fuboTV vs PlayStation Vue: Which One Wins the Battle?

By Gabriela Vatu / October 22, 2018

Picking out the best platform for your post-cord-cutting needs isn't necessarily the easiest job in the world because there are so many aspects you need to take into consideration, so we thought we should help and put fuboTV vs PlayStation Vue to see which one wins.

When we reviewed fuboTV we noticed that it's a dream platform for sports lovers, offering loads of dedicated channels. At the same time PlayStation Vue, which we also reviewed, features loads of bundles with a great diversity of channels within, as well as plenty of other cool features.

That being said, let's take a quick look at the overview of these two platforms, marking the best features of them both.

Overview fuboTV PlayStation Vue
Bundles fubo ($34.99/mo first month, $44.99/mo after), fubo Extra ($39.99/mo first month, $49.99/mo after), fubo Latino ($17.99/mo), fubo Portugues ($19.99/mo) Access ($39.99/mo), Core ($44.99/mo), Elite ($54.99/mo), Ultra ($74.99/mo)
Customization Channel packs: fubo Cycling, International Sports Plus, Sports Plus, Adventure Plus, RAI Italia, Portuguese Plus, Mundo Plus, fubo Latino

Premium channels: Showtime, AMC Premiere

Channel Bundles: Sports pack, Espanol Pack

Premium Channels: Epix Hits, HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Fox Soccer Plus

Device support Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, iOS, Android, Chromecast, web browser PS3, PS4, Amazon Fire TVs, Android TVs, Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS, and Android smartphones and tablets, and Roku
DVR 30 hours, unlimited time storage, expandable to 500 hours via extra feature 500 programs for 28 days
Free trial Yes, 7 days Yes, 7 days
Visit fuboTV PlayStation Vue

Here are the scores they received during our review, which may not tell the full story, but we'll get there in due time.

Criteria fuboTV PlayStation Vue
Channel bundles 9/10 10/10
Customization options 10/10 10/10
Supported features 8/10 10/10
Streaming quality 7/10 9/10
Supported devices 5/10 8/10
Usability 9/10 9/10
Overall Score 8/10 9.3/10

So, now that you got a good idea about what's to follow, let's put them head to head and see what happens.

fuboTV vs PlayStation Vue: Side by Side Comparison

The next step in our comparative guide is to put these two platforms toe to toe and see which one wins in which department. So, let's get to it.

Channel Bundles

PS Vue Ultra pack

Will these platforms offer you enough room to choose your favorite channels, will they offer price tiers to suit your needs? Let's find out!

Winner: PlayStation Vue wins this round, offering a larger number of channels and a wider variety.

Customization Options

PS vue extras

If one of the main reasons you cut the cord was to be able to choose what channels you'll watch, this is the category that interests you.

Winner: PlayStation Vue wins this round too, mainly for the diversity it offers in premium networks and the ingenuity of allowing users to mix and match for a better price.

Supported Features

PS Vue features

We're sure you'd like to be able to DVR some of your favorite shows when you're not home, as well as to watch something different than your partner, so let's see what these platforms have to offer.

Winner: PlayStation Vue is the clear winner here thanks to the great DVR capabilities and the large number of devices that it allows simultaneous streaming on.

Streaming Quality

When you prepare to move online to watch live TV, you also need to make sure that your Internet can support the network-heavy live streams.

Winner: PlayStation Vue wins this one too since we had a much better experience streaming content than we did on fuboTV with a not-so-great connection.

Supported Devices

PS vue devices

The beauty of OTT platforms is that you can watch live TV wherever you may be, on whatever device you want. Let's see if these platforms support your favorite devices.

Winner: PlayStation Vue is the winner here too, managing to take this one too because it comes with support for PS3 and PS4.


How fast will you learn to use the platform and how to get from one channel to the next?

Winner: We have a tie here because they're both so easy to work with and figure out. This is one of the great things about platform designs nowadays - you don't have to "learn" how to use them - you just do.

fuboTV vs PlayStation Vue: Which One to Pick

Given how we've only really named one winner in all categories, we're going to name PlayStation Vue the clear winner - it has a great collection of channels, nice add-on channels, fabulous DVR and multi-screen features, and it's overall a great service. So, go ahead and sign up for PlayStation Vue.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our fuboTV vs PlayStation Vue comparative article and that we've helped you pick the best option for you out of the two. Of course, even if we dubbed PlayStation Vue the winner, if you're a massive sports fans you may still go with fuboTV, and that's great too since it's a great platform.

Let us know what you picked in the comments section below, and please share the article online so others can find it too. We'd love to chat more on TechNadu's Facebook and Twitter pages. 

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