ProtonMail Will be Preloaded on HTC’s ‘Exodus’ Smartphones

By Bill Toulas / March 4, 2020

ProtonMail, the encrypted email expert has tipped us about an upcoming collaboration with HTC, the smartphone maker. More specifically, ProtonMail Android app will be preloaded on the HTC Exodus 1 and Exodus 1s smartphones, which are devices geared towards the needs of cryptocurrency holders. Thus, the users of these devices will be able to enjoy safer and more private communication right from their mobile phones, sending and receiving messages that are encrypted on both ends. This means that no one will be able to read the contents of their communication, even if the messages are stolen.

HTC Exodus features a military-grade cryptographic scheme that protects the crypto coin assets of the users, and a private key vault called the “Zion”. Zion operates in a trusted execution environment, doesn’t collect any personal data from the user, and the recovery phase (12 words) as well as the signing of a transaction happen inside the context of this environment (TEE). If the phone is lost or stolen, Zion breaks, encrypts the recovery phrase, and shares it with trusted contacts that have been pre-selected by the user. As you understand, the Exodus range features ultimate security, so it couldn’t come with just any email communication solution.

ProtonMail is trusted by millions of journalists, activists, lawyers, doctors, businesses, and anyone who values their privacy. The service has been repeatedly blocked in countries were opaque communications are unacceptable or considered a national risk, so its security has been proven on both the theoretical and the practical level. HTC will be the first to incorporate the ProtonMail app onto its devices, so this could be the beginning of a new age where smartphone manufacturers address users' concerns on privacy and security through partnerships with proven experts in the field. We certainly hope this will be the case. The founder and CEO of ProtonMail, Andy Yen, has stated the following in regards to the partnership with HTC:

“We’re very happy to partner with HTC on the Exodus smartphone. This is an important step forward in our mission to make privacy and security accessible to everyone. We founded Proton to give people back control of their data and protect civil liberties around the world. Today’s announcement will make it easier than ever before for HTC users to find our services and get access to technology that will protect their privacy online.”

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