Microsoft Says “Project xCloud” Will Exit Beta in September

By Bill Toulas / July 17, 2020

Back in April, Microsoft opened up the beta program of its “Project xCloud” game streaming platform in another 11 European countries, and it now seems that the time for the next step has appeared on the horizon. The tech giant said the xCloud would finally launch in September for Android, iOS, desktop PCs, laptops, and even smart TVs.

With the “Project xCloud,” Microsoft will go head to head against Google’s Stadia and Nvidia’s GeForce NOW, but with a unique spin that could give it an edge.

More specifically, “Project xCloud” won’t require the users/subscribers to buy the game titles to play them. Instead, a subscription will give the users access to a collection of triple-A titles like Devil May Cry 5, Tekken 7, Gears 5, MS Flight Simulator (upcoming), and Forza Horizon 4.

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Technically, you won’t own a copy of these titles, and if/when the subscription to the xCloud ends, access to the game content is lost. Still, this is an approach that many gamers would prefer overpaying for games they played, finished, and got to keep forever.

Microsoft will launch the service with about 50 game titles in the United States, United Kingdom, and maybe a couple of European countries. Later on, the titles that will arrive with the next-gen Xbox will also be added, and the service will roll out in more countries too.

As for the cost, the “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate” will be available for $15 per month, unlocking access to a massive selection of amazing games. Microsoft has also informed the press that Sony’s DualShock 4 controllers will be supported, covering devices like Android and iOS devices.

If all of this got you confused, remember, “Project xCloud” will be based on the drawing of content from Microsoft’s servers, so no matter what device you’ll be using to access the service’s offerings, all games will be available. This means playing Xbox games on your Android device, or your low-spec laptop that can’t even run five-year-old games on low-quality settings without stuttering.

Of course, this means you’ll have to ensure that your internet connection is fast enough to ensure a seamless gameplay action, and that will be it.

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