Pirate IPTV Suppliers Have Started to Openly Promote Their Services on YouTube

  • A strange phenomenon has started to taking place on YouTube, with pirate IPTV platforms promoted there as legal.
  • The anti-piracy coalitions could bring them down immediately, but so far, they’re not doing anything.
  • These people could be expressing the transition of piracy from an illicit business to the expression of disobedience.

A weird and interesting story covered by TorrentFreak focuses on a sudden surge of pirate IPTV service providers promoting their illicit businesses on YouTube. One supposes that people who make money out of selling IPTV boxes or offering illegal subscription streaming services would rather keep their faces away from cameras. Instead, they declare their association with these platforms, brag about the money they are making, and blatantly give away all of the details that make their services so awesome. Is this a ridiculous case of naivety, or does it have to do with YouTube harboring content without discrimination and identity confirmation?

These people appear on the videos or Q&A sessions in person, give away their names, and in some cases, even their addresses. Many of them have large communities of subscribers and followers and promote renown platforms and services. That said, if entities like ACE or DISH would like to bash them for what they do, they could very easily do it. The sellers use YouTube not only to promote their services but also to confirm the supposed legality that underpins them. Even if some users comment against those claims, their arguments get disregarded or baselessly disputed.

Obviously, the fact that these people aren’t afraid to show their faces and make their claims public is what convinces hundreds of thousands to sign up for their services, thinking that they’re joining a legal platform. Who would be crazy enough to shout “Here I Am” to everyone, including anti-piracy groups and their investigators? Could all this be based on fake identity cases? Right now, we don’t know the answer to this, but the situation is very bizarre. In the end, the ACE is still fighting to bring down IPTV domains belonging to people who are actually hiding, and DISH has done the same back in August. So, how come these giants allow IPTV sellers to promote their services on YouTube?

As you can imagine, this can be perceived from a different perspective. This may be a case of widespread disobedience to copyright laws, taking unprecedented proportions following a rise in the pressure-induced situations by anti-piracy organizations. The more they are pushing to take everything down, the more publicly and blatantly people express their support for piracy, so it is gradually turning to a social phenomenon. Piracy is just about everywhere right now, and the reason for its existence is publishers and distributors being greedy. If that doesn’t change, the social phenomenon will grow to become a monster that swallows the whole copyright law concept.

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