How to Watch FBoy Island Australia Online: Stream the 2023 Reality Series from Anywhere

FBoy Island Australia is a UK reality TV dating series from the popular FBoy Island franchise. We have all the information you may be seeking, so keep reading to find out the premiere date, cast, and more, including the way to watch it online for free from anywhere in the world you may be.

In this new Original reality series, three gorgeous, intelligent, and eligible young women are sent to a tropical location inhabited by 24 men. Twelve of them are genuine ‘nice guys’ searching for love, and 12 of them are self-professed ‘FBoys’ just there for the prize money. 

The local show is hosted by Abbie Chatfield. Post 'Bachelor' and 'Bachelor In Paradise' she headed to the 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here' jungle. As a host, Abbie has presented Nine's 'Love Island Afterparty' and delivered her own TV special, 'Abbie Chats,' and she's also the newest panel member on 'The Masked Singer.'

The three women navigate the dating pool together, hoping to find a lasting love connection, and will have to rely on their intuition and each other in the hopes of finding The One. When eliminated, the “F boys” go to “Limbro,” which is said to look like a “tropical version of Alcatraz,” where Chatfield will try to help “rehabilitate” them in comedic scenes in every episode, and the nice guys get looked after at “Nice Guy Grotto.” They all come back for a penultimate episode to surprise the three women.

FBoy Island is a social experiment that tries to find out whether FBoys can truly reform or if Nice Guys always finish last. Nevertheless, all will be revealed by the finale - who is a nice guy, who is an FBoy, and who the women ultimately choose. 

This being said, let's see where, when, and how to watch FBoy Island Australia online from anywhere, be it at home, on the go, or even while traveling abroad.

When and Where to Watch FBoy Island Australia

The FBoy Island Australia 2023 series premiered in Australia on Saturday, May 29, 2023, on Binge and Foxtel Now (both available only in Australia). 

The first season of the Australian show is expected to have 10 episodes, and one new episode will be released a week on Saturdays.

How to Watch FBoy Island Australia Online for Free from Anywhere

Sadly, the many live TV and streaming services available nowadays that we employ to watch your favorite movies and series online in your home country are geo-restricted. The Binge and Foxtel Now platforms are only available in Australia, so you will need a tool to help you change your IP address and unblock them while abroad. This is a piece of cake if you use a VPN subscription to watch FBoy Island Australia online.

One of the best VPNs on the market right now is ExpressVPN, which works in a few moments with Binge, Foxtel Now, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video, and tons of other popular streaming platforms. This tool offers thousands of servers around the world, high speeds, stable connections, 24/7 chat support, unlimited bandwidth, and the opportunity to try ExpressVPN RISK-FREE for 30 days via the money-back guarantee.

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Go for the annual plan to get a hefty discount when you subscribe to ExpressVPN (49% discount & get 3 months FREE). You need to create an account on the company’s website to get started. First, fill in the required details and see the payment through. Then, follow the instructions you get over email to download the app for your device or system and install it. Next, launch the app, pick a server located in Australia, and turn on the app. Lastly, load the service to stream FBoy Island Australia.

How to Watch FBoy Island Australia Online for Free in Australia

FBoy Island Australia begins on May 29 on Fox Arena. This series is part of a Binge Originals slate, so you will be able to stream FBoy Island Australia on Binge, which has a few plans that start at $10 a month, and new customers get a 14-day free trial. Foxtel Now also has this reality series, and the service costs $25 per month and comes with a 10-day free trial if you're a new client.

Telstra also has some nice deals. Foxtel and Foxtel Now can be added at a reduced monthly cost with a 1-month free trial, and you get access to the Foxtel Go app as well, while Binge offers start with Standard for free for two months, then $16 per month. 

These services have geo-restrictions, but you can unblock this service by using a capable and safe VPN set to a server close to your home area while traveling away from Australia. For this to work, turn on the app before accessing the streaming service.

Can I Watch FBoy Island Australia Online in the US, the UK, and Canada? 

At the moment, the local version of the famous reality show is not available to watch outside of Australia. But don’t worry; there’s a workaround.

You can always resort to using a secure and capable VPN app to unblock one of the services in the previous segment to watch FBoy Island Australia live stream online in the UK, the US, Canada, and anywhere in the world. Just pick a server located in Australia for this to work.

FBoy Island Australia 2023 Series Cast

The male competitors were not announced, but we have the names and bios of the three women.

  • Molly O'Halloran (26, occupational therapist): Molly is strong, confident, and blunt but also has a softer, more vulnerable side. She’s extremely self-aware and emotionally intelligent. She works as an Occupational Therapist in outpatient neuro rehab and loves baking in her spare time.
  • Sophie Blackley (26, professional DJ): Sophie is larger than life, direct and unapologetically herself. She is a straight shooter who lays all her cards on the table. Originally from New Zealand, she moved to Australia 7 years ago, is a professional DJ and dancer, and now runs her own entertainment business in Melbourne.
  • Ziara Rae (21, model): Born in Australia of African American heritage, Ziara has worked as a model since she was 7 years old! Being raised by a single mother has impacted Ziara positively. She has a maturity beyond her years – she is confident, calm, level-headed, and secure in herself, however, is also a true romantic.

FBoy Island Australia Episode Release Schedule

  • Season 1 Episode 1 - Hot girls, hot guys and a whole lot of lies. Will Molly, Sophie and Ziara sniff out the FBoys? Parties to investigate, dates to explore, fights to fuel the fire and eliminations.
  • Season 1 Episode 2 - In record time, true colours begin to show and the cracks begin to form. The boys think they're clever and have devised tactics to get noticed by the ladies. But does it backfire?
  • Season 1 Episode 3 - For the first time on FBoy Island, intruders arrive, and cream pies are slapped on faces. FBoys, Molly, Ziara and Sophie bid you F BYE.
  • Season 1 Episode 4 - Episode 4 is not a bore. There’s a three-way, a fight and a twist that no one saw coming.
  • Season 1 Episode 5 - Tune in to see a talentless talent show, a rekindled flame of love, and a silly nugget incident that could either be funny or disturbing.
  • Season 1 Episode 6 - A cozy night in might sound wholesome, but it stirs up so much more than expected. Rules are broken and boys are thrown into the doghouse.
  • Season 1 Episode 7 - Welcome to the circus. FBoys and Nice Guys are unmasked in this heart stopping episode. Remember, no FBoy or Nice Guy is safe on FBoy Island.
  • Season 1 Episode 8 - Show us your kink bits! A steamy chemistry test dominates. Molly, Sophie and Ziara get a taste for what’s waiting for them after FBoy Island...YUM or YUCK (you decide).
  • Season 1 Episode 9 - All is being laid bare. Nice Guys are put on notice, and FBoys give a last-ditch effort to plead their innocence and worth to Sophie, Molly and Ziara.
  • Season 1 Episode 10 - Love and cash are just the cherries on-top of this heart-stopping season end. Watch Sophie, Molly and Ziara bring FBoy Island Australia to an almighty end.

FBoy Island Australia Series Official Trailer

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