How to Watch WTFAQ Online Free from Anywhere

By Lore Apostol / October 31, 2023

WTFAQ is a new Australian series that sees a team of presenters go to great lengths to answer burning viewer questions that border comedy since, as one can expect, the questions are both educational and hilarious most of the time. The new title premiered in Australia on Wednesday, August 30, 2023, on ABC TV and the ABC iview service at 9 pm local time. 

The Australian ABC iview service cannot be accessed while outside its country of origin due to geo-restriction, so it will block your access if you live in another country or are currently traveling away from Australia. This means you will need a workaround to get rid of the error message you will see, and there is a completely legal tool that helps you change your IP address and watch WTFAQ online from anywhere.

A VPN subscription enables you to remove the error message as long as it runs in the background via a server located in Australia, making you seem like you’re in the selected Australian region. 

This being said, let's see when, where, and how to easily watch WTFAQ online from anywhere in the world you may be, the series preview, release date, trailer, why you need a VPN, and more.

How to Watch WTFAQ Online With a VPN

You can watch WTFAQ online with a VPN as long as you run the VPN app in the background via an Australian server to unblock iview outside of Australia. Here’s a guide on how to do this step by step:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN that unblocks ABC iview (we recommend NordVPN).
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your device or system.
  3. Open and switch on the VPN via an Australian server.
  4. Access the ABC iview service and stream the show.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch WTFAQ?

You need a VPN to watch WTFAQ because ABC iview is blocked outside Australia due to geo-restrictions, and you won’t be able to access it without one if you live abroad or are momentarily traveling away from Australia.

If you try to play titles on ABC iview while abroad without using a VPN, a geo-location error message will appear on the desired episode’s page that says, "Sorry, there has been a technical error with this video stream. For tips and troubleshooting please check our technical support page."

ABC iview Geo Block

A VPN helps you easily bypass this geo-blockade. Running the VPN app via an Australian server will make you seem like you’re in Australia instead, so the VPN will remove the geo-related error message in a few moments by changing your IP address to an Australian one.

We recommend you go for NordVPN, one of the best VPNs on the market right now and can unblock most streaming services in the blink of an eye, including ABC iview and more.

Where to Watch WTFAQ

WTFAQ premiered in Australia on Wednesday, August 30, 2023, when the new series is set to air on ABC TV at 9 pm local time. You can also stream WTFAQ for free via the ABC iview platform soon after the TV broadcast ends. The season has 8 episodes, and we will get one new episode weekly, every other Wednesday at the same hour. No release date has been announced for the US, Canada, and the UK yet

Here's where to see WTFAQ live stream:

Streaming Service Monthly Price Starting At Available Locations
ABC iview Free (with ads) Australia

How to Watch WTFAQ in Australia

In Australia, the new WTFAQ series premieres on Wednesday, August 30, 2023, on ABC TV at 9 pm local time, and the new episodes will also be featured on the network’s website and app. This means you can stream WTFAQ on ABC iview for free, as the platform only asks you to log in with your free ABC account credentials or credentials from a third-party service.

ABC iview is geo-restricted and does not work outside Australia, but using a top-tier VPN app can easily remove the geo-restrictions when you travel abroad. Just run the app via a server from Australia for this to work.

Can I Watch WTFAQ in the US, Canada, and the UK?

No, you can’t watch WTFAQ in the US, Canada, and the UK right now, and we have no premiere date for this show abroad. 

Since these ABC TV titles rarely appear abroad, we suggest you use a reliable VPN app set to a server located in Australia and watch WTFAQ online for free ABC iview in the US, Canada, the UK, and anywhere in the world.

Can You Watch WTFAQ Online for Free?

Yes, you can watch WTFAQ for free since ABC iview is free in Australia after logging in with the free ABC account. If you are abroad, you can use a VPN to stream WTFAQ for free.

WTFAQ Series Preview

The 2023 WTFAQ comedy series (pronounced What The FAQ) features presenters Chas Licciardello, Alex Lee, Lawrence Leung, Lou Wall, Cameron James, and Kirsten Drysdale, who go to great lengths to answer all sorts of questions.

They say TV’s been dumbing down society long enough, so it’s time TV became part of the solution. The presenters perform scientific experiments and demonstrations, talk to experts, put their bodies on the line, and even answer the odd question with a full-blown musical sequence. 

The questions include:

WTFAQ 2023 Series Cast

WTFAQ Episodes

WTFAQ 2023 Official Trailer

Final Thoughts

You can easily watch WTFAQ on ABC iview in Australia. However, people who live in another country or are traveling abroad can also watch the show if they use a VPN, as this tool easily bypasses the geo-restrictions and unblocks ABC iview from anywhere.

We recommend NordVPN since it offers no logs, strong encryption protocols to protect your data online, thousands of VPN servers worldwide, high speeds, stable connections, unlimited bandwidth, and the chance to try NordVPN for 30 days risk-free courtesy of the money-back guarantee policy.

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