How to Watch Married at First Sight Australia 2023 Online: Stream Season 10 from Anywhere

Married at First Sight returns to our screens in 2023 with a new batch of brides and grooms looking for love. This year, MAFS will bring back the same successful formula but with a few new twists and turns. We have the premiere date, contestants, plot, and episode release schedule, so keep reading to find out more.

The weddings will start with a bang, with one of them to be rocked by the biggest wedding shock in MAFS history. This year's participants will be guided through the experiment by relationship experts John Aiken and Mel Schilling and clinical sexologist Alessandra Rampolla.

As the wedding dates are set, 20 strangers will be walking down the aisle. Then, the couples will embark on their honeymoons, ranging from the deeply romantic to the extra-spicy and drama-filled interstate and overseas.

Rampolla pushes the couples out of their comfort zones in an unprecedented Intimacy Week that will set pulses racing in a "brand-new twist to the experiment," where the experts will task the couples with a "never-seen-before element." You can expect this year's brides and grooms to be more raw and vulnerable than ever as they bare it all to Australia in the hopes of finding a meaningful marriage.

This being said, let's see where, when, and how to watch Watch Married at First Sight Australia 2023 (Season 10) online.

When and Where to Watch Married at First Sight Australia 2023 (Season 10)

Married at First Sight Australia 2023 premiered in Australia on Monday, January 30, 2023, on Channel 9 at 7:30 pm local time. The episodes will also be available to stream for free via the 9Now platform (only available in Australia).

The previous season had 37 episodes, and we expect to see the same number for Season 10, and we'll get one new episode every day for four consecutive days every week.

Coming up next: Married at First Sight Australia 2023 (Season 10), Episode 35 on April 2, 2023.

How to Watch Married at First Sight Australia 2023 (Season 10) Online from Anywhere

There are tons of live TV and streaming platforms out there that enable you to stream your favorite shows and movies online these days, but most of these services are geo-restricted, which is also the case with 9Now since it's only available in Australia. This means you will need to unblock the platform using a VPN to watch Married at First Sight Australia 2023 online. This tool helps you change your IP address to one in Australia where the restrictions are off.

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How to Watch Married at First Sight Australia 2023 (Season 10) Online in Australia

The latest season of the dating show will be available in Australia via Channel 9 on January 30, when you will also be able to stream Married at First Sight Australia Season 10 online via the 9Now streaming service. The content is completely free to access on this platform since all you need to do to unlock the episodes is create a free account.

Just remember that streaming platforms are geo-restricted abroad due to licensing deals, so you will need to turn to a trustworthy VPN tool to unblock 9Now while traveling. Just run the app via a server from a region back home before loading the streaming service.

Can I Watch Married at First Sight Australia 2023 (Season 10) Online in the US, the UK, and Canada?

The Australian version of the show is not available in these countries, but you will find local versions of the show on Lifetime in the US, All4 in the UK, and Crave in Canada.

You can still watch Married at First Sight Australia 2023 online in Canada, the US, and the UK on 9Now via a capable VPN app that can unblock the Australian platform. Just run the app via a server located in Australia for this to work.

Who Are the Brides and Grooms on the 2023 Season of MAFS?

This year, the new singles are:

