How to Watch Detective Conan in Order (With Movies)

By Samona Punjabi / April 16, 2022

Detective Conan is the kind of anime that has not only stood tall through time but has also maintained its popularity. It has transitioned from a simple mystery thriller anime to a pop-cultural legend, a cult classic, if you will. There's no better feeling than knowing that the show you grew up watching is still going strong and producing great content.

Detective Conan, also known as Case Closed, is a series that tells the story of a teenage detective whose body was transformed into a child's under mysterious conditions with heightened investigative skills. The series first began in 1996 and followed the story of Shinichi Kudo, or Conan: the high school detective who looks like a child. Shinichi, along with the FBI and a variety of characters, solves several cases and takes on the name of Conan to pin down the organization responsible for shrinking him.

Detective Conan is currently running on its 31st season. Moreover, the series has twenty-four movies, with the twenty-fifth movie all set to release in 2022! In addition, it has two OVA series, six tv specials, and one spin-off movie. The franchise also includes four live-action movies and one live-action tv drama series.

Due to the enormous amount of episodes and installments, the recommended watch order for Detective Conan is the chronological sequence. The first Magic Files OVA episode is a compilation of several anime series episodes. However, it eventually evolved into a series with original narratives aligned with some theatrical Case Closed movies.

The spin-off movie and all of the live-action adaptations do not follow the canonical storyline, and hence one can watch it anytime they see fit. Fans looking to watch the series can check it out on Crunchyroll.

Shinichi Kudo aka Detective Conan before consuming the toxin that mysteriously shrinks him.
Shinichi Kudo, AKA Detective Conan, before consuming the toxin that mysteriously shrinks him.

Check out the full list of Detective Conan/ Case Closed episodes, movies, OVAs, specials, spin-offs, live-action adaptations, and the chronological order to watch them below:

Release Order For Detective Conan / Case Closed

TV Series





Live-Action Adaptation

Conan Edogawa AKA Detective Conan after consuming the toxin.
Conan Edogawa, AKA Detective Conan, after consuming the toxin.

Chronological Order For Detective Conan / Case Closed

Note: The episode's numbering follows the original Japanese episode number.

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