How to Watch The Great Season 3 Online: Stream the Elle Fanning & Nicholas Hoult Comedy from Anywhere

By Lore Apostol / October 30, 2023

The Great Season 3, everyone’s favorite satirical, comedic drama about the rise of Catherine the Great from outsider to the longest reigning female ruler in Russia's history, is just around the corner, huzzah! We have the premiere date, cast, plot, episode guide and release schedule, and other details you are surely keen on learning, so keep reading to find all there is to know. Plus, you’ll be able to stream online quite easily from anywhere in the world you may be.

The story is a fictionalized, fun, and anachronistic story of a queen who started as an idealistic and naive young girl who arrives in Russia for an arranged marriage to the mercurial Emperor Peter. Of course, she finds a dangerous, depraved, backward world that she resolves to change by killing her husband, beating the church, baffling the military, and getting the court onside. 

The previous season ended with Marial imprisoned for divulging that Peter had slept with and then accidentally killed Catherine’s mother and with Archie struggling with finding his faith. 

As the Emmy Award-winning series returns, we’ll see what will Catherine and Peter risk in order to preserve the line considering Catherine admitted her feelings for Peter and gave birth to their son Paul, only to stab his double afterward. The trailer shows them trying to strengthen their relationship and a brewing uprising fueled by Catherine’s permissive rule.

Incorporating historical facts occasionally, the series is a very modern story about the past that encompasses the many roles she played over her lifetime as a lover, teacher, ruler, friend, and fighter. With this said, let’s see where, when, and how to easily watch The Great Season 3 online from anywhere, be it from home, on the go, or even while traveling abroad.

When and Where to Watch The Great Season 3

The Great Season 3 arrives in the US on Friday, May 12, 2023, where it will be available exclusively on the Hulu streaming service (accessible in the US only) at 3 am ET (midnight PT). It will also premiere on Stan (Australia only), Lionsgate Plus (in the UK), and HBO Max in some countries around the world.

The season has 10 episodes, and we’ll get all the episodes simultaneously on the series’ premiere day.

How to Watch The Great Season 3 Online from Anywhere

The live TV and streaming services we employ to watch content online in our home countries nowadays are geo-restricted. Similarly, Hulu is only available in the US, and the other services are blocked outside their respective countries. This means you will need a tool to change your IP address to bypass the blockades, and the simple solution is to use a VPN subscription to watch The Great Season 3 online from anywhere. 

Looking for the best VPN on the market? You can effortlessly unblock tons of streaming services, including Hulu, Lionsgate Plus, Stan, HBO Max, Prime Video, and others, with NordVPN. This tool is super easy to use, and it offers thousands of VPN servers worldwide, fast and stable connections, and the best encryption protocols to protect your data. Plus, the money-back guarantee lets you even try NordVPN for 30 days RISK-FREE.

The annual plan has a hefty discount when you subscribe to NordVPN (69% Discount and 3 Months FREE) on the company's website. First, fill in your details and pay to create your account, then download and install the native app for your device or system. Now, launch the VPN app and run it via a server located in a no-blocks area. Lastly, open the streaming service to watch The Great Season 3 online.

How to Watch The Great Season 3 Online in the US Without Cable

If you live in the US, you can stream The Great Season 3 on Hulu starting May 12, 2023, starting at $7.99 per month with the ad-supported plan. The No-Ads version will set you back $14.99 a month, and there’s a 30-day free trial on Hulu. Plus, you can select several Premium or Partner add-ons (the available options include HBO Max, Showtime, STARZ, and Cinemax) to customize your account for an additional monthly fee. 

Streaming The Great Season 3 via The Disney Bundle is another option for viewers living in the United States since it offers Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, and Hulu at a discounted price. The cheapest option is the version that offers all three services with ads, which costs $12.99 per month. The most expensive option costs $19.99 a month and is the one where only ESPN Plus is commercial-supported.

The Hulu streaming platform is not available outside the US, and this means you will need to lean on a safe and capable VPN app running in the background via a US server to unblock the service while traveling abroad. More details are in the previous segment.

How to Watch The Great Season 3 Online in Australia

In Australia, the brand new season premieres on Saturday, May 13, and you can stream The Great Season 3 on Stan. The service has an extensive 30-day free trial for new subscribers, and plan fees start at $10 a month.

Just keep a powerful VPN app at hand if you’re traveling since this service is unavailable outside Australia due to geo-restrictions. For this to work, pick a server from a region close to your home area.

How to Watch The Great Season 3 Online in Canada 

Fans living in Canada may already know the previous seasons were available for no extra cost via Prime Video with a Prime subscription, which is $9.99 a month and has a 30-day free trial for new clients. 

Watching The Great via Prime Video is only available in Canada, so you will need a capable VPN tool at hand to unblock your subscription while traveling abroad, and this will work as long as you select a server located in Canada.

How to Watch The Great Season 3 Online in the UK

In the UK, new episodes will stream every Friday starting July 14, 2023, via Lionsgate Plus, where the monthly plan is £5.99, and the quarterly plan costs £12.99 per month, while new customers get a 7-day free trial.

You can also add Lionsgate Plus to Prime Video as a Prime channel for £5.99 a month with a 1-week free trial, while Prime has a 30-day free trial and costs £8.99 a month. Other partners let you subscribe to Lionsgate Plus as well, including Apple and Roku.

The geo-restrictions these services have will block your access in some territories abroad, so we recommend you use a good VPN while traveling to watch The Great Season 3 online from anywhere.

The Great Season 3 Cast

The Great Season 3 Episode Guide 

The Great Season 3 Official Trailer

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