  1. Alyssa (Age: 35, from NSW, occupation: Executive Assistant) - She was raised a Mormon and has a two-year-old son she prioritizes over all else.
  2. Bronte (Age: 28, from Western Australia, occupation: Online Beauty Educator) - She wants to spoil her man, is attracted to the Alpha male, and is looking for someone who can hold a conversation.
  3. Caitlin (Age: 27, from Queensland, occupation: Makeup Artist) - A makeup artist by day and nightclub host by night, she is a hopeless romantic who always falls for the worst men.
  4. Claire (Age: 31, from Victoria, occupation Kindergarten Assistant) - A tomboy and car fanatic, unapologetically loud and energetic, she was raised in a chaotic Greek household and wants a soulmate.
  5. Janelle (Age: 28, from Western Australia, occupation: Beauty Influencer) - Direct, self-assured and driven, she grew up in a very strict Singaporean Chinese family with high expectations and dates for marriage only.
  6. Lyndall (Age: 27, from Western Australia, occupation: Accountant) - Living with cystic fibrosis, she is opinionated and fierce and isn't afraid of confrontation but is ready to say yes.
  7. Melinda (Age: 32. from Queensland, occupation: CEO, Fashion & Beauty) - An alpha female, she is a confident and sassy businesswoman who doesn't suffer fools, and people can find her looks and intelligence intimidating.
  8. Melissa (Age: 41, from NSW, occupation: Hairdresser) - She believes this is her final shot at looking for real love. While she has no problems meeting men, it's a long-term relationship she truly craves.
  9. Sandy (Age: 36, from Victoria, occupation: Dental Hygienist) - She has never been in a serious relationship and has had very little experience with men but wants to find someone compassionate.
  10. Tahnee (Age: 27, from NSW, occupation: PR Manager) - Fast-talking, passionate, and bubbly, she is sick of dating apps and the shallow swipe-right culture and is looking for true love.
  11. Adam (Age: 35, from Queensland, occupation: Business Owner) - Cocky and confident, he is a modern-day entrepreneur looking to find something more meaningful with someone ready to settle down.
  12. Cameron (Age: 27, from Northern Territory, occupation: Carpenter) - Down-to-earth, cheeky and laidback, Cam has never had a girlfriend, so this is far beyond his comfort zone.
  13. Dan (Age: 42, from Queensland, occupation: Digital Marketing Business Owner) - Career-driven, charming, and successful, he has been married twice and is the father of a 16-year-old girl.
  14. Duncan (Age: 36, from NSW, occupation: Regional Director, Cyber Security Sales) - A chivalrous gentleman who has no trouble meeting women, he's searching for a woman with class, emotional intelligence, and confidence.
  15. Harrison (Age: 32, from NSW, occupation: Builder) - With a bone-dry sense of humor, he is a single dad of a three-year-old and is looking for greatness in love.
  16. Jesse (Age: 30, from Western Australia, occupation: Marriage Celebrant) - Formerly in a heavy metal band, he is honest and emotional, has had two serious relationships, and is extremely fussy when it comes to choosing partners.
  17. Josh (Age: 40, from NSW, occupation: Advertising Client Director) - This loveable single father of two is stable, dependable, and solid as a partner.
  18. Layton (Age: 35, from NSW, occupation: CEO, Biotech) - He is looking for a woman who shares his work ethic, his sense of determination, and drive – ultimately someone to grow his empire with.
  19. Ollie (Age: 26, from Western Australia, occupation: Voice-Over Artist) - Confident, charismatic and mature beyond his years, he is no fan of modern dating and hopes he finds 'The One.'
  20. Shannon (Age: 30, from Victoria, occupation: Personal Trainer) - With a three-year-old daughter, he's self-assured and has a jokey attitude, but deep down, he's another sensitive soul who wants to be loved.

