How to Watch Creepshow Season 4 Online from Anywhere

By TechNadu Staff / October 30, 2023

What do 13 and Friday have in common? They're both synonymous with bad luck and make the perfect combination for the much-anticipated return of Creepshow! Brace yourself for another spine-tingling adventure as the highly acclaimed horror series debuts its new season on Friday, October 13, 2023, exclusively on Shudder and AMC. You can also catch Creepshow Season 4 on AMC Plus in the US, Canada, and Australia, while Sling TV will stream the show in the US.

These platforms are geo-restricted, so traveling outside their operational territories will prevent you from accessing them.

To bypass these restrictions, you must employ a VPN and connect to a US, UK, Canadian, or Australian server. This approach will grant you access to Shudder, AMC Plus, and Sling TV, enabling you to watch Creepshow Season 4 online.

This article will provide you with essential details about the upcoming season. We will delve into why a VPN is needed to enjoy the show, showcase an official trailer, introduce you to the cast, and offer a preview to keep you well-informed and engaged.

How to Watch Creepshow Season 4 Online With a VPN

You can watch Creepshow Season 4 with a VPN by running the app through a US, UK, Canada, or Australia server to access Shudder. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

You can also watch the horror series on AMC Plus in the US, Canada, and Australia. Keep reading for more details.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Creepshow Season 4?

You need a VPN to watch Creepshow Season 4 because Shudder is only accessible in specific regions, including the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand

If you attempt to access the platform outside these regions without a VPN, you will encounter a geo-restriction message: "Sorry, we are not available in your country."

Shudder Geo Block

A VPN changes your IP address to the US or a supported region, allowing you to bypass geo-restrictions and access Shudder.

If you're unsure which VPN to choose, consider using NordVPN. It's one of the best VPN services for unblocking geo-restricted services like Shudder or AMC Plus.

Where to Watch Creepshow Season 4?

Creepshow Season 4 will debut with all six episodes on October 13, 2023, on Shudder and AMC Plus. Weekly episodes will be available through AMC. It will also be accessible on streaming services like Sling TV, where Shudder is available. Let's take a closer look at the streaming services where you can enjoy Creepshow Season 4:

Streaming Service Pricing Available Locations
Shudder $5.99/ £4.99/ CA $5.99/ AU $6.99 US, UK, Canada, Australia, and more
AMC Plus $6.99 / AU $8.99 / CA $8.99 US, Canada, Australia

How to Watch Creepshow Season 4 in the US

In the US, you can enjoy Creepshow Season 4 on Shudder starting October 13, 2023. Subscribing to Shudder comes at a monthly cost of $5.99, with a 7-day free trial available.

Alternatively, you have several options for streaming the series, including AMC Plus and various live-streaming services that offer Shudder. Here are some of these choices:

If you encounter geo-restrictions while trying to access Shudder, employ a reliable VPN to bypass them. When launching the VPN, select a server in the US, granting you unrestricted access to Shudder and allowing you to savor Creepshow Season 4 from any location.

How to Watch Creepshow Season 4 in the UK, Canada, and Australia

Shudder is available in the UK, Canada, and Australia, making it possible to watch the new season there. Subscriptions are priced at £4.99 per month in the UK, CA $5.99 per month in Canada, and AU $6.99 per month in Australia, following a 7-day free trial.

You can also access Shudder through Apple TV or The Roku Channel Store to watch the movie.

In Canada and Australia, AMC Plus will stream the series. A monthly subscription to AMC Plus costs CA $8.99  in Canada and AU $8.99 in Australia. In Australia, a subscription also includes Acorn TV.

When traveling outside of Shudder’s operational territories, you can use a secure VPN to bypass the geo-restrictions and gain access to the platform. This allows you to enjoy the horror series even while on the move.

Can You Watch Creepshow Season 4 Online for Free?

Yes, you can watch Creepshow Season 4 for free by taking advantage of the 7-day free trial offered by Shudder and AMC Plus.

Creepshow Season 4 Preview

Creepshow is a horror anthology adapted from George A. Romero's iconic 1982 horror-comedy classic. This series is celebrated for its electrifying approach to fear, bringing comic book stories to life through a collection of captivating vignettes that explore a wide range of terrifying themes, including murder, creatures, monsters, delusions, and the supernatural. With every page turn, viewers are in for a fresh and chilling surprise.

This season's vignettes offer a delightful variety of horror experiences. It kicks off with a creature feature jump scare that highlights the show's distinctive and gruesome practical effects. The trailer skillfully combines the campy and creepy elements that define Creepshow. It features stories of apparent alien abductions, classic slashers, and even some technologically-driven horror. The trailer doesn't hold back in showcasing its fantastic effects and comic book aesthetics, including gooey, gory bodies, a nightmarish vampire-like creature, severed fingers, and haunting possessions.

In the upcoming season, viewers can anticipate a fresh wave of thrills, surprises, and the signature blend of horror and dark humor that has made Creepshow a beloved classic in the genre. Prepare for an eerie journey into the unknown as Creepshow Season 4 unleashes its captivating tales of terror.

Creepshow Season 4 Cast

Creepshow Season 4 Episodes

Creepshow Season 4 Trailer

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, enjoying Creepshow Season 4 is a seamless experience for viewers in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia through Shudder. However, for those outside these regions, a VPN provides a practical solution by bypassing geo-blocks and granting access to this horror thriller. 

Our top recommendation is NordVPN, a reliable VPN service with an extensive network of over a thousand servers across 90+ countries. With round-the-clock live support and a strict no-logging policy, NordVPN prioritizes your online security and privacy. Moreover, you can test NordVPN risk-free for 30 days, thanks to their money-back guarantee.

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