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Best Controller for PC Gaming 2018 – Redefining Gaming Precision

By Dev Gupta / February 10, 2018

It does not matter whether or not you game on your PC. The best PC game controller 2018 can add stars to your gaming experience. And if you thought that controllers are only for PlayStation and Xbox gamers, think again. We are bringing to you some of the best available game controllers for PC.

Best PC Gaming Controller 2018: Why You Need One?

The fact that makes it totally important to have a controller is that so many new games are developed first for consoles and then for PC. Besides issues with stability and adaptation, the controls are often a bit jagged up. While the publishers are doing their best solving the first two issues, a controller can take care of the rest for you.

The Selection Process

While modern gaming controllers come with a wealth of features, there are some that are completely non-negotiable. Here is a list of such considerations that you cannot skip if you want the best game controller.

Best Controller for PC Gaming in 2018 – Top Recommendations

Treading on that checklist, we tested a number of devices to land five contenders for the best PC game controller 2018. Here is all that you need to know about them.

Option#1: Sony Dual Shock 4 - The All New Basher

Dual Shock 4 Best PC Game Controller 2018
Platforms Supported Full PS4, PC
Weight 7.4 oz | 210g
Connection Type Wireless
Prominent Features  Multi-function touchpad; Gyroscope; Larger size
What’s Missing USB charging works best with the in-box cable (not just any USB)
Price $59.99
Where to Buy Buy from Amazon

The Dual Shock 4 is the most popular gaming controller for the most popular console on the market. But there’s more to it than PS4 alone. Unlike the previous generation of PlayStation, this controller is just as great for PC as it is for PS4, thanks to additional drivers by SONY.

The one thing that all of us must note about this controller is just how much and how radically SONY has revised their concept of a game controller with the Dual Shock 4. Compared to the other PlayStation controller, the Dual Shock 4 is miles ahead in terms of design and rigidity.

Made out of solid plastic, the Dual Shock 4 sports a solid build. In addition, it comes in a number of colors as well. You can choose from red, gold, silver, blue, and the regular black variants. The DS 4 is larger than the Dual Shock 3 and sits comfortably in any pair