fuboTV vs Hulu: The Giants Go Head to Head

By Gabriela Vatu / October 20, 2018

Cutting the cord in this day and age makes sense because a huge part of our lives revolves around the Internet, so watching live TV online is the next natural step. So, if you're down to fuboTV vs Hulu, let us help you along and make your choice easier.

Moving forward in this comparison article where we pit fuboTV vs Hulu, we're going to take into consideration various features of both these platforms, such as available bundles, extra channels, supported devices and so on. We've seen info on all these issues when we reviewed fuboTV, as well as when we reviewed Hulu, so if you read those articles you may already be familiar with them.

Nonetheless, we're going to put them head to head and see which one wins. Before we do that, here's a breakdown of the main aspects for fuboTV and Hulu.

Overview fuboTV Hulu
Bundles fubo ($34.99/mo first month, $44.99/mo after), fubo Extra ($39.99/mo first month, $49.99/mo after), fubo Latino ($17.99/mo), fubo Portugues ($19.99/mo) A single bundle – Hulu with Live TV – $39.99 per month
Customization Channel packs: fubo Cycling, International Sports Plus, Sports Plus, Adventure Plus, RAI Italia, Portuguese Plus, Mundo Plus, fubo Latino
Premium channels: Showtime, AMC Premiere
Premium channels – HBO, Showtime, Cinemax
Device support Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, iOS, Android, Chromecast, web browser iOS, Android, FireTV, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, Chromecast, Samsung Smart TVs, browsers
DVR 30 hours, unlimited time storage, expandable to 500 hours via extra feature Unlimited storage space, recordings saved for 9 months
Free trial Yes, 7 days Yes, 7 days
Visit fuboTV Hulu

Also, here are the scores both platforms received when we reviewed them.

Criteria fuboTV Hulu
Channel bundles 9/10 4/10
Customization options 10/10 8/10
Supported features 8/10 7/10
Streaming quality 7/10 8/10
Supported devices 5/10 7/10
Usability 9/10 9/10
Overall Score 8/10 7.2/10

Those numbers don't tell the full story, however, so we're going to delve deeper into and explain it fully.

fuboTV vs Hulu: Side by Side Comparison

Much like we did in the reviews of the two platforms, we're going to take a look at several important aspects, such as the devices they support, the bundles they offer, and so on. Here we go!

Channel Bundles

Fubo channels 1

These two platforms are, frankly, extremely different, but we're going to explain it all.

Winner: fuboTV wins this one simply because you have so many options and you can decide what channels you want to watch and how much you want to pay each month.

Customization Options

Fubo extra channels

When you quit cable you want a completely new experience - a way to decide what channels you want to watch and how much you're going to pay. Let's see what these platforms have to offer.

Winner: fuboTV wins this one too. There are so many ways you can customize fuboTV, and it all depends on what bundle you get. It's a pretty exciting platform.

Supported Features

Fubo features

Will you be able to record the shows that you have missed? And will your family be able to watch their favorite shows at the same time as you? Let's see how the platforms fare.

Winner: fuboTV wins this one, only by an inch. The platform offers a much richer DVR limit for less money, and a more accessible family share feature.

Streaming Quality

Hulu live TV

When you take all your live TV watching online, you need to make sure your Internet connection can carry all that streaming.

Winner: Hulu wins this time since it's not so heavy on your home network. Of course, you'll have to keep in mind that you'll need a better speed than that if you plan to simultaneously stream content to multiple devices on the same network.

Supported Devices

Hulu devices

If you're going to cut the cord, better make sure that you can watch your favorite channels on all your devices, even on the go.

Winner: Hulu wins this one because it has a much better network of apps covering so many devices, including game consoles. fuboTV has some catching up to do.



How easy is the platform to use? Do you need a Ph.D. to figure out how to get from one channel to the next?

Winner: It's a draw, folks! Sorry, but we can't decide on a winner when the interfaces of all these platforms are so similar in so many ways.

fuboTV vs Hulu: Which One to Pick?

fuboTV and Hulu are both great services and offer a great collection of channels that you can enjoy, but there can only be one winner, and that's fuboTV.

Our winner offers a lot more channels, loads of customization options by adding channel packs and premium networks. Likewise, it has a great DVR package and lets you stream on multiple devices. So, go ahead and sign up for fuboTV before the next big sports event!

Final Thoughts

We hope we've been of help in directing you to one of the best options in online live TV watching.

Let us know if you went with fuboTV or if you chose Hulu instead in the comments section below. Also, please share the article online if you can. Meet us up on TechNadu's Facebook and Twitter pages.

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