9 Best CrashPlan Alternatives – Cloud Backup Solutions for 2019

In the Summer of 2017, CrashPlan’s CEO, Joe Payne announced that his company will be transitioning from consumer plans to SMB solutions only. The announcement also said that the customers are allowed to use the service for the next 14 months. The clock ended on October 22, 2018, post which, users were pushed to CrashPlan alternatives.

14 months time to find a viable CrashPlan alternative was enough as per us. Despite ample time, we received way too many requests from our visitors to suggest them our top Crashplan alternatives, especially for local backups. Carbonite, the official alternative offered by CrashPlan had a roll-over plan for all its subscribed users. But after using Carbonite, we realized that the platform isn’t for everyone, and requires consistent attention. Taking that in an account, in this article we are reviewing online backup solutions.

Here are our top 9 CrashPlan Alternatives picks for all types of users.

1. BlackBlaze

CrashPlan Alternatives - BackBlaze


Subscription $5 per month
Pros Unlimited Backup, Multi-threaded backup
Cons Subscription is limited to one computer, no end-to-end encryption
Visit BlackBlaze

The top reviewers have praised BlackBlaze by saying that it ensures a good-night sleep for its users. The most astounding part of its feature-line is its unlimited online backup that automatically backs all your documents, photos, movies, and music. The service proudly defines this offering by; ‘Unlimited files. Unlimited speed. Unlimited file size’ tag. The platform features auto-threading and throttling to boost your upload limit. With its help, you can also share files you’ve backed on the platform with friends and family.

BlackBlaze is our top choice because the platform takes its security seriously. The platform promises secure datacenters with 24-hour staff availability, redundant power, and biometric protection. The platform has a two-factor authentication which sends a 6-digit code on your phone for an extra layer of security. BlackBlaze software is coded natively for both Mac and PC and doesn’t entertain Java coding, which further boosts its security.

2. CloudBerry Backup

CloudBerry Backup


Subscription $49.9 (Windows) | $29.99 (Linux & Mac)
Pros Incremental backup, Private Encryption
Cons Storage purchased separately
Visit CloudBerry Backup

CloudBerry platform directly connects you to the Public Storage account and securely transfers back up files to your cloud account. It acts as a connection between your cloud storage account and Windows workstation. The platform features 256-bit AES data encryption and SSL protocols. It consistently backups files and folders to reduce your upload time. It gives you an option to backup and restores the entire file system, which includes user data, components of the operating system and applications to your new hardware.

CloudBerry allows its users to set up customizable email notification to track each run of the backup. It features a Purge option to automatically delete the outdated data, and keep only the relevant versions of your backups. It is important to point out that CloudBerry Backup doesn’t offer storage, which you can buy from any other storage provider separately including Amazon Glacier, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure.

3. iDrive

CrashPlan Alternatives - iDrive


Subscription $6.95 per annum for 5 TB
Pros NAS Backup, Private Encryption
Cons Complex user experience
Visit iDrive

Although the name suggests, iDrive is not affiliated to Apple brand. Recognized by PCMAG.com for four consecutive years, iDrive is a feature-packed CrashPlan alternative. The platform offers protection to all your devices; Androids, iPhones, Macs, PCs within a single account. The service is primarily designed for small businesses. It features enterprise-class secure data protection for all servers, exchange, business computers, and mobile devices.

iDrive features a clean dashboard through which you can manage backups of all your remote computers. You can push changes in real time to all the backup sets and devices. The platform offers a complete cloud-based server backup and recovery solution for businesses.

4. Carbonite

CrashPlan Alternatives - Carbonite


Subscription $6 per month
Pros Courrier recovery service, an unlimited backup plan
Cons Slow backup speed, no monthly plans
Visit Carbonite

Carbonite is the official CrashPlan alternative. If you were subscribed to the home CrashPlan, then you may recall how the platform was offering a roll-over plan at a very cheap price. But it has been a while since the last date, but gates are still open with a very cheap entry ticket. Here, the platform offers an unlimited plan for just $6 a month.

Carbonite is designed to provide users with a complete disaster recovery solution on their computers. Despite all the good parts, the platform doesn’t optimize the space consumption on your hard drive or provide synchronization features. Apart from that, Carbonite Home excels in many ways. It has a quick setup, backs up external drives and most file types and also keeps the previous file versions. What else can you ask at this price?

