Evernote Alternatives 2018 – 9 Powerful Tools for Note-taking that You Must Try

Written by Deepak Parihar
Published on July 14, 2018

The most feature-packed note-taking software on the planet, Evernote, is a candy that we all want in our pockets and lappies. It enables you to take notes in 6 different ways including text-notes, voice-notes, and, its latest and our favorite, Evernote’s Web Clipper tool. However, its hefty size has caused damage to its user’s experience. Now, it has a cluttered interface, and complex design, especially for new users, who invest hours before they could manage to operate the app. This very tussle with the giant note-taking platform has pushed users to look for Evernote alternatives, especially the beginners who just want a quick note solution. Because isn’t the whole point of taking note is to save time?

All the chaos on Evernote is further amplified by their fluffy monthly plans that cost $7.99 per month. So go no further if you are looking for an Evernote Alternative, which can both save your time and money. Here is our list of Top 9 Evernote alternatives in 2018.

1. Microsoft OneNote

Evernote Alternatives - OneNote
Supported Platforms Website, Android, iOS
Pros Integration with office and other platforms
Cons Upload is limited to 5GB
Price Free
Visit Microsoft OneNote

If there is any complete note making solution on the internet that could stand against Evernote, undoubtedly it is Microsoft’s OneNote. And with a free price tag, Microsoft OneNote wins the battle. Above all, the Microsoft Note Importer Tool has made it further easier for a user to switch between the two platforms.

The OneNote App comes preinstalled with Windows 10 and is a part of Microsoft’s 360 office suite. The note-taking app is available on all the major platforms including Android and iOS. OneNote uses Microsoft’s OneDrive storage and has a limit of 5GB. So, if your notes comprise a lot of images, upgrading your OneDrive storage is a smart choice. Like Evernote, OneNote successfully integrates all the form of note making in an organized—easy to navigate list. Apart from this, it has some additional features that Evernote might want to copy like text and table import from other Microsoft office apps and our favorite, email content import straight to OneNote.

It also has a OneNote Web Clipper tool that lets you clip and capture the content directly from your browser. Microsoft’s business cloud enables users to integrate their note app with other platforms like WordPress, Feedly, IFTTT, and Livescribe.

2. Dropbox Paper

Evernote Alternatives - Dropbox Paper
Supported Platforms Website, Android, iOS
Pros Group chat, minimalist design
Cons No offline availability
Price Free
Visit Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper is another powerful Evernote Alternative that can become your default note making app. The official website proudly claims to be a collaborative space where different members of a team can come together and organize notes with consistent feedback.

Dropbox Paper is an app designed chiefly for collaborations, which uses the shared Dropbox space. This further boosts the efficiency and helps in creating things in an easier and simplified manner. The platform also features chat and does a beautiful job at keeping everything together. When we used the Dropbox Paper, it looked like a handsome twin brother of google docs, that roughly creates the same atmosphere of teamwork. It also features automation tools that save time from creating presentations, managing follow-ups, and other things.

Dropbox paper has a minimalist approach in terms of design, as per which the formatting toolbar stays hidden until you need it. It supports the embedding posts from social media networks and the integration with major productivity tools. The product is still young and we can expect miracles from this app in the coming future. Hang on to it and exploit it until it manages to stay free.

3. Google Keep

Evernote Alternatives - Google Keep
Supported Platforms Android, iOS, Chrome, Web
Pros Syncs across all devices, supports audio-notes, transcription
Cons Lack of an importer
Price Free
Visit Google Keep

What started as a bone-copy of sticky notes, is today a powerful tool for note-taking. Google Keep has introduced several creative ways for users to take notes. It automatically combines similar notes with the help of tags and categories and does a fairly good job at auto-organizing notes, similar to Google photos. Google Keep is a colorful and attractive platform compared to other note-taking apps. This adds a flavor to your notes and keeps the activity of note-taking interesting.

Clearly, feature-wise Google Keep is not as strong as Evernote, neither it tries to compete with it. It serves millions of users who need a handy note making tool to make their to-do list or line their grocery list. It even lacks a text formatting option and the rich ecosystem of Evernote but, if you prefer a simple-streamlined note-taking platform, Google Keep is it.

4. Simplenote

Evernote Alternatives - Simplenote
Supported Platforms Web, Android, iOS, Mac, Windows
Pros Unlimited storage
Cons Limited to just text notes
Price Free
Visit Simplenote

Simplenote, as the name suggests is a simplified note platform. Its clean interface resembles Google Keep and just focuses on quick note-taking, rather than adapting to the full-form business notes. It has no room for nonsense and features only the basics of a standard note-taking app.

Simplenote can create quick reminders, to-do lists, text-notes and everything that comes between them. It synchronizes notes across all the platforms (iOS, Windows, and Android) and enables users to take notes on the device of their choice. Apart from that, it also has a web app.

Simplenote features only text notes and doesn’t support images, doodles or web pages. It has unlimited storage because after all there is only enough text you can type out and yes, it is absolutely free.

If you are someone who is into plain text-notes, it doesn’t get better than Simplenotes.

