unique matching algorithms
Cons Missing essential privacy features
Price Free, Paid - $7 per month
Visit Hinge

Hinge app is the opposite of how tinder defines online dating: date strangers. This app service will match you with friends of friends from Facebook, and also some of your friends. The Facebook suggestions that this app provides are the third-degree friends as the app defines it.

As per the app, the friends of friends are more likely to have the same personality as you have and says that the fact is based on a study. That said, most people might find this service out of their comfort zone. However, if people are looking for dates in their subsequent friend circle, it doesn’t get better than the Hinge. Open the gates!

4. Twin Dog

Tinder Alternatives - Twin dog
Supported Platforms Android, iOS
Pros Unique matching methodology
Cons Limited matches 
Price Free
Visit Twin Dog

A dating app based on your love for dogs is something we all can appreciate. It’s not a secret that dog lovers often get along for their exuberant vibes if something like that exists. So, Twin Dog will make sure that you are in a good company if you love dogs. If words like small, scruffy turn you on in a date, we are sure this app will help you find a right date.

While many might think that getting dates based on your future partner’s love for a dog is strange, Rihana has a different opinion: “We find love in hopeless places.”

5. How About We

Tinder Alternatives - how about we
Supported Platforms Android, iOS
Pros Unique matching methodology
Cons Limited users
Price Free, Paid - $7.99 per month
Visit How About We

This one is a comforting place where the trust in humanity gets restored. ‘How About We’ is a platform where you suggest dating someone you know on the platform, rather than hitting your head for yourself. It is also a platform where you can arrange an activity based meet-up like visiting a zoo, or a movie night.

This platform is different from all the rest and is the most pleasant dating app, where conversations don’t turn dirty—where women don’t worry about blocking pervert men. If you have patience and looking for something who is a right match, this app is certainly worth investing the time.

6. Happn

Tinder Alternatives - happn
Supported Platforms Android, iOS
Pros Location-based matches, Crush button
Cons Limited to location
Price Free, Paid - $22.99 per month
Visit Happn

When you visit Happn’s website it claims to find people who you have crossed path with, which by far is a unique approach to dating.

Now, this is a very convenient and efficient approach to dating as your matches are likely to be around in the close proximity. On the other hand, it has a negative side, like everything in life: in case your date doesn’t end up well, you will have to cross their ways again, which might not be a good scene, isn’t it?

It uses the power of social media to sought matches based on your location. So, every time you cross someone with Happn on their mobile, your profile would show up on their timeline. This app also features a countdown that shows the times you have crossed the path with a Happn user. The matching aspects of Happn are similar to Tinder but, its unique matching filters are intriguing.

7. Grindr

Tinder Alternatives- grindr
Supported Platforms Android, iOS
Pros Saves your time with easy and efficient matches
Cons Relatively small community, App glitches
Price Free, Paid - $12 per month
Visit Grindr

Too much dating talk about straight people. Let’s look into the option if you happen to be a gay, bisexual or curious. The thing about Grindr is that it really works, and pretty easy and efficient to find a hookup in your locality.

During our testing, we found some glitches here and there as the Grindr community is consistently growing. This app has been around since 2009 and marks a landmark for a dating app. Apparently, all the dating players aspire to be Grindr for straight people, but they are not even close, while Grindr community is on repeat.

If you are a gay, this is one app that should be on your app box.

8. Badoo

Tinder Alternatives - Badoo
Supported Platforms Android, iOS
Pros Unique Methodology
Cons Occasional disappointing matches
Price 550 credits - $9.99
Visit Badoo

Another app with a unique approach to dating. And this time they pamper your love of celebrities. Of course, you can’t be with Rihana or Clooney, but you can be with their look-alike if you use Badoo.

The app uses Artifical intelligence to recognize your facial feature and matches it with the closest look-alike celebrity and then matches you with your favorite superstar look-alikes. There is one turn off, sadly, that the recognition is not perfect and sometime you might be surprised by the result, but it is definitely worth a try. After all who doesn’t want Jennifer Lawerence over a drink?

9. Luxy

Tinder Alternatives - Luxy
Supported Platforms Android, iOS
Pros Clutter-free dating for millionaires
Cons Limited to millionaires
Price $24.99 per month
Visit Luxy

Now Luxy is where the stakes get high. This app is exclusively available for millionaires, and you are not welcomed in the app if you are not one. This app, unsurprisingly, is the only app that has no basic version and for this, you must pay in advance to use. The app claims to feature only certified millionaires.

The app has luxurious features as the name might hint you; 24x7 customer support, an option to remain invisible, anti-scam feature and many more. This app is the true representation of ‘You get what you pay.’

If you are a millionaire and looking for a millionaire to date, this one will get you one. Now, install this app on your expensive phone.

10. Down

Tinder Alternatives- down
Supported Platforms Android, iOS
Pros A straightforward approach to Dating
Cons Pointless offers
Price Free
Visit Down

Down is a nightmare of online dating which lets you come out to all the crushes on your friend list, irrespective of their membership on Down. The app pulls out every single acquaintance on your social media list and sends them intimation once you like their profile.

Well, it is as terrible as all the other dating apps, but its bluntness keeps it raw and embarrassing. The trick with Down is don’t think about it more than you would think about your second future date. As the Nike would suggest: ‘Do it.’

Final Words

This was our list of top 10 Tinder alternatives. While we sincerely hope that you get the match of your dream, we also wish you good luck with terrible and pointless dates, which apparently are the part and parcel of online dating.

Do you agree with our list of Tinder alternatives, or do you think we have missed your favorite pick? Do let us know in the comments. Also, to get instant tech updates, Follow TechNadu’s Facebook page, and Twitter handle.

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