Peacock TV Launches Free Tier and Is Now Available on iOS and Apple TV

By Bill Toulas / July 15, 2020

The Peacock TV streaming service has just become available on the iOS App Store and the Apple TV platform - coming with a Free tier, a Premium plan, and an ad-free Premium Plus plan - and both paid plans offer a 7-day free trial before charging users. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple TV running iOS 11.0 or later, so whatever device you may be sporting, you should be covered.

Thousands of iOS users have already decided to dive into the new streaming platform that brings several new shows and exciting exclusive content like the drama sci-fi "Brave New World."

The Free tier does not require a credit card, and it offers 13,000+ hours of media, but comes with ads and some restricted content. The Premium tier costs $4.99 per month, has fewer ads, unlocks full seasons of exclusive Original series, next-day airings of current TV hits, and live sports matches. The top-tier Premium Plus offers all that and removes the ads for $9.99 per month. Clearly, this is a very antagonistically priced service, but that's something to be expected since it entered the game so late.

Peacock is going for a wider audience since its birth, and the Free tier is actually its spearhead. However, the fact that Peacock isn't available for Roku sticks or Amazon Fire TV hardware isn't helping make the adoption truly universal, and Peacock is reportedly not planning to launch on these platforms. On the other side, Vizio, LG Smart TVs, and Xbox are in the future support plans.

No other "big" streaming service is offering such a rich Free tier service, and while Peacock may not have the amount of exclusive content that Netflix does, it really captures a special segment of the market since it makes the users think, "if it's free, why not subscribe and keep it handy?".

After Peacock builds up a large enough audience, it could tentatively change to a more profitable business model, but they need to complete their dynamic entrance for now.

As always, when one more streaming platform is introduced in a closed userspace like the iOS, people feel the turbulence. Some are ready to welcome the new service, while others are expressing their stress with having too many options right now. The pressure to keep up with all that is going on is an understandable adverse factor, but having free options is always a good thing.

Peacock has made a dynamic entrance in iOS, although some user interface and navigation optimizations in the app will definitely be needed.

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