5. Duplicati

CrashPlan Alternatives - Duplicati


Subscription Free
Pros Supports various platforms, completely free
Cons Not very popular
Visit Duplicati

Duplicati is a free open source software to store encrypted backups online for all major operating systems; Windows, macOS, and Linux. The platform is not just free for personal usage. You can use Duplicati even for commercial purposes. Duplicati allows its users to backup files and folders with AES-256 encryption. It features incremental backups and data duplication to save space. It also has a built-in scheduler and auto-updater. With Duplicate, you can access all of your backups through any web-based interface.

Duplicati is free, but that doesn’t mean it lags anywhere when it comes to its features. It is designed from scratch for online backups and is data efficient. Duplicati also nicely handles its network issues, which means that it can detect broken/corrupt storage to avoid future casualties. All that with a fancy name.

6. SpiderOak One

CrashPlan Alternatives - SpiderOak


Subscription $279 per annum, unlimited usage
Pros Backup unlimited computers, private encryption
Cons No mobile support and NAS backup
Visit SpiderOak One

SpiderOak One is a secure, reliable backup to protect your computer from data loss and ransomware. The platform helps to sync all your devices. You can access all your past versions of backups with no time-limit restrictions. The platform is great at providing cloud solutions to its customers, especially for starters. It allows you to back up an unlimited number of computers and provides a number of sharing options.

The platform has its full-featured desktop and mobile applications for all the major operating systems. The platform has decent backup speed and apart from a few missing features, like NAS backup, it truly plays an excellent CrashPlan alternative role. SpiderOak One offers both monthly and annual plans right from $5 per month for 150 GB to $25 per month for 5 TB plan. Make your choice.

7. Resilio Sync

CrashPlan Alternatives - Resilio


Subscription $59.9 one-time payment
Pros Unique cloud solutions, simple user experience
Cons Pro version isn’t worth the value
Visit Resilio Sync

On the Resilio’s website, the tagline says – ‘Smart way to move data.’ And we found that the other cloud solutions that we reviewed are quite different from Resilio Sync. In the tech world, this platform is popular for its cloud sharing features. For users who need a service to backup comparatively smaller files and folders, it can’t get better than this. You can start with syncing your file and get a sync key, which you can use to download the files on any computer of your choice. You can use the same method for sharing your file as well.

The platform links all your devices and manages permission on the fly. We liked what Resilio offers, but all of it comes with a price tag that is relatively higher than its competition. Post to a 14-day trial, you can continue with its $59.99 one-time payment for its pro version. Is it too much for what it offers? Make a move.

8. ElephantDrive

CrashPlan Alternatives - ElephantDrive


Subscription $9.95 per month
Pros Simple Interface, Security-oriented features
Cons Relatively fewer features
Visit ElephantDrive

ElephantDrive can be a cloud solution for people who want a complete cloud solution but doesn’t want to spend extravagantly on backup software. This could also be an ideal choice for people who keep things slim and don’t have much to back up. For basic users, the service offers a free 2GB storage plan, but if you want to take your game to the next level, you can opt for a pro version that starts at $9.95 per month. While comparing to what it offers, the cost seems reasonable to us.

ElephantDrive has both desktop and mobile applications for all the major platforms, including NAS and Linux. The software includes various security options; 256-bit AES encryption, file storage at multiple locations and others.

9. Acronis True Image

CrashPlan Alternatives - Acronis


Subscription $49.99 one-time purchase
Pros Excellent security, intuitive interface
Cons High-priced
Visit Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image is beautiful. One thing that simply stands out is its simplistic interface. If you have never used a cloud-based software for synching, and still are an amateur, this is probably where you start. The software demands at least half a gigabyte of storage space in your drive for a fully-functional installation.

The platform features full image backup, active protection from Ransomware and many other features that aren’t available on other platforms. It also offers an Acronis Survival Kit, which is an all-in-one recovery tool, which ensures full image backups of your entire system. Acronis True Image feature a crypto mining blocker that protects your computer from a system hijack. The platform has launched its 2019 version which uses native API. It helps in backing up VMs so they are immediately recovered. Looking at all it offers, it is an excellent CrashPlan alternative.

Final Thoughts

These CrashPlan alternatives are our top-listed online backup solutions. Mentioned platforms will substantially improve your cloud backup experience on all your devices.

At Technadu, we are always open to suggestions. If you think we didn’t cover some of your favorite online backup solutions, feel free to hit us up in the comments. Also, to get instant tech updates, follow TechNadu’s Facebook page, and Twitter handle.


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