Offline Viewing Finally Lands on Amazon’s Windows 10 Prime Video App

Written by Bill Toulas
Last updated September 24, 2021

The Windows 10 Amazon Prime Video app has finally added the functionality for downloading content on the users’ computers so that people can keep shows and episodes available for offline viewing. That would be awesome for when you’re traveling, commuting, or simply when going to places where data consumption costs more than it does when at home. This was made possible thanks to Microsoft’s recent move with the introduction of the UWP (Universal Windows Platform) API, which Amazon’s developers are using for the official Prime app.

So, users will now be given three download quality options, namely the “Good,” “Better,” and “Best.” To get an idea of the resulting size of the files, the highest setting translates to about 2.4 GB of data for every hour of video. If you’re planning to view the content on a smaller screen such as that of a 15-inch laptop, then the “Good” or “Better” may still be enjoyable and far quicker for downloading entire TV series seasons.

Of course, the app can be used for direct live streaming, including content from channels like HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and Cinemax. In total, more than 150 channels are accessible through the Windows 10 Prime Video application, while subscribers may access the content or channels they have already paid for on the platform’s website. While doing so, you may enjoy IMDb information like actor history, songs present in the OST, or trivia about the show you’re watching.

All in all, the app is trying to give the user a complete and more luxuriant experience, as Windows 10 is a platform that calls for this approach anyway. That said, you should note that the app is still doing its first tentative steps, and it may not work absolutely reliably all the time. The 36 reviews that it has so far give it an acceptable score of 4.4, so not everything that you’ll find on the web app is now on the desktop app, and there will be bugs.

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