Nvidia Finally Opens up the “GeForce NOW” Service for Everyone

By Bill Toulas / February 5, 2020

Nvidia announced that its cloud gaming platform, GeForce NOW, is finally exiting the lengthy beta phase and it is now open for everyone. Users are given the option to subscribe for a free membership or to become “Founders” for only $4.99 per month. The first choice gives users standard access to the service and a maximum of one hour per gaming session. The paid plan is providing priority access, extended session length, RTX set to ON, and a free 90-day introductory period (no payment required). The 300000 beta testers are automatically converted to the free plan with the choice to become Founders now if they wish.

For only $4.99 per month, Nvidia promises 60+ FPS (frames per second) action on AAA titles no matter what hardware you’re using. Old and underpowered laptops, deprecated and dusty Macs, Nvidia’s own SHIELD, or even an Android smartphone, all will be capable of delivering state of the art gaming experience and immersion with ray-tracing graphics, cutting-edge physics simulation technologies, and cinematic-quality rendering. The graphics company promises to add support for Chromebooks too later this year, while more undisclosed and exciting features are on the pipeline in general.

Of course, cloud gaming services are all about the titles and their consistency when it comes to performance. Google Stadia, a competing service that brought huge excitement when it was launched is plagued by serious lag and stuttering issues. In our tests, Nvidia’s GeForce NOW delivered an almost impeccable experience, as we witnessed no frame rate or resolution drops even when testing at ultra-high settings. As for the games collection, already in beta, there were over 100 titles to choose from. We’re sure that Nvidia is planning to add a lot more than that as the support for the service grows.

If you’re still wondering whether Geforce Now is worth the subscription, the answer is it depends on what you’re already gaming on. If you already have made the investment for good gaming setup and have a good collection of games, then maybe you could skip it for now. However, subscribing to the service with the 2020 discount should be a great deal for the vast majority of people out there. Even after the price is set higher, it would still be preferable to constantly paying for hardware upgrades and buying new game titles. This is why cloud gaming is considered the future, and no matter the awkward starts that other services may have had, GeForce NOW is here to remind us that we are getting there.

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