Samsung to Join the Blockchain Fever with a Dedicated New Galaxy

By Bill Toulas / December 11, 2018

As reported by a Netherlands Galaxy users club, Samsung has requested three trademarks from the European trademark agency, namely the “Blockchain KeyStore,” “Blockchain Core”, and the “Blockchain KeyBox”.

Considering the above, it is evident that Samsung is in the works of some kind of a hardware wallet like HTC is trying to do with their “Exodus 1”, so seeing a Galaxy with functional cryptocurrency features in the near future is not at all unlikely. The trademark documents clarify that their field of application will be indeed smartphones and mobile device software. However, no further details are to be found in the documents, as they are only trademark requests and not patents.

Samsung had already laid the ground earlier this year, by making bold claims about the security level of their smartphones. Although experts in cybersecurity proved that these claims were partially exaggerated, it seems that this won’t stop Samsung from building their own blockchain smartphone or developing a set of apps to go with multiple smartphone models of the Galaxy series. In this case, and as rumored by fans, this means that the first model to see the new cryptocurrency features would be the Galaxy S10, with other possible models being the Galaxy A30 and A50.

People find that placing iris and fingerprint locks to store their crypto-keys is equally reliable to “traditional solutions” such as the Trezor or the Ledger, so blockchain phones really seem like having a good chance to take off. With Samsung and HTC being at the forefront of the developments in this area, they hold the advantage of winning large chunks of the valuable pie of an emerging market. Samsung wants to lead the hardware cryptocurrency wallets market, and they have recently been vocal about it. Planning to do something and actually achieving it are two different things though, as HTC seems to also be in a significant difficulty of finalizing their Exodus 1 model. Utmost security is crucial in hardware wallets, and achieving this level of protection can be tricky.

Would you trust a Samsung Galaxy or any other crypto-smartphone with your cryptocurrency encryption keys? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and don’t hesitate to also visit our social pages on Facebook and Twitter so you can discuss this further with our online community.

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