How to Watch Love Island Australia Season 5 (2023) Online Free From Anywhere

Love Island Australia is back in 2023 with a new set of hot singles looking for love in an exotic villa, with each contestant aiming to win the crown and the big cash prize. Season 5 premiered in Australia on Monday, October 30, 2023, on Nine and the 9Now service, but this streaming platform is geo-restricted. 

You cannot access 9Now while traveling outside Australia or if you live in another country since it only works in its country of origin. The service sees your physical location via your IP address and prevents you from using its media player abroad, but there is a straightforward workaround.

A VPN helps you change your IP address and bypass the blockades, enabling you to stream Love Island Australia 2023 online from anywhere. You can do this simply by turning on the app after selecting an Australian server since this step removes the geo-related error message in no time.

With this said, let's see when, where, and how to easily watch Love Island Australia Season 5 online from anywhere in the world, why you need a VPN, the series preview, cast, episode release schedule, trailer, and more.

How to Watch Love Island Australia 2023 Online With a VPN

You can watch Love Island Australia 2023 online with a VPN while located outside Australia as long as you select an Australian server before running the VPN in the background.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to do this:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN that works with 9Now (we recommend NordVPN).
  2. Download and install the native VPN app for your device.
  3. Launch and switch on the VPN app via a server in Australia.
  4. Access the 9Now service and stream the title.

Love Island Australia 2023 also streams on fuboTV and Prime Video in Canada and on Sling TV in the US.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Love Island Australia Season 5?

You need a VPN to watch Love Island Australia 2023 because 9Now has geo-restrictions that won’t let non-Australian viewers watch its content while being outside Australia's borders.

So, if you are traveling abroad or live in another country, trying to play titles on 9Now without a VPN results in a geo-location error message that appears on the platform saying, "Geoblocked. Access is not available in your area."

9now geo-block msg

A VPN helps you easily bypass this geo-blockade by changing your IP address to an Australian one. Running the VPN app via an Australian server makes the platform see you as being in Australia instead and removes the geo-related error message.

We recommend NordVPN to safely unblock all the live TV and streaming platforms out there in mere moments, including 9Now and more, since it is one of the best VPN providers on the market nowadays.

5,800+ servers in 60 countries. Easily unblock services, Fast and stable connection, No logs, No bandwidth limits, Military-grade encryption, 24/7 live chat support, and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Where to Watch Love Island Australia Season 5?

Love Island Australia Seaon 5 debuted on Monday, October 30, 2023, on Channel 9 (Nine) at 9 pm local time, and the episodes are also available to stream for free via the 9Now platform. The exact number of episodes was not announced, but we do know they will air Monday to Thursday. No release date has been announced for the US, Canada, and the UK yet

Here's where to see the Love Island Australia 2023 live stream:

Streaming Service Monthly Price Starting At Available Locations
9Now Free (with ads) Australia

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How to Watch Love Island Australia Season 5 (2023) in Australia 

In Australia, Love Island 2023 premieres on Channel 9 on Monday, October 30, 2023, at 6 pm AEDT, and you can stream Love Island Australia Season 5 on 9Now for free after you log in or create a free Nine account. 

Nine’s streaming platform is not available outside Australia due to geo-restrictions, but you can always rely on a secure and able VPN app to unblock it. Just run the VPN in the background via an Australian server for this to work.

Can I Watch Love Island Australia Season 5 in the US, the UK, and Canada?

No, you can’t right now, and there is no premiere date for these countries. Yet, we expect it to land soon on Hulu US and via ITVX in the UK.

That will take a while, so until it happens, use a trusted VPN tool and unblock 9Now to watch Love Island Australia 2023 online in the UK, the US, Canada, and anywhere else in the world by selecting an Australian server to unblock 9Now.

Can You Watch Love Island Australia Season 5 Online Free?

Yes, you can watch Love Island Australia 2023 for free. The 9Now is free to access for viewers in Australia while logged in using the credentials of a free Nine account. You use a VPN to enjoy free access to 9Now from abroad.

Love Island Australia Season 5 Preview

Love Island Australia is a local series of the international reality TV franchise hosted by Sophie Monk, and a brand new batch of Aussie singles try their luck in love in the Spanish Villa.

The show features a group of contestants known as "Islanders" who live together in a luxury Villa, isolated from the outside world. Throughout several weeks, the hot singles couple up and break up, and this year, the girls will take charge following the villain era and we’ll see risky challenges, date nights, and more. 

The winning couple of Love Island Australia 2023 is decided by public vote during the finale, and one of them can either split the the $50,000 prize with their partner or keep it for themselves. 

The 2023 dating reality series was filmed in Mallorca, Spain, while Season 2 was filmed in Fiji and Season 3 in Byron Bay.

We've got the first 10 Islanders and four hot Bombshells in the list below, and the list includes Married At First Sight's most talked-about sister and a Love Island UK star.

