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How to Watch Free Guy on Disney Plus

Written by Lore Apostol
Last updated February 19, 2022

This fun movie premiered in theaters last year and was loved by everyone since it brought an interesting comedic perspective on video games' characters. The good news is that it will soon be available to stream online on Disney Plus for US subscribers, so let's see what you need to do to watch Free Guy online on Disney Plus with ease.

This epic adventure-comedy shows us an open-world video game where an NPC (a non-player character) comes alive, and of course, this is huge for the developers since it's the first AI lifeform. His name is Guy, and he is looking for his true love every day. The story is hilarious - he is a bank teller who meets the girl of his dreams, a human player. After he discovers he is actually a background player in Free City, a massively multiplayer online role-playing video game (MMORPG), he decides to become the hero of his own story and save his world. There are also a lot of cultural references, so this is a great addition to the Disney Plus library.

The movie stars Ryan Reynolds, Jodie Comer, Lil Rel Howery, Joe Keery, Utkarsh Ambudkar, and Taika Waititi among others, and it received a nomination for Best Visual Effects at the 94th Academy Awards.

The movie is already available in the Disney Plus libraries in Canada, the UK, several countries in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. For US subscribers, 20th Century Studios' Free Guy will be coming to Disney Plus on Wednesday, February 23, 2022. As it usually happens with streaming platforms, the title will become available somewhere after 00:01 AM PT.

How to Watch Free Guy Online on Disney Plus in the US

Everyone is happy that we can watch Free Guy online, and you will be able to do that through Disney Plus in several countries. You will be able to watch in the US as well after Disney's streaming platform will add it to the library for US customers. And it's actually pretty easy to do that - all you need to do is to subscribe to Disney Plus on their website for $7.99 per month or $79.99 per year, and you get access to titles from Disney, Pixar, National Geographic, Marvel, Star Wars, and The Simpsons, among others.

Besides subscribing to Disney Plus as a standalone service, you can also go for the Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, and Hulu bundle. This means you can save 25% compared to the monthly cost of subscribing to all three services separately if you decide to take the deal. If this bundle sounds like a good bargain for your needs, know that you can choose between The Disney Bundle with Hulu with ads for $13.99 per month or with Hulu (No Ads) for $19.99 per month.

After you create an account with the streaming platform, all you need to do is to access the desired title, so go ahead and search for Free Guy and play the movie after it premieres on the platform. The Disney Plus platform is compatible with mobile devices and tablets, both iOS and Android, Smart TVs, gaming consoles, and more. You can check the full list here.

Can I Watch Free Guy on Disney Plus for Free?

Yes, there is a way to do that. This comes as good news for new and existing Verizon customers in the US because you're eligible for six months of free Disney Plus with select Unlimited plans if you're a Verizon subscriber. This means you will be able to watch Free Guy for no charge. After the free trial ends, you will pay $7.99 per month, which is the standard price for a standalone Disney Plus subscription on the streaming platform.

You will also be able to get your hands on the bundle we mentioned in the previous segment since Verizon offers The Disney Bundle for Unlimited subscribers, but this one does not have a free trial, so be careful what you choose.

Unfortunately, the streaming platform does not offer a free trial on its own anymore, so this is the only way to watch Free Guy on Disney Plus for free.

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