Tumblr App Removed from Apple App Store Without Notice

  • The Tumblr iOS App has disappeared from the App Store without any communication from the platform.
  • The app stopped being listed on the online store since the weekend, and the app is currently being investigated for “issues.”
  • The disappearance of the app was discovered after users noticed the parental control features had disappeared from the app.

The official Tumblr app has completely disappeared from the Apple App Store without any proper explanation. The app was suffering from issues last week with some users being unable to access the parental control features. The app suffered from a security incident last month and it could have been taken down to patch security issues as well. Soon after the complaints, the app was taken down in the weekend, and the company revealed that it is currently investigating some issues with the app.

One day after the app was taken down, Tumblr revealed that the app will be fully functional soon and asked users to have some patience until the company sorts out issues with the app. Since Saturday, the company has not revealed what is wrong with the app or when users can expect the app to be restored.

Some Tumblr users on iOS reported that they are able to download the app again by heading to the Purchases tab on the Apple App Store. However, users who want to download the app for the first time will not be able to until the listing is restored on Apple’s online store. Many have speculated that the app was taken down due to the inappropriate content section which may conflict with Apple’s App Store Guidelines.

Apple has taken down a number of apps in the past for violations including popular apps like Telegram. In such cases, the tech giant works with the developers to resolve the issues, and the apps are relisted online. Inappropriate content is removed from the apps to comply with Apple’s guidelines. Many Tumblr users on online forums are expecting that the social media app will get rid of its “NSFW” section or make changes to it to restrict any content that is not allowed by Apple.

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