How to Watch The Envoys Season 2 Online from Anywhere

By TechNadu Staff / December 20, 2023

Pedro and Simón return to unravel more secrets and solve mysteries in The Envoys Season 2. This time, the two priests find themselves entangled in a murder mystery while investigating a miracle in a Galician convent. The new season of this action-thriller premiered on Thursday, December 7, 2023, exclusively on Paramount+ worldwide.

However, geo-restrictions prevent you from accessing Paramount+ while traveling or residing in regions where the platform doesn't operate.

Fortunately, a VPN can provide the solution, allowing you to bypass these restrictions by changing your IP address to an unrestricted region.

As you eagerly await the season premiere, dive into this article to acquaint yourself with The Envoys Season 2. Inside, explore the show's details, meet the cast, peruse the episode guide, get a sneak preview, and discover how a VPN plays a crucial role in ensuring a seamless global viewing experience.

How to Watch The Envoys Season 2 Online With a VPN

You can watch The Envoys Season 2 online with a VPN. Connect the app to a US/UK/Canadian/Australian server to access Paramount+. Here are the exact steps you need to follow:

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch The Envoys Season 2?

A VPN is essential to enjoy The Envoys Season 2 because Paramount+ restricts access to viewers within the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Latin America, the Middle East, Italy, and the Nordics. If you're outside these regions, a VPN provides a workaround.

Without a VPN, attempting to access Paramount+ will result in an error message: “Paramount+ is available in select markets. Content varies by region and is subject to change."

Paramount+ Geo Block

A VPN works by changing your IP address to an unrestricted region, effectively removing the geo-restrictions on Paramount+.

For a reliable VPN solution, we recommend NordVPN, known as one of the best VPN services for effortlessly unblocking Paramount+ from any location.

Where to Watch The Envoys Season 2

The Envoys Season 2 premiered worldwide on Paramount+ on Thursday, December 7, 2023. The season consists of 8 episodes, all of which will air on the premiere day.

Here’s where you can catch the The Envoys Season 2 stream:

Streaming Service Pricing Available Locations
Paramount Plus US $5.99/CA $9.99/ £6.99/ AU $8.99 per month US, Canada, UK and Australia

How to Watch The Envoys Season 2 in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia

Starting Thursday,  December 7, 2023, viewers in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia can catch The Envoys Season 2 on Paramount+. Monthly subscriptions are priced at $5.99 in the US, £6.99 in the UK, CA $9.99 in Canada, and AU $8.99 in Australia. All new subscribers enjoy a 7-day free trial on Paramount+.

For those traveling outside these countries, a reliable VPN can be your solution. Connect to a US, Canadian, UK, or Australian server using the VPN to access Paramount+ and stream The Envoys Season 2.

Can You Watch The Envoys Season 2 Online Free?

Yes, you can watch The Envoys Season 2 for free by taking advantage of Paramount+'s 7-day free trial.

The Envoys Season 2 Preview

The Envoys Season 2 continues the captivating journey of Spanish-speaking Vatican priests Pedro Salinas and Simón Antequera. Following the immense success of Season 1, which became the best-performing Spanish-language scripted Series on Paramount+ in the US, anticipation is high for the upcoming installment.

In Season 2, the duo plunges into a labyrinth of mystery and murder within a Galician convent in Spain. The narrative unfolds as Pedro and Simón spearhead an investigation into three blind nuns who claim to have witnessed a miracle. The plot deepens with the sudden demise of their host, Joquin, compelling the priests to untangle the enigma surrounding the deaths and unveil the truth before time runs out.

Helmed by renowned director, screenwriter, and Oscar winner Juan José Campanella, alongside Martino Zaidelis, The Envoys Season 2 promises to unravel a gripping tale of suspense, faith, and the blurred lines between the divine and the earthly. 

The Envoys Season 2 Cast

The Envoys Season 2 Episodes

The Envoys Season 2 Trailer

Final Thoughts

The Envoys Season 2 promises to be an entertaining series, featuring a captivating blend of mystery, murder, and heart-pounding thrills. Fans around the world can catch it exclusively on Paramount+. However, for those in regions with restrictions, a VPN becomes the go-to solution to bypass geo-restrictions and access the series seamlessly.

Our top recommendation is NordVPN, a trusted service renowned for enhancing online security and device protection. With an extensive global network of servers, NordVPN ensures swift and uninterrupted connections, providing unlimited bandwidth. The best part? NordVPN offers a free 30-day trial and a money-back guarantee.

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