Married at First Sight Australia 2023 Episode Release Schedule

  • Season 10, Episode 1: Premiere (January 30, 2023) - Australia's most controversial social experiment is back as 20 hopeful singles look for love by meeting and marrying a stranger at first sight. This episode includes the bucks and hens, and the first two weddings.
  • Season 10, Episode 2 (January 31, 2023) - Australia's most controversial social experiment continues with two more weddings; one couple find trouble in paradise.
  • Season 10, Episode 3 (February 1, 2023) - The weddings continue as two more couples put it all on the line to meet and marry at first sight.
  • Season 10, Episode 4 (February 2, 2023) - Drama hits the experiment as the Honesty Box is produced on the honeymoons with unexpected consequences.
  • Season 10, Episode 5 (February 5, 2023) - The final two couples walk down the aisle and not everyone gets what they were expecting.
  • Season 10, Episode 6 (February 6, 2023) - The first Dinner Party of the season. All the brides and grooms meet each other for the first time with some explosive results.
  • Season 10, Episode 7 (February 7, 2023) - The couples enter Confessions Week with the reappearance of the notorious photo ranking challenge.
  • Season 10, Episode 8 (February 8, 2023) - Confessions Week continues bringing some couples together and testing the bond of others.
  • Season 10, Episode 9 (February 12, 2023) - It's the first Commitment Ceremony of the season. Love is blooming for some couples, but a couple of grooms find themselves called out by the experts for unacceptable behaviour.
  • Season 10, Episode 10 (February 13, 2023) - Intimacy Week. Alessandra's intimacy exercises have some couples blushing, others thriving and some really struggling.
  • Season 10, Episode 11 (February 14, 2023) - Alessandra's Intimacy Week continues with some surprising results.
  • Season 10, Episode 12 (February 15, 2023) - The rumour mill goes into overdrive at the second Dinner Party as gossip spreads about one groom spotted with a mysterious woman.
  • Season 10, Episode 13 (February 19, 2023) - At the Commitment Ceremony, the experts do something they've never done before in the history of the experiment after some troubling revelations from the couples' couch.
  • Season 10, Episode 14 (February 20, 2023) - Two new couples walk down the aisle and one reception is rocked by a shocking admission.
  • Season 10, Episode 15 (February 21, 2023) - Fallout from the reception bombshell sends shock waves through the group.
  • Season 10, Episode 16 (February 22, 2023) - The new couples walk into their first dinner party and are confronted by a room deeply divided by the week's revelations.
  • Season 10, Episode 17 (February 26, 2023) - Commitment Ceremony. One high-profile couple leave the experiment, while one bride has a lot of explaining to do.
  • Season 10, Episode 18 (February 27, 2023) - It's meet the parents week for the original couples, with one bride dropping a bombshell confession; the new couples move into their apartments.
  • Season 10, Episode 19 (February 28, 2023) - Meet the parents week continues with a frosty catch-up between the in-laws of one couple.
  • Season 10, Episode 20 (March 1, 2023) - Dinner Party. A new scandal hits the experiment with two husbands in the firing line.
  • Season 10, Episode 21 (March 5, 2023) - During the commitment ceremony, a high-profile couple leave the experiment and another participant walks out in shocking circumstances.
  • Season 10, Episode 22 (March 6, 2023) - All the remaining couples leave town for a week away together at the now famous Retreat.
  • Season 10, Episode 23 (March 7, 2023) - The Retreat continues with unresolved grievances surfacing at the Boys and Girls' Nights.
  • Season 10, Episode 24 (March 8, 2023) - Fallout from the Retreat dominates the Dinner Party back at MAFS HQ.
  • Season 10, Episode 25 (March 12, 2023) - In the second last Commitment Ceremony, a favourite couple make a bombshell decision to leave the experiment.
  • Season 10, Episode 26 (March 13, 2023) - It's Partner Swap Week, where the couples swap partners to get another perspective on their relationship, but not everything goes to plan.
  • Season 10, Episode 27 (March 14, 2023) - The infamous Boys' and Girls' Night brings unfinished business with the return of some familiar faces.
  • Season 10, Episode 28 (March 15, 2023) - The second last Dinner Party. Cracks start to appear among even the strongest couples as the pressure of life after the experiment starts to hit home.
  • Season 10, Episode 29 (March 19, 2023) - The final Commitment Ceremony will see which couples choose to stay in the experiment and prepare for Final Vows.
  • Season 10, Episode 30 (March 20, 2023) - The remaining couples set off on homestays to experience what life would be like with their partners back in the outside world.
  • Season 10, Episode 31 (March 21, 2023) - The remaining couples have one last date to help decide if they want to stay together outside the experiment.
  • Season 10, Episode 32 (March 22, 2023) - The remaining couples have one last date to help decide if they want to stay together outside the experiment.
  • Season 10, Episode 33 (March 26, 2023) - The Final Vows see some of the romantic and heartbreaking moments of the experiment as the couples decide whether or not to continue their relationship after the experiment.
  • Season 10, Episode 34 (March 27, 2023) - The Final Vows see romance and heartbreak as the last couples choose whether or not to continue their relationship after the experiment.
  • Season 10, Episode 35 (April 2, 2023) - All twelve couples return for one final dinner party and the chance to put any unfinished business to rest.

MAFS Australia 2023 Couples

  1. Bronte and Harrison
  2. Lyndall and Cameron
  3. Sandy and Dan
  4. Claire and Jesse
  5. Janelle and Adam
  6. Tahnee and Ollie
  7. Caitlin and Shannon
  8. Duncan and Alyssa
  9. Melissa and Josh
  10. Melinda and Layton 
  11. Tayla and Hugo
  12. Evelyn and Rupert

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