How to Cancel Paramount Plus Subscription on Amazon Fire TV and Kindle

By Gabriela Vatu / March 13, 2021

Paramount Plus is a cool service that opened up a few weeks ago, but some folks are already deciding to cancel their subscriptions. If you had subscribed to Paramount+ with Amazon prime membership then you cancel your Paramount Plus subscription on your Amazon Fire TV or Kindle device.

In most cases we've seen online, the main concern is that Paramount Plus does not have all the content that was promised ahead of the launch. Of course, it can't be expected for everything to be up at launch, and we're sure that content will be pouring in over the next few months, including from MTV, Comedy Central, Paramount Network, BET, Smithsonian Channel, and the Paramount Pictures. Also, originals will be coming too in the months to come, as the CBS All Access projects are continuing under the new brand.

Nonetheless, if this is it and you've decided not to continue your Paramount Plus subscription, you can definitely do that. Let's see how you can cancel your Paramount Plus account via Amazon Fire TV or Kindle.

We know it's a rather complicated method that requires a few extra steps that we could have gone without, but it is what it is.

If you did not subscribe via an Amazon platform, and you don't remember how exactly you did it, you can go on a browser, log in to Paramount Plus, go to Account, and then in the Subscription & Billing area, you'll notice information about what platform you used to sign up.

If you click on the link there, you'll be taken to your subscription page on that particular platform.

So, if you discover you signed up via iTunes, you can either cancel paramount+ on iPhone or iPad or via Apple TV, but if you had signed up via the website then you can also unsubscribe to paramount+ from your web browser.

Should you have any problems canceling your Paramount Plus subscription, you can always contact the company's customer support team as they'll be happy to help out.

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