Sony Unveils a Whole Slate of PS5 Accessories Including a Camera, Headset, Charging Dock & More!

  • Sony’s PlayStation 5 will launch later this year, alongside a series of modern-looking accessories.
  • Aside from their appearance, not much is known about these products, and there’s no word on their pricing.
  • Sony is expected to provide in-depth information about these as we get closer to the console’s launch.

Sony has finally decided to provide additional information about its upcoming PlayStation 5 console. During the recently live-streamed PlayStation 5 Showcase Event, the company has revealed what the PlayStation 5 console would look like, various tidbits about the DualSense controller, and we were also reminded of PlayStation 5’s powerful internals. However, as we approached the end of this event, Sony also revealed a whole slate of accessories designed for its upcoming console.

Among the announced PS5 accessories, there’s a new 3D headset, an HD camera, a media remote, as well as a charging dock for the PS5’s controllers. Even though not much is known about each of those accessories specifically, Sony has given a bit of information as to what to expect.

PS5 Pulse 3D Wireless Headset

PlayStation 5 Pulse 3D Wireless Headset
Image Credits: Sony.

Considering that the PlayStation 5 comes with a dedicated engine for 3D audio, many of us have expected to see a headset that supports this technology. This is where the newly announced Pulse 3D Wireless Headset comes into play. Following the same design principles as the rest of the PS5 product lineup, the Pulse 3D is a sleek-looking device with black and white accents all over.

The Pulse 3D headset is designed specifically for 3D audio and will come with a USB dongle that needs to be plugged into the PlayStation 5.

PS5 DualSense Charging Station

PlayStation 5 DualSense Charging Station
Image Credits: Sony.

There’s no official information about the upcoming PlayStation controllers’ expected battery life (called DualSense). However, even though they will come with haptic feedback and plenty of new technologies, we expect their battery life to be on par with PS4’s controllers. So, when you’re not gaming, you can rest your DualSense controller on the newly announced charging station.

PS5 HD Camera

PlayStation 5 HD Camera
Image Credits: Sony.

The PS5’s HD camera comes with two 1080p HD cameras, which we presume will be used for VR- and streaming-related purposes. As an accessory being sold separately, this product is designed for those willing to stream footage from their living room while playing PS5 games. We’re sure this is going to be an affordable camera, allowing streaming enthusiasts to embrace this technology in an accessible way.

PS5 Media Remote

PlayStation 5 Media Remote
Image Credits: Sony.

The PS5 is going to be a hugely powerful gaming machine. However, just like its predecessor, this console will also let you use media streaming services and other apps. With this said, you’ll get to use the PS5 as your living room entertainment hub. Sony is offering a media remote if you’d like to avoid having to use a DualSense controller.

As you can see from the image above, this is a pretty standard-looking remote. We know that it’ll come with a built-in microphone for issuing voice commands. However, it’s also worth noticing four unmarked buttons at the bottom of the remote, which Sony failed to explain at this time.

Lastly, keep in mind that no further details were revealed about any of these PS5 accessories. They will most definitely launch alongside the PS5 later this year. However, we’ll need to wait a bit more to learn about their individual prices and other tidbits.


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