New Sony Patent Could be Showing the Upcoming PS5 Controller

By Bill Toulas / December 30, 2019

As reported by Trusted Reviews, Sony has patented a new PlayStation controller design that could concern its next-gen PS5. As we discussed in October, the leaks keep on coming as the fifth version of the world’s most popular gaming console is expected to launch in 2020. The rumors speak about a new controller that would replace the rumble technology that defined the DualShock 4 with a most refined haptic feedback system. As for the cost of the new controller, experts believe it will be around $70.

The newly submitted patent depicts a controller that looks familiar, as the shape is more or less the same as the PS4 gamepad. However, there are subtle differences, sings of the evolution that will take place in the next generation of the controller. The schematics show two additional buttons on the back, a micro-USB C charging port, more roundness on the rear, and feature no “PlayStation” button on the front. As for the description of the patent, the newly added buttons are programmable to perform whatever functions the user wants to assign, mimicking other buttons on the front or the back of the controller.



Source: Trusted Reviews


Source: Trusted Reviews

One element that is a bit foggy right now is that the layout may be customizable, or that Sony may come up with different design iterations in 2020. The patent is unclear when defining the exact locations of the various elements, so either scenario is plausible at the moment. Of course, this is just a patent, so it could be a new version of the DualShock 4, it could be the upcoming PS5 controller, or something entirely different. For more concrete information on the upcoming console by Sony, we will have to wait for a little while longer.

Our estimation is that while the new console looks fundamentally different from the previous generations, the controller design is still defined by hand ergonomics, so not much can be differentiated there. That said, the upcoming controller may have customizable buttons, better haptic feedback systems, and even adjustable-tension mechanisms, but the design is bound to stay more or less the same. As for the console itself, PS5 is going to put the focus on AAA titles, 8K resolutions, and top-notch game immersion and playing experience.

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