NBCUniversal’s Streaming Platform ‘Peacock’ Is Landing on Amazon’s Fire TV Today

  • Users of Fire TV devices will finally be able to enjoy ‘Peacock’ content on their Amazon hardware.
  • This has been requested warmly by the Fire TV userbase, as Peacock has notable exclusive content.
  • The crowded streaming market isn’t easy to survive, but Peacock is growing steadily, having 42 million user registrations.

It has been a year since NBCUniversal launched Peacock in the U.S., a new hopeful streaming platform that was going to compete against established players. The plan hasn’t gone bad, really, as Peacock already counts around 42 million sign-ups, is available on the Apple TV, PS4, Corus, Samsung Smart TV, and Roku. And now, Peacock arrives on the Amazon Fire TV platform, opening up the gates for a large pool of new audiences to flow in.

This is particularly important because Peacock is a competitor to Amazon Prime, so deals like this one aren’t free of complications and shouldn’t be taken for granted. However, it should be noted that users of Fire TV sticks, tablets, TVs, etc., have been asking for this addition for quite a while now. The problem, according to rumors at least, was to solidify the ad distribution terms.

Peacock features originals from NBC, a big list of films from Lionsgate, Paramount Pictures, and Warner Bros, respectable sports coverage (including Tokyo Olympics and WWE), several TV shows (like The Office), and a generally impressive collection for its “Premium” tier. As such, it was in the interest of Amazon to add it to the Fire TV universe.

Voice command support will be available for the Peacock app, so Alexa will be there to help users quickly find what they’re looking for, control the playback of the content, enjoy AI-assisted recommendations, and surf the catalog comfortably. In the same context, pairing with an Echo device will also be possible, so no compatibility issues are expected.

For those of you who are looking to evaluate Peacock against all the big streaming platforms that are available today, check out this complete showdown detailing the available plans, features, regional availability, and content of each platform. In summary, Peacock is a force in the field, and its deal with Amazon will only guarantee the expansion of its userbase in the upcoming months.



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