How to Watch the Cowboy Bepop Series in Order

By Samona Punjabi / April 18, 2022

Cowboy Bepop is a neo-noir space western set in a dystopian future. The story follows the lives of three misfits who travel around the universe as bounty hunters! The series is set in the year 2071, roughly fifty years after a calamity in 2020, which made the earth uninhabitable. While the story of the anime series is pretty straightforward, each episode is completely different in terms of story and genre.

The series also features amazing animation, even though it was first released in 1998. Cowboy Bepop also showcases technology that humans have yet to discover! With incredible music and satisfying animation, the series is one of the best neo-noir animes ever created. In addition, the characters of the series receive great character development and are impactful to the plot in significant ways.

Moreover, Cowboy Bepop also features interesting OSTs, which resonated with viewers even two decades later! Fans looking to watch the series can check it out on Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Tubi. The three streaming platforms have the anime available for free. If you have a premium subscription, you can also watch Cowboy Bepop on Netflix.

The recommended order for watching Cowboy Bebop is its release order. The chronological order was not what was intended by the creators and is quite problematic to follow. We recommend watching the movie and the special after you've finished the series.

Cowboy Bepop key characters
Cowboy Bepop key characters

Check out the full list of Cowboy Bepop episodes, movies, specials, and the chronological and release order to watch them below:

Release Order

TV Series



Chronological Order

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