How to Watch Human Footprint Online: Stream the Documentary Series from Anywhere

By TechNadu Staff / August 21, 2023

Human Footprint is a six-part groundbreaking documentary that aims to explore how humans reshape the planet. If you’re in the US, you can easily watch this docuseries on Wednesday, July 5, 2023, on PBS and other services that offer the network, like YouTube TV

However, if you travel overseas or live in a region where PBS is unavailable, you won’t be able to access the network due to geo-blocks.

Don’t worry; an easy fix for watching Human Footprint online is to use a VPN that can connect you to a US server to stream the Human Footprint documentary. A VPN allows you to change your IP address and bypass geo-blocks.

Keep reading this article to find out how, when, and where you can watch Human Footprint online from anywhere in the world. We also have a preview, cast information, the schedule, the official trailer, and why you should get a VPN.

How to Watch Human Footprint With a VPN

To watch Human Footprint online, you need to have access to PBS with the help of a VPN connected to a US server. Check out how it works:

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Human Footprint?

You need a VPN to watch Human Footprint on PBS because it is unavailable outside of the US, so you need a workaround to get the platform and title while you are abroad.

PBS is geo-restricted, so you cannot watch any of its content while you are abroad. Without a VPN, attempting to access an episode on PBS outside of the US will result in an error message on your screen that reads, “We’re sorry, but this video is not available.”

PBS geo-block error msg

With the help of a VPN, you can change your IP address to one in the US so you can stream Human Footprint wherever you are. We suggest getting the best VPN available, so we highly recommend ExpressVPN, as it can successfully unblock PBS, Netflix, and other popular streaming services.

Where to Watch Human Footprint?

If you’re in the US, you can easily watch Human Footprint on PBS,, and the PBS app starting July 5, 2023, at 9 PM ET. You can also watch it on services that offer PBS, like YouTube TV. There will be a total of 6 episodes, which will be released weekly. Official release dates for the UK, Canada, and Australia haven’t been announced yet. Here’s a look at where you can watch Human Footprint:

Streaming Service Pricing Available Locations
PBS Free (log in using TV provider credentials) United States
YouTube TV $64.99 a month for the first 3 months and $72.99 monthly after that United States

How to Watch Human Footprint in the US

To catch the Human Footprint live stream or on-demand in the US, you must tune in to PBS starting July 5 at 9 PM ET. You can use the app or the website to access the show; you’ll only need to use your TV provider credentials.

Here’s a service where you can watch PBS on:

PBS, its website, app, and YouTube TV are geo-restricted, so be sure to use a capable VPN when you travel abroad to remove pesky geo-blocks. Simply run your VPN and select a server from your home country to watch Human Footprint online from anywhere.

How to Watch Human Footprint in the UK, Canada, and Australia

Unfortunately, no release dates or streaming services have been announced where you can watch Human Footprint online in the UK, Canada, and Australia.

We recommend you use a secure VPN to watch this show on PBS by connecting to a US server when you run your VPN.

Can You Watch Human Footprint Online Free?

Yes, there is a way to watch Human Footprint for free.

If you’re in the US, you simply need to enter your TV provider credentials when you use the PBS website or app. This gives you access to the service for free.

Human Footprint Preview

Hosted and narrated by Shane Campbell-Staton, Human Footprint is a six-part docuseries. Shane takes viewers on a breathtaking adventure that reveals how humans shape the world into their needs and wants, making them the single species capable of dominating and reshaping the world.

The human species is truly amazing; we can explore the tallest mountains and the depths of the ocean using different tools and technology. We can even go as far as the cosmos. Humans even learned how to read and rewrite DNA. The show aims to inform, educate, and inspire people to appreciate nature and embrace their role as custodians of the earth. 

Each episode of this docuseries has a foundation science explaining human nature. It's not about humans' negative impact on the environment but rather how unique mankind is. The six episodes show how our species tamed wild animals and how others hitch a ride to dominate the world alongside humans. Even how certain crops that we cultivate affect culture - like the cotton plant.

Human Footprint Episodes

Human Footprint Trailer

Final Thoughts

You can easily stream Human Footprint online using the PBS website or app in the US. When abroad, use a dependable VPN to stream Human Footprint online by connecting to a US server. A VPN will assist you in removing any geo-blocks that you may face.

To conclude, we highly recommend ExpressVPN as your VPN of choice. It is a no-log VPN that is independently audited, offers unlimited bandwidth and thousands of servers worldwide, and safeguards your online privacy. You can also try ExpressVPN risk-free for a month via its generous money-back guarantee policy.

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