How to Watch The Bachelors Australia 2023 (Season 10) Online for Free from Anywhere

Fans of this exciting reality show will be happy to know that The Bachelors Australia 2023 (Season 10) is here, and we will be able to stream the brand-new episodes for free quite easily!

This year on the show, we will see three charming heartthrobs who are unlucky in love, promising to make viewers swoon in front of their TVs. According to the trailer, the three are prepared to propose to their selected suitors with engagement rings already in hand, but things won't go exactly as planned. Also, for the first time, fantasy suites are introduced in the show, making it way hotter! This is because these suites are extravagant rooms where bachelors can ask their dates to spend the night privately without being followed by cameras, producers, or crews.

We're sure you have many questions in mind: who are these three bachelors, who are the bachelorettes, who's hosting the show, where was it filmed, etc. Well, the good news is we've got all the answers and more! Keep reading this article to find out where, when, and how to watch The Bachelors Australia Season 10 online without spending any money.

When and Where to Watch The Bachelors Australia 2023 (Season 10)

The Bachelors Australia 2023 (Season 10) premiered on January 9, 2023, on Network 10 and 10 Play.

How to Watch The Bachelors Australia 2023 (Season 10) Online from Anywhere

It's now simpler than ever to watch movies and TV shows online; all you need to do is be in your home country and have access to a provider that offers the content. So if you live in Australia, you can easily watch the title on 10 Play. Most of these services have the drawback of being geo-restricted, which prevents you from using them if you travel abroad. Don't worry if you're experiencing difficulties with this, as you can use a VPN to watch The Bachelors Australia 2023 (Season 10) online, which will alter your IP address and make it seem like you're in your home.

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How to Watch The Bachelors Australia 2023 (Season 10) in Australia for Free

If you're in Australia, you can easily watch the reality show on Network 10 and on the 10 Play streaming service. And the best part is that you don't have to spend any money to watch it on the platform - all you need to do is sign up or sign in to access all 10 Play's exclusive content.

As you may know, most streaming platforms are geo-restricted, so you can use a capable VPN to watch the show while traveling away from Australia. Just remember to choose an Australian server when you turn on the tool, and you'll be good to go.

How to Watch The Bachelors Australia 2023 (Season 10) in the US, UK, and Canada

Unfortunately, a release date for the US, UK, and Canada has not been announced yet, so you might not be able to watch the show directly. We should also mention that Hayu in Canada has seasons 8 and 9 available, so you can keep an eye out if the latest installment lands there.

However, there is a workaround - all you need to do is use a trustworthy VPN, connect to an Australian server, and then access 10 Play to watch The Bachelors Australia Season 10 online from wherever you are.

The Bachelors Australia 2023 Cast


  • Felix Von Hofe, 27
  • Thomas Malucelli, 35
  • Jedidiah McIntosh, 25


  • Abby, 21, NSW (Eliminated)
  • Abigail, 26, NSW
  • Alésia, 28, NSW
  • Angela, 25, VIC
  • Aylin, 25, QLD (Eliminated)
  • Bella, 27, NSW (Eliminated)
  • Caitlin, 25, QLD (Eliminated)
  • CJ, 30, WA (Walked out)
  • Courtney, 33, VIC (Eliminated)
  • Eboni, 29, QLD (Eliminated)
  • Emma, 25, VIC (Eliminated)
  • Ella, 21, QLD (Walked out)
  • Jacinta, 30, NSW (Eliminated)
  • Jasmine, 24, QLD (Eliminated)
  • Jenae, 29, VIC (Eliminated)
  • Jess, 24, WA (Eliminated)
  • Jessica, 25, QLD
  • Kristen (KiKi), 38, QLD (Eliminated)
  • Krystal, 26, QLD (Eliminated)
  • Lauren, 28, QLD
  • Leah, 32, SA
  • Lou, 31, NSW (Eliminated)
  • Marjorie, 25, NSW (Walked out)
  • Marnie, 28, QLD (Eliminated)
  • Mikki, 26, NSW (Eliminated)
  • Naomi, 24, NSW (Eliminated)
  • Tash, 31, VIC (Walked out)
  • Tilly, 24, VIC (Eliminated)
  • Yuri, 21, NSW (Walked out)
  • Zara, 27, NSW (Eliminated)

Who Won The Bachelors Australia 2023 (Season 10)?