Love Island Australia 2023 Cast

  • Abby Miller - Bombshell (From Sydney, NSW, Age 23, Occupation: Makeup artist)
  • Lucinda Stafford - Bombshell (From Brighton, UK, Age 23, Occupation: Influencer and online fashion boutique owner)
  • Reid Polak - Bombshell (From Gold Coast, QLD, Age 26, Occupation: Personal trainer/Model)
  • Kale Roberts - Bombshell (From Gold Coast, QLD, Age 25, Occupation: Sales)
  • Kirra Schofield (From Perth, WA, Age 26, Occupation: Early Childhood Educator)
  • Tyra Johannes (From Sunshine Coast, QLD, Age 23, Occupation: Accounts)
  • Nakia Pires (From Adelaide, SA, Age 21, Occupation: Store Worker)
  • Tia Gregory (From Canberra, ACT, Age 24, Occupation: Real Estate)
  • Savanah Badger (From Adelaide, SA, Age 26, Occupation: Law Graduate)
  • Nate Page (From Sydney, NSW, Age 24, Occupation: Personal Trainer)
  • Zac Nunns (From Melbourne, Victoria, Age 25, Occupation: Student)
  • Ben Richardson (From Sydney, NSW, Age 22, Occupation: Videographer and Content Creator)
  • Ollie Lawson (From Perth, WA, Age 24, Occupation: FIFO Mining Electrician)
  • Trent Woolman (From Melbourne, Victoria, Age 25, Occupation: Tower Crane Operator)

Love Island Australia Season 5 Episode Release Schedule in Australia

  • Season 5 Episode 1 (October 30, 2023) - Love Island Australia is back in Spain for a new season, and new sexy singles are hoping to find 'the one'. This year, in a Love Island first - the girls hold the power.
  • Season 5 Episode 2 (October 31, 2023) - The Villa's five fresh couples were rocked by a British Bombshell. Now, all eyes are on Lucinda as she makes her choice of which man to steal, with jaw-dropping consequences!
  • Season 5 Episode 3 (November 1, 2023) - After sneaky steals last night, Tia goes all in with hunky new bombshell Reid, sending Trent into a spiral. And, the gloves are off as the war for Lucinda heats up.
  • Season 5 Episode 4 (November 2, 2023) - There's fiery but friendly competition as Nate and Zac are vying for the same girl. Our Islanders are in for truth, lies, and a hot new surprise who has everyone's attention.
  • Season 5 Episode 5 (November 6, 2023) - On tonight's explosive episode tensions run high as friends turn on each other for Kale's affections, but not before one little text rocks the Villa to its core.
  • Season 5 Episode 6 (November 7, 2023) - A brand new bombshell arrives, and it is revealed that her past relationship is connected to Kirra. This news sends the entire Villa into utter chaos!
  • Season 5 Episode 7 (November 8, 2023) - Abby continues to attract drama in the Villa by narrating the "Out Of This World" challenge. Trent and Zac start a confrontation that splits the Villa. Did they go too far?
  • Season 5 Episode 8 (November 9, 2023) - After a confrontation, the Villa is divided, with relationships, motives and morals being questioned. There's no ease from the drama, as Sophie announces a surprise dumping.
  • Season 5 Episode 9 (November 13, 2023) - Whilst some couples are finding their spark, others are in for a harsh reality check. Then, whilst the boys are away, the girls welcome two new hunky Bombshells to the Villa.
  • Season 5 Episode 10 (November 14, 2023) - New bombs Aidan and Ryan continue getting to know the girls in the Villa. As pots are being stirred in all directions, which couples will solidify and which will crumble?
  • Season 5 Episode 11 (November 15, 2023) - A hot new bombshell enters the Villa, and wastes no time in making an impact! Also, a recoupling sends a beloved Islander home, leaving the remaining Islanders devastated.
  • Season 5 Episode 12 (November 16, 2023) - Ryan is determined to shake up Zac and Lucinda, while new bombshell Georgia is turning a few boys heads. Later, the Villa is ripped apart after Sophie launches their Villain era.
  • Season 5 Episode 13 (November 20, 2023) - The Villain Era has well and truly arrived! With the arrival of a brand new Bomb, which Islander will jump ship, and who will be thrown overboard in the most villainous twist yet!
  • Season 5 Episode 14 (November 21, 2023) - Drama has entered the Villa after new Islander Andy rocked the boat. Georgia is stuck in a sticky love triangle, and - did somebody say "Bring in more bombs"??
  • Season 5 Episode 15 (November 22, 2023) - American Andy is proving to be very popular in the Villa! Georgia continues to be torn, while others are tested. Meanwhile, one couple sweetly whispers their first "I love you".
  • Season 5 Episode 16 (November 23, 2023) - The two hot new bombs have warped the Trent-Georgia-Nate love triangle into a 4-way mess. Then, in the most Villain Era twist yet, an evicted Islander returns to the Villa!
  • Season 5 Episode 17 (November 27, 2023) - TBA

Love Island Australia Season 5 (2023) Trailer

Final Thoughts

You can easily stream Love Island Australia 2023 on 9Now in Australia, and a VPN app set to a server from Australia will help you stream Love Island Australia 2023 if you live in another country or are currently traveling abroad since it can safely bypass any geo-restriction and unblock 9Now.

We recommend NordVPN, a premium no-logs VPN with great security and privacy features such as double encryption, split tunneling, private DNS, and more. A subscription offers over 5,800 VPN servers, high speeds, stable connections, unlimited bandwidth, and a money-back guarantee to try NordVPN for 30 days risk-free.

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