5. DEVONthink

Evernote Alternatives - DevonTHINK
Supported Platforms iOS, macOS
Pros Document manager, built-in browser
Cons Expensive premium plans, unavailable on all platforms
Price Free
Visit DEVONthink

DEVONthink is a fancy option for hardcore productive people and has already passed EverNote in terms of features and simplicity. DEVONthink is a much bigger software in which note-making is just one option out of many. It will be an understatement to call it just a note-taking app. It is fully capable of document and PDF management and features a built-in browser for the links in your notes.

If this wasn’t enough, it also brings automation tools in the scene and supports scripts, which can help you to organize your notes. It has most of the powerful features that Evernote has like web clipping tool and importer with powerful search filters. The sad part is that it is only available on Apple’s ecosystem, and acts pretty arrogant when you try to use it over the web.

With a bigger body, it comes with bigger subscription plans, which for what it provides is completely reasonable. The plans cost between $49.95 to $149.95 per month depending on the features and services you opt.

It is filled with features and only a right user can use it to its full capacity. Why not give it a try?

6. Apple Notes

Evernote Alternatives - Apple notes
Supported Platforms Web, iOS, and Mac
Pros Automatic Sync across devices, supports attachments
Cons Limited to Apple Devices
Price Free
Visit Apple Notes

Another powerful but arrogant tool that sticks to its own ecosystem, Apple Notes. It is a popular alternative for users who have Apple devices.

All the notes on Apple Notes are saved on iCloud and can be easily synced across all the devices. Since Apple device owners are a huge techy family, Apple inevitably had to come up with a note-making platform that could compete with OneNote from Microsoft and Google Keep from Android. And, Apple Notes is Apple’s answer against them. And to be fair, Apple has done a good job and kept it fairly basic and functional, much like Google Keep.

It supports titles, checklists, heading styles and many other formatting tools. It also features a sketcher, so you can take notes by writing. You can systematically organize your notes into folders and easily attach photos and videos to them. As far as the protection is concerned, it features the integration with Touch ID and password. You can also recover your deleted notes from iCloud within 30 days.

7. Box Notes

Evernote Alternatives - Box-Notes
Supported Platforms Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Web
Pros Syncs across all the platforms, real-time note taking
Cons Lack of administrator rights
Price Free, $5 per month
Visit Box Notes

Another platform on our list that supports collaborations – Box Notes. It is a perfect platform for teamwork from the Company ‘Box,’ which is chiefly known for its cloud-based services and ‘Box Note’ is no different.

Box Notes is a strong tool which a team can use to brainstorm and share ideas to build things from the scratch to top. Like Google Docs, members of a team can edit the notes in real time. Members can also comment on notes to provide insights and feedback to the other members. The one awkwardness we faced while using Box Note is that it allows everyone to send an invite, which could be a concern in bigger teams.

You can easily use this tool in your business, family and keep everyone on the same page. Box Note is available on all the platforms and seamlessly sync the note across the devices. The free space provided by Box Notes may not be sufficient for all. This can be resolved with its $5 per month plan that extends the storage to unlimited.

8. Elephant

Evernote Alternatives - Elephant
Supported Platforms Windows, MacOS, Linux
Pros Open Source, No-ads
Cons No mobile applications
Price Free
Visit Elephant

If Evernote was an open source platform, it would have been what Elephant application has become over the years of development; a simple and beautiful note-taking application. Elephant is a powerful Evernote alternative where you have plenty of features to format text and organize notes.

Elephant app is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS and syncs between the platforms like a champ. If you desire to own a note-taking app that works like Evernote but doesn't ask for dollars to buy a ‘premium subscription,’ this is where your search should stop. The only drawback we could find with Elephant is that it currently doesn’t feature any mobile application. Apart from this compromise, this is a home for all the Evernote lovers who love freebies.

9. CintaNotes

Evernote Alternatives - cintanotes
Supported Platforms Windows
Pros Notes Interlinking, Powerful search bar
Cons Only available on Windows platform
Price Free, $39 per year
Visit CintaNotes

CintaNotes is a fast, lightweight and reliable Evernote alternative for Windows users. It is easier than using a pencil and paper to take your notes. And it allows users to, as the name hints, clip the notes from almost anywhere on the internet and desktop. The basic rule is that if you can copy something with Ctrl+C, you can post it on your CintaNotes. There is also a shortcut to facilitate this; just select whatever you want to clip and then press Ctrl+F12, and boom! It will show up on your list of notes on the application.

The app powers its users to make use of note links which interlinks between notes. This feature creates your own web-like information database that you can refer to whenever you like. Like Evernote, the notes are aligned in a long vertical scroll, which makes it easier to find and navigate. It also features a search engine with which you can directly jump on to what you need. The only drawback on this app is that it is only available on Windows platform. If you only need an App on your Windows computer, it doesn’t get better than Cintanotes.

Final Words

This ends our list of best 9 Evernote alternatives. All the mentioned apps are reliable and designed as per the requirements of users with their own set of note-making habits. While some users look for a packed note-making app, some would prefer a basic notepad with a universal sync feature. We sincerely hope that you find an app that suits your note-taking needs.

If you know an Evernote alternative that we have missed and worths a mention, do let us know in our comment section. Also, to get instant tech updates, Follow TechNadu’s Facebook page, and Twitter handle.

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