Sony’s PlayStation 5 “DualSense” Controller Looks Dope (Update: New Details & Presentation Video)

By Novak Bozovic / June 12, 2020

Sony's PlayStation 5 is promising to revolutionize gaming in every sense possible. However, the company has been taking its time to reveal various details about the upcoming console. During the recent PlayStation 5 showcase event, a number of PS5 games were announced, and we have finally managed to learn about PS5's futuristic and daring design. However, Sony also took this opportunity to remind us of its new "DualSense" controller - which was officially unveiled a few months back.

How Does PS5's Controller Look Like? (Update: New Presentation Video)

Back in April, Sony unveiled the next-gen wireless game controller for the PlayStation 5 console. In what was a highly surprising move, the company decided to offer a truly futuristic design. The DualSense controller is a radical departure in comparison to the previous generation, the DualShock 4 controller released in 2013.

The design of the new controller's body looks like a "beefed up" version of what we were used to seeing in previous generations, but the colors are bringing an entirely new styling. As Sony says, all of their base controllers have featured a single color, and the reason why they are differentiating the look now is to "give it an extra pop." The company tested numerous mockups and design concepts over the last few years, and ended up using the DualSense as presented in the video above because it works best with different hand sizes, is comfortable to use, and features amazing ergonomics.

What's New About PS5's DualSense Wireless Controller?

Sony clarifies that while DualSense may look like a step in a new direction, and admittedly it is, it still retains many elements from the DualShock 4 that gamers cherished. One key thing about the new gamepad is the sense of touch it brings, delivering a unique feeling of immersion for gamers. DualSense features "haptic feedback" systems (actuators and triggers) to provide the player with in-game "sensations," such as the tension of pulling a bowstring or the "murkiness" of driving a car on muddy terrain.

Image Credits: Sony

Thus, the new PS5 controller incorporates adaptive L2 and R2 triggers, including a more sophisticated and subtle vibration feedback system. It means that the rumble technology has been replaced with a more refined haptic feedback system, something that we knew was going to happen since last year.

The design that we see now, though, looks nowhere near what was revealed on a previous patent application, so that part wasn’t exactly spot-on. Another difference from the previous generation is the replacement of the "Share" button with the "Create" one. This button will offer players ways to capture in-game footage, store it locally, or share it with the world. The set of new features also includes an in-built microphone right on the controller, allowing players to chat with friends without having to use a headset.

Sony PS5 controller design

Image Credits: Sony

Finally, Sony is assuring the players that the new model feels a lot lighter, smaller, and more versatile than it looks. The company's designers have done a great job in achieving this feature by making small adjustments in the angle of some buttons, as well as by using different grips on certain surfaces. As for the (rechargeable) battery, which is a crucial consideration since DualSense is still a wireless controller, Sony claims they are using a light yet powerful cell, so the overall weight of the gamepad remains at a comfortable level.

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