Best Skype Alternatives 2018: VoIP Tools for HD Calling, Screen Share and More

Written by Dev Gupta
Published on May 8, 2018

Let’s start with some honesty upfront. Skype is still the first choice for many when it comes to instant messaging, VoIP calling, and video calling. It is also one of the longest-running messaging interfaces you will find out there. The popularity of Skype soared even before Microsoft eventually bought it in 2011.

Skype has blazing appeal and most of it is understandable. You can send text-based messages, create groups for text and video calls, and access a full range of smileys on demand. Plus, it’s all for free. But Skype is not the end of options in IM and VoIP.

Whether you have picked up some privacy concerns on the way or simply want to try out another option, there are lots of alternatives for Skype out there. We give you a peek at a variety of options for both mobile and desktop that show you plenty of choice beyond Skype.

8 Best Skype Alternatives 2018

We put in long hours of testing different alternatives for Skype. Since different people use Skype for different purposes, TechNadu’s team tested literally every legit option out there. Here are some of the best alternatives for Skype along with their individual hits and misses.

Option #1: Google Hangouts

Pros Competitively priced; Easy to use; Available on the mobile and web
Cons Interface heavier than Skype
Visit Hangouts

Google Hangouts gives you the option to chat about VoIP calls, text, or video. You can also use Google Hangouts to conduct group chats with colleagues and friends. All of this is free until the number of participants does not exceed 10. You might have to pay for the VoIP calls in some countries. But Google has made sure that even there, the price is the lowest.

The tool also lets you broadcast a free Hangout with the nearly revolutionary feature, Hangouts on air. Once the Hangout is over, you can go ahead and upload the video to your YouTube channel. Hangouts also tell regular users about upcoming Hangouts on air.

The best reason Hangouts makes a viable Skype alternative is its ease of use. Unlike Skype, you do not have to install any third-party software to have it up and running. While you can always use the desktop app for convenience, essentially all you need to start with Hangouts is a Gmail account.

Option #2: UberConference

Pros No-PIN audio conference; Smooth screen and file sharing
Cons Video conferencing not available
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The only downside of UberConference is that it is not a video conferencing service (at the time of writing). However, when it comes to audio conferencing, UberConference is one of the most widely used and extensively trusted tools around. The tool has both free and paid free plans. Let’s start with the highlights of the free plan:

In our experience, if you are a small business or a startup, you will never need anything more than the free plan. Even if you would like a taste of the paid services, all you need to pay is USD 10 per month.

Option #3: VSee

Pros Unlimited group video calls; 720p HD video
Cons Limit on screen scare
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With VSee, you can do free and unlimited group video calls. It started out as a Telehealth app that was used to provide medical consultation to people living in the remotest areas. However, it’s potential to become the go-to app for video conferencing has multiplied tremendously. At the moment, you can use VSee as a video conferencing tool for just about any purpose.

VSee works with 50% lesser bandwidth when you compare it with something like Skype. File sharing is easy as turning a doorknob. And it allows you 720p high-quality video calling. With the free plan, you can:

If you want to remove the cap on the screen share limit, all you need to do is sign up for the paid plan of the tool. The paid plan generally starts at $9 per month. If you are a student with a valid .edu email id, the Plus account does not cost an extra penny.

Option #4: GoToMeeting

Pros HD audio and video; Available on Mac, Android, Windows, and iOS
Cons Webinar interface could have been better
Visit GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is not a typically free service. But it is the best when it comes to video conferencing. You get a month of free trial with the service. If you like the service, you can go ahead and buy the plan for $49 a month. Here is the list of what you can do with the tool:

Like GoToMeeting is for video conferencing, the parent company has a similar product named GoToTraining for holding online training sessions. Looking for a webinar conduction service? You can conduct webinars with the help of GoToWebinars.

Option #5: Voca

Pros Encrypted messaging; Simple user interface
Cons Available only on iOS and Android
Visit VOCA

Voca is definitely the best alternative to Skype if you want to make cheap calls using VoIP technology. The small prerequisite is that both the sender and receiver of the call need to have the app installed on their devices. Prominent features of the service include cheap international calls and well-encrypted instant messaging service.

The global calling services offered by Voca are expansive and relatively cheaper. The best part is that all these features are built upon a simple user interface which guarantees terrific ease of use. Presently, the service is available only on iOS and Android. It performs extremely well on both these platforms. The overall performance is top grade if you want to hassle-free international calls over your internet connection.

The company follows a payment system based on credits. You purchase a fixed number of credits and you get a fixed number of minutes on the call. No less and no more – as simple as that!

Option #6: Webex

Pros Easy file share; 720p video quality
Cons  Premium version required for more than 8 members
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When it comes to online meetings, Webex is a tool that is both widely used and greatly trusted. You get to use the tool on the freemium model. If you are a small team with three or fewer members, the free version is extremely good. The paid plan starts with $24 per host per month and gives space to up to 8 members in meetings.

Here are the best features of Webex:

Option #7: oovoo

Pros Single click file sharing; HQ video chat; Call recording
Cons Ads on free account
Visit Oovoo

Here’s another tool that is freely available and extremely simple, particularly if you are looking for a high-quality video chart experience. It is perfectly compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS platforms. You can easily add 12 up to members to any video chat session using Oovoo.

The best features of Oovoo include:

Perhaps the best feature of the tool is that your friends/colleagues/clients do not need to be on oovoo to attend the call. Calls made through oovoo can also be answered through Facebook!

Option #8: Viber

Pros No ads; Low-cost international calls; Available for most devices
Cons Must install a viber app
Visit MusicBee

When it started out, Viber was a popular mobile app that was available on every platform. Back then, people could easily communicate via voice or text calls. At the moment, it is available for Mac and Windows PC as well. At the moment, Viber is also available on Mac and Windows!

You can use Viber to make free voice calls and video calls all around the world. But you will need to make sure that Viber is installed on both the devices for that to happen seamlessly. Viber also allows you to make calls to worldwide at lower prices. The best thing: there are no ads at all!

Final Words

The internet is a great place. And it is apps like Skype that make it even greater by connecting people all around the world. We hope the alternatives for Skype that we have brought to you give you fresh ways to send messages, share screens, and hold audio and video conferences in high quality. Until the next time, keep calling!

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