Indonesia Lifts Ban on Tumblr After Platform Removes Adult Content

By Nitish Singh / December 28, 2018

Tumblr recently made news when it was banned on Apple’s App Store recently for containing pornographic content. The platform was also banned in Indonesia for the same reasons nine months ago. With Tumblr deciding to take down all adult content from the platform to reinstate its spot in the App Store, it also led to its ban in Indonesia to be lifted.

Tumblr approached the Ministry of Communication and Informatics Bureau in Indonesia and submitted a request for the ban to be lifted, which was approved. The government body approved the request, and Tumblr is now accessible in the country since last week.

Indonesia has become very strict about any kind of sensitive content. WhatsApp and Line were warned about suffering the same consequences as Tumblr if they are not able to prevent any kind of illegal activity from their platforms. WhatsApp and other social media apps are not just facing heat in Indonesia alone, but other countries are trying to pass injunctions that enable government intervention and allow access to personal data in a bid to stop criminal activity.

Indonesia is one of the largest markets in the world due to its high population, and Tumblr did not want to lose out on a large number of users who have been part of the platform for years. Indonesia has been actively banning pornographic content for years with up to 800,000 websites being banned last year.

While Tumblr is removing any kind of sensitive content, a number of members of the adult entertainment industry are upset with the move. It was one of the platforms that allowed adult stars to maintain a social media presence without any kind of censorship.

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