Thomas proposed to Leah, Jed proposed to Alesia, and Felix chose Jess.

The Bachelors Australia 2023 Episodes

  • Episode 1: Jan 9, 2023 - This year, for the first time ever, there is more than one Bachelor: Jed, Thomas and Felix. Our bachelors go on blind dates all around the country with 10 roses each to give out.
  • Episode 2: Jan 10, 2023 - It's the first night in the mansion and the Bachelorettes soon discover there's not 1, but 3 bachelors! Can Bad Bad Felix, Rock and Roll Drummer Jed and Italian Stallion Thomas find love?
  • Episode 3: Jan 11, 2023 - Prepare yourself for one of the biggest drama-filled and most controversial episodes in Bachelor history.
  • Episode 4: Jan 15, 2023 - The mansion is reeling from the events of the night before: an explosive cocktail party and rose ceremony where Tash revealed to Jed (who passed it on to Felix) that Jess N has a boyfriend.
  • Episode 5: Jan 16, 2023 - Hold on to your hair extensions because a storm is brewing at the mansion. Following an eventful rose ceremony the night before, there is tension among the girls and three make a dramatic exit.
  • Episode 6: Jan 17, 2023 - Osher arrives to deliver the news that the boys have each invited three girls to a very special group date, where a loved one will be joining them at The Cali Beach Club.
  • Episode 7: Jan 18, 2023 - This episode picks up directly after the rose ceremony from the previous episode. Before Felix can say hello to half of his group, Tilly whisks Felix away for a private chat.
  • Episode 8: Jan 22, 2023 - Tash is back and Jed has a big decision to make. Is Tash the one that got away, or someone best left in the past? Thomas and Felix are concerned about the negative impact Tash's re-entry could have.
  • Episode 9: Jan 23, 2023 - The Bachelors are reminded we are near the end and they all reveal real feelings are developing rapidly. Each Bachelor will go on a single date and explore those connections further.
  • Episode 10: Jan 24, 2023 - It's the final single dates. All three bachelor's still have a lot of questions they need answered before they can commit to taking a girl to the finale.
  • Episode 11: Jan 25, 2023 - With the finale looming, the possibility of a proposal becomes very real for the bachelors and their remaining bachelorettes as they ultimately question if they have met The One.
  • Episode 12, Grand finale: Jan 29, 2023 - Jed, Felix and Thomas have decided who they want to face their happily ever after with. Three bachelors, three engagement rings, two proposals. Settle in, it's going to be a night to remember.

Where is The Bachelors Australia 2023 Mansion Located?

The mansion is located in Broadbeach Waters along the Nerang River, Queensland.

What Does The Bachelor Pad Look Like in the New Season?

The Bachelor Pad is a penthouse apartment high above the Gold Coast. It has its own pool (expect to see some pool parties), a workout area with tons of gym equipment, a pool table, a lounge area, and a telescope to spy on the girl's mansion.

Bachelor Pad

Where Is The Bachelors Australia 2023 Being Filmed?

Instead of Sydney, the filming of The Bachelors Australia 2023 took place on the Gold Coast this year.

Who is the Host of The Bachelors Australia 2023?

Osher Günsberg is hosting The Bachelors Australia 2023.

The Bachelors Australia 2023 Trailer

What's the New Sex Rule on The Bachelors Australia 2023?

The new sex rule this season is that the contestants are allowed to have sex on the show if they consent. This was not allowed in the previous seasons, which makes The Bachelors Australia 2023 the "steamiest season yet."

Are The Bachelors Australia 2023 Contestants Paid?

According to reports, contestants on the show don't get paid a fixed wage; instead, they are given a weekly allowance of "under $100 a day."

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