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The Six Best TVs of 2018 that Money Can Buy You

By Dev Gupta / June 21, 2018

The stores have already stocked some of the latest and best TVs of the year. So if you are looking to buy a new TV, this is the time that you should try to capitalize on. Some of the TVs in 2018 have shown us new tech we didn’t see before. Some others play a bit on the models from the previous year.

There are also some new TV models that have played quite a bit with the design element. This straightaway signals that there will be drops in prices as we go on from here. However, while the older models see the price-cut, we cannot ignore the newer ones altogether. For one, feature-packed TVs are becoming more affordable than before.

In this list, we show you the overall stack of the best TVs of 2018. Note that we are including the best TVs we have in 2018, and not necessarily the models released in 2018 exclusively.

  1. Samsung Q9FN OLED

Samsung Q9FN OLED

Screen Size 65 inches
Pros  Sizzling HDR picture; Great sound
Cons Viewing angle limitations
Price $3,697.99
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The QLED technology from Samsung did not receive the reception it anticipated a while back. Anyone that has studied Samsung well could bet their money on the company to bounce back with the technology in 2018. Not surprisingly, Samsung gave it they're all to the Q9F9 series of TVs.

The 2018 QLED TV from Samsung beats its predecessor when it comes to color representation. It is also the brighter model that deals with one significant picture issue. The lighting system on this model is different from what we have seen in the earlier flagship. So edge-lit LED lighting makes way for Full Array Local Dimming.

The FALD panel also clubs its mechanism with QLED Quantum Dots to reproduce pictures that are more colorful and brighter than anything we have ever seen from Samsung and possibly almost every other manufacturer out there. Add to it the HDR10+ technology and Samsung gives out something that we can savor for years. And did we mention the Q9F9 is also one of the best-sounding televisions we have seen or heard in a while?

  1. LG C7 OLED Series

LG C7 OLED Series

Screen Size 55 inches
Pros  Beautiful contrast; Ultra-thin design; Dazzling OS
Cons Tad less bright than LCD
Price $1,996.99
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The LG OLED C7 series is a solid competitor for the top of the list of the best TVs in 2018. The model is available in two variants – 65 and 55 inches. The C7 is brighter and offers a better operating system experience than last year’s C6. Considering how good the C6 was, you would consider this a feat in its own.

The C7 comes with improved dynamic range and returns better and new picture at a price point that finally makes the OLED range seem tangible to the average buyer. Just that makes it one of the most lucrative TV options in 2018. And unlike so many other OLED TVs, the C7 does not complicate things when it comes to the operating system.

We are not claiming (at this point) that the LG C7 is the best OLED TV under the 2018 sun. There are some existing and some ready-to-launch OLED TVs that show a lot of promise. But absolutely none of those OLEDs come near the price-promise of the C7.

  1. SONY XBR-Z9D Series


Screen Size 65 inches | 75 inches
Pros  Brilliant HDR picture quality; Superb backlighting
Cons Not the best Android experience; Sluggish audio
Price $3,498.00
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The Sony XBR-Z9D series is the evolution of television in 2018. The hype around this particular model has been going a little out of hand for a while now (and rightfully so). For one, it gives new definition to LCD televisions. You will not find another LCD TV that challenges OLED technology as rigorously as this one.

There are over 600 LEDs that contribute to the backlighting arrangement of the Z9D. Each LED is fully capable of sending independent light outputs to their neighbors. This makes the TV capable of reproducing the extremes of luminescence and shadows that make it a perfect HDR model. It suffers way lesser than some other LCD TVs that come with unwanted light and rather distracting clouds.

And that is not all. The new XBR-Z9D also brings on the board the new ‘X1 Extreme’ video processing system that gives you the best of every frame in the video. The reliable wide color technology from SONY help unlock the extended spectrum of colors associated with other HDR sources.

  1. LG Signature Series W7 OLED

LG Signature Series W7 OLED

Screen Size 65 inches
Pros  Unbelievably slim frame; True clarity and contrast; Exquisite HDR feel
Cons TruMotion has some issues with motion
Price $5,293.98
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The W7 OLED from LG is something we just stumbled over while reviewing a different model. And atta boy! Does this one not feel special from the first picture? It is not just one of the thinnest TVs out there; it is also one of the most stunning pieces of hardware technology that we have seen in a very long while now.

W7 OLED truly comes to its own when you feed it with the right crop. In the W7’s case, you get the best results when trying Dolby Vision video and 4K HDR10. Despite a majestic design, the W7 does not depend on that alone to charge the price it charges. There is a Dolby Atmos soundbar right at the base of the thin frame.

There are at least four different kinds of HDR support atop the mounting system, which again is magnetic. If not all of these things combined, the W7 did the trick with the webOS 3.5. But despite all the futuristic promise, the TV is not completely without fault. The “motion” game is off point, and the soundbar could have been better. We are not even talking about the price here.

  1. SONY Bravia A1E OLED


Screen Size 55 inches
Pros  Stunning picture quality; Futuristic monolithic design
Cons Not the brightest
Price $2,498.00
Buy From Amazon

If the LG OLED is not the best OLED for you, here is the option that guarantees an eyeful for you. The 55A1 – and the A1 OLED series in itself are terrific performers in almost all facets that a TV should be performing. The actualization of the “picture only” design is quite beautifully done. At once, it is both dramatic and subtle.

The vibration technology used in the TV delivers better and more effective sound performance than we’d first thought it was possible. But the real deal in this show is the contrast-rich pictures that the 55A1 OLED brings on board. The colorful and contrast-rich pictures set the floor dazzling for this television.

As more and more brands make expansive use of the OLED technology, we just have one conclusion to make. The new age of television is here. That the model is also Alexa compatible tells you loads about the upcoming implementation of AI in television technology.

  1. Sony Bravia X900F Series

Sony Bravia X900F Series

Screen Size 65 inches
Pros  Local dimming on direct LED; Best motion handling; Elegant design
Cons Slightly dim HDR
Price $1,998.00
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If you cannot afford the SONY A1E OLED or the pricey ZD9, there’s no reason to lose hope. What should you buy? We say go and check out the X900F series. The series gives you superb image clarity in 4K and a thump full of remastering from SDR to HDR. Then, there is smooth and direct LED backlighting with which SONY is offering a different experience.

The consistency of the images on this TV is simply outstanding. The vibrancy of the display is beyond amazing, and the wide gamut of the color panel is also easy on the eyes. All in all, you get magnificent highlights without the eye fatigue that we have come to associate it with. Since the price point of the set is both high and fair, there are very fewer glitches you find with the TV.

The X900F is a magnificent TV. You can say the HDR is a bit dim compared to some other runners in the list. But again, HDR is not its thing in the first place. Plus, it’s nothing that you can notice without some extensive looking.

Final Words

So there we have it – the best TV of 2018 that you can buy for your money. And we say that because a whole bunch of other TVs are being tested in manufacturing labs and are theoretically better than the ones we have listed. But again, you cannot buy them for money and so they are out of the race. That means the TVs we have listed here are TechNadu’s recommendations for best TVs of 2018.

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