How to Watch Mrs. Davis Online from Anywhere

By TechNadu Staff / May 24, 2023

AI appears to be taking over our lives in the modern world. We can ask these tools to do multiple things to make our jobs easier. But what if these tools are actually sentient? Well, Mrs. Davis might just be that, so how about you scroll down to find out?

Mrs. Davis follows the story of Sister Simone, who doesn't trust the AI named Mrs. Davis, which she believes is assuming control over the lives of everyone she knows. People tend to contact Mrs. Davis for answers and counsel on a daily basis, and they are increasingly relying on AI to do their duties.

Mrs. Davis' followers all wear earbuds so they can chat and receive instructions from the AI. In fact, this all seems like a cult. However, the AI decides to choose Simone for an impossible task, to find the Holy Grail. Not trusting the strange AI, Simone goes on a journey with her ex-boyfriend Wiley to destroy Mrs. Davis.

Are you interested to see a fight between faith and technology? Buckle up because this article will reveal how you can watch Mrs. Davis online from anywhere.

When and Where to Watch Mrs. Davis

Mrs. Davis premiered on Peacock (available in the US and certain US territories) on Thursday, April 20, 2023.

The series will have 8 episodes, with the first 4 episodes available on the premiere date, and the following episodes will come out one at a time every week.

How to Watch Mrs. Davis Online from Anywhere

These days, streaming your favorite TV shows and movies has become super easy thanks to multiple live TV and streaming platforms in your home country. However, platforms like Peacock are geo-blocked due to content licensing, meaning they are only accessible in certain countries. If you encounter these geo-blocks abroad, we have just the solution for you. You can always use a VPN subscription to watch Mrs. Davis online. The VPN will allow you to bypass the blocks by changing your IP address.

We highly recommend getting ExpressVPN as your VPN of choice. That tool is the best VPN on the market and is known for unblocking popular streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Peacock, and several other services. It has thousands of servers across over 90 different countries. The VPN also has unlimited bandwidth, fast speeds, stable connections, and 24/7 live chat support. The service promises to use the best encryption protocols to protect your data and online identity from security breaches. In addition, thanks to its no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, you can try Express VPN for 30 days RISK-FREE.

You can get a good discount when you visit the VPNs official website and subscribe to ExpressVPN (49% discount and 3 months FREE). Create a profile, complete the payment, and download the native app onto your device or system. Once the VPN is finished installing, run it and choose a server from your home country so you may stream Mrs. Davis online from anywhere in the world.

How to Watch Mrs. Davis Online in the US Without Cable

If you are from the US, you can easily stream this unique series on Peacock since it is a Peacock Original. The streaming platform has a free tier, but this title will likely be available only on the paid tiers. Peacock has two paid tiers. Peacock Premium, an ad-support plan, will only cost you $4.99 monthly. If you don’t want to watch the series with ads, you may get Peacock Premium Plus for $9.99 monthly to eliminate all those pesky ads. Sign up for Peacock today.

Peacock is geo-restricted in most non-US countries, so you will be blocked out of the platform when you travel abroad. If you want to unblock Peacock, you should use a capable VPN to remove geo-restrictions. Then, just pick a server in your home country to watch Mrs. Davis online from anywhere.

How to Watch Mrs. Davis Online in the UK

Luckily, if you live in the UK, you can get Peacock through Sky TV and NOW streaming services. Peacock is part of NOW’s Entertainment Pass which you can get for £9.99 a month. You’ll get a 7-day free trial if you are new to the service. Sadly, a debut date for Mrs. Davis has yet to be announced for the UK.

If you want to watch this show on the same day as the US, then you can unblock a service available in the US segment when you use a reliable VPN to stream Mrs. Davis online. Just run your VPN and select a US server to watch your series.

How to Watch Mrs. Davis Online in Australia

Interested folks in Australia can easily watch Mrs. Davis online using BINGE or Foxtel Now. The first four episodes will be available on BINGE on April 21, 2023, while Foxtel Now will premiere the first four episodes on April 23, 2023.

These two streaming platforms are geo-restricted, so you will find yourself blocked out of the service if you try to enter it while abroad. However, you can easily unblock these platforms when you use a secure VPN before running the platform. Just run your VPN tool and select a server from your home country before opening the streaming platform you wish to unblock.

Can I Watch Mrs. Davis Online in Canada?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a streaming platform that had announced if they would offer Mrs. Davis in Canada. So if you’d like to watch this series on a certain and earlier date, then your best option is if you use a powerful VPN to unblock Peacock. All you need to do is run your VPN and select a US server to unblock the platform to stream Mrs. Davis online on Peacock.

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