FlixTor is Back Online After a Complete Code Rewrite

By Bill Toulas / January 8, 2019

A month after FlixTor mysteriously went offline the site has come back from the dead, touting a complete backend code rewrite. The site is currently functional, but still nowhere near what it used to be in the past. The FlixTor team has not provided any explanations as to what happened previously, but considering the fact that copyright holders targeted the pirate streaming site repeatedly, it’s easy to draw hypothetical conclusions on what may have caused the sudden operations seizure. serves as an automated video search database, so it scans the net for newly added content on various streaming websites and lists them on their domain. Users can quickly locate what they are looking for, and then watch anything or even cast the content on other devices. This however, is a feature that is exclusively available to VIP users which is a paid membership plan that gives access to all movies and episodes in the database, sets the minimum quality on 1080p, allows users to download any of the content, enables screencasting, and finally removes the advertisements that are placed in-between viewing.

Naturally, the existing VIP users, some of which had pre-paid the service for many months ahead, found themselves disappointed with the FlixTor shutdown. To make things worse, no one has received any type of subscription fee return or any explanation on what to expect and when to expect it. Now that FlixTor is back online, previous VIP users are promised to receive new login credentials without paying for new time periods again, getting the same perks as before. The content collection, however, is still poor, as the team is working feverishly to populate it soon.

The team has released the following announcement on the site: “We’re in BETA for the next few days. This means that we’re in the middle of updating and fixing things so expect some downtime every now and then.”

FlixTor Warning

FlixTor's warning message

FlixTor claims that it is still legal to use its site, as the movies that are watched are not downloaded through streaming links. Moreover, and as the domain maintains an absolutely barebones user-server communication, ISPs know nothing about the user’s viewing details other than the fact that they have visited the site. Finally, the viewing history information is stored locally, on the local browser cache, so not even FlexTor knows what its users have watched, what is the user id, IP address, or anything else.

Would you trust FlexTor and pay for a VIP subscription now that it’s back online? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t be hesitant to also like and subscribe on our socials, on Facebook and Twitter.

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