How to Watch the Noragami Series in Order

By Samona Punjabi / April 14, 2022

A supernatural anime series with a tinge of dark comedy, Noragami, follows the story of a self-proclaimed funny delivery God named Yato. The overlooked God is on a quest not to be forgotten by humans and will do anything for his goal. As you watch the series, you'll immediately fall in love with Yato and feel bad for his lack of popularity.

The world of Noragami sees gods as powerful immortal beings who depend on humans for their existence. If humans stopped believing in them, they would cease to exist. Moreover, humans also need gods to protect them from evil spirits who feed on negative emotions. However, humans are blissfully unaware of just how much danger they're in from these spirits all the time.

Yato, a god without a shrine, wishes to make people believe in him so he can have a shrine of his own. He does every task given to him, even for an offering of as low as 5 Yen. Yato's story inevitably intertwines with a girl called Iki Hiyori, a human whose soul slips out of her body accidentally. Hiyori believes Yato to be the cause of her condition and asks him to fix it.

Noragami sees Hiyori and Yato embark on several adventures, as they become good friends and potential love interests. The story explores gloomy themes like death and loss while maintaining a comedic standpoint. The only problem with the anime is that a third season was never announced, leaving fans with several questions after Season 2.

The recommended order for watching Noragami is its chronological order. While the OVAs act as comedic side stories, they are canon and should be watched between the episodes. Episodes 11 and 12 from Season 1 are filler episodes. However, they prove to be a satisfactory conclusion for the first season and should not be skipped. Fans looking to watch Noragami can check it out on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

Yato, a god without a shrine
Yato, a god without a shrine

Check out the full list of Noragami episodes, OVAs, and the chronological and release order to watch below:

1. Release Order

TV Series


2. Chronological Order

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