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ExpressVPN Partners with HMD to Bring its VPN Product on Nokia Phones

Written by Bill Toulas
Last updated July 31, 2021

HMD Global, the Finish company that currently holds the license to make smartphones under the Nokia brand, has launched a partnership with ExpressVPN, the leader in the field of Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions, to bring the software to its devices. For starters, ExpressVPN will come pre-installed on the recently released 'G-series' and 'X-series models,' helping their users stay safe when connecting to public WiFi networks or even mobile internet (3G, 4G, 5G). The deal includes a 30-day trial of the product, so after this period is over, the users will have to pay for a subscription.

For smartphone users who access a wide range of online services (email, online banking, web browsing) while on the go, it is very important to have their privacy and anonymity safeguarded and their internet traffic encrypted. HMD promises to extend this partnership to more Nokia models as they come, and there will be no region-specific limitations on this special offer.

In this case, the only “problem” is that the 30 days offered as a free trial is already what ExpressVPN offers to all new users as the standard trial period, so in reality, there’s nothing special coming in this deal. Sure, not everyone will take the extra step to download ExpressVPN on their mobile devices, and many of those who will get to test it in the context of an “out of the box” experience will pay for a yearly plan when the trial is over, but the two firms could have arranged something that would feel a little bit more special for sure.

If you own a Nokia device that didn’t come with ExpressVPN pre-installed, you can still get the tool by opening the ‘MyPhone’ app, swiping on the top banner until you see the ExpressVPN option, and then clicking on it for download and installation. After this is done, simply entering your email address will get you started on the 30-day trial of the software.

Another partnership announced by HMD Global today is with Spotify, the popular audio streaming service. The platform's app will also come as pre-installed on all Nokia phones from now on, offering the free tier that gives users access to 70 million tracks and 2.6 million podcasts for a month.

Again, this is not something special for Nokia device owners in particular, but it is one more app/service to give a try when you unpack your phone. Some like to call it bloatware, but HMD prefers to see it as an experience booster. At least in both cases, we have quality choices that can make a difference in the way people use their phones and not some ambiguous “security suite” or “device care” utility. And finally, these apps will be removable, so no complaints on that part.

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