Pirate Site Flixtor Disappears with All Records Wiped Clean

By Nitish Singh / November 23, 2018

Flixtor is a popular torrent website that allowed users access to content via streams instead of traditional downloads. Earlier this week, the domain became unreachable, and all records of the website have been removed. The website steadily grew its user base over the years and catered to a large number of VIP users who paid subscription fees to get access to the content. VIP access on the website costs $14.95, and VIP users are hoping for a refund.

The website has been deregistered from CDN provider Cloudflare and domain registrar Njalla. Users who try to access the website are greeted with an error message. It is unknown if Flixtor will be making a comeback as there has been no confirmation from the operators of the website. There are a number of users who paid for subscriptions in advance, and they have not been contacted for refunds.

More often than not, pirate websites shutting down without notice is a telltale sign of legal trouble. Many pirate website operators choose to quietly remove all records and disappear when they are in legal danger. While many users suggested that it could be a hosting issue or the website may be having technical difficulties, the backup websites of Flixtor are also down which disproves the theory.

News websites have reached out to Flixtor’s operators, but there has been no response so far. This is not the first time a website has shut down in recent times. Popular sites like SevenTorrents and 123 Movies shut down earlier this year. With the media industry cracking down on piracy, it is becoming more and more difficult for such sites to continue operating as they easily get detected due to their popularity leading to legal pressure.

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