Sony’s PlayStation 5 Console Officially Unveiled – Modern, Sleek & Highly Futuristic!

  • Sony has finally unveiled the design of the PlayStation 5 console – and it surely doesn’t disappoint.
  • The design of the PS5 is a radical departure from the previous generations, in every way imaginable.
  • There will be two PS5 editions at launch – with and without a Blu-ray drive, featuring the same overall design.

As announced just days ago, Sony has finally given us a glimpse of what to expect from the company’s next-generation PS5. During the PlayStation 5 showcase that streamed live via YouTube and Twitch, the company focused on unveiling a large number of games that appear later this year as well as in 2021, all of which will be available for next-gen PlayStation. As a final twist of this showcase, we also got a glimpse into the final (and highly futuristic) design of the PlayStation 5 console.

Modern, Sleek & Curvy – Our First Look at PS5’s Design!

As you can see from the images supplied by Sony, the PlayStation 5 has decided to take a completely different route in comparison to its biggest competitor (Microsoft’s Xbox Series X). While Microsoft’s console will take the appearance of a vertically oriented PC, Sony isn’t afraid to have a much daring approach. The PlayStation 5 will be a vertically-oriented device (primarily, as you’ll get to position the device any way that you want), just like the Xbox Series X. However, this is where any similarities end.

The PlayStation 5 console consists of two slightly curved white panels, sandwiching the console’s black-colored body. The middle portion also emits blue light at the top, attracting attention to the console’s curvy ventilation grills.

Unlike with previous PlayStation generations, the PS5 console is presented as a vertically-oriented device. We can see that the top portion is reserved for the console’s cooling system, which takes the entire top side, as well as the top half of the front. There’s no official information about how this cooling system works, but there are indications that you’ll get to position the PlayStation 5 horizontally as well. As per Sony’s presentation, the console will come with a stand that will allow the body to be positioned in any way.

Let’s not forget that Sony has previously unveiled its ‘DualSense’ controller. As you would expect, the controller and the PS5 console follow the same general aesthetics. They’re primarily white and black, with blue accent lights, and they feature the same curvy lines.

Available in Two Options at Launch – The PS5 ‘Standard’ & ‘Digital Edition’

At PS5’s launch, you will get to choose between two editions of the console. There’s a ‘standard’ PlayStation 5 that comes with an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive, and there’s a PlayStation 5 ‘Digital Edition.’ Depending on whether you still use discs (and if you plan on playing disc-based PS4 games in the future, as the PS5 will be compatible with the majority of PS4 titles), you will get to choose between these two editions.

PlayStation 5 Editions
Image Courtesy of Sony.

What’s important to be mentioned is that there are no substantial differences between these two editions. They come with the same overall design, and they will come with the same specs. The ‘Digital Edition’ is slimmer and more symmetric as it doesn’t have a disc drive, and will most probably be somewhat lighter as well. Many expect to see this edition priced more affordably, but there’s no official word on that just yet.

The PS5 console will be available later this year. We still don’t have an exact release date, and we’re also yet to learn about the console’s price. However, as per a recent interview with CNET, PlayStation’s CEO says that the console “remains absolutely on track” despite the Coronavirus outbreak.



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