Flixtor is Being Rebuilt from Scratch Following Week-Long Disappearance

By Nitish Singh / November 30, 2018

Last week, pirate streaming website Flixtor completely disappeared with all records of the website removed, including its domain name. After over a week of being unreachable, the website has resurfaced with nothing but a message stating that it is gearing towards a comeback. A lot of users feared that legal action might have forced the site to close down while others were concerned about their VIP access payments that were not refunded.

The website currently reads: “As you’ve probably noticed, Flixtor is down. And the way it was done is difficult to recover from. We’re pretty heartbroken because all the work and love we’ve put into it went down the drain. We’re currently writing fresh new video software, setting up new hardware and we’ve started with the rebuild of our complete video library. Please be patient because unfortunately, this takes time.

Flixtor's VIP users will be compensated once the website gets fully back online. Users who have paid for subscriptions have been requested to keep their receipts to claim refunds. Even if users fail to show receipts, the operators have promised to “figure something out.

The website has warned users about copycat websites that popped up soon after it went offline. There are a lot of imposter websites that may expose you to malware attacks, viruses or data tracking. The original website is free from ads and pop-ups. The team has apologized for the downtime, and they are currently working on addressing the issue. There is no relaunch date as of now, but the team will offer updates soon once some progress is made. Going by Flixtor’s announcement, it does not seem like the website shut down due to legal pressure, and it is more likely to be the case of technical issues or a cyber-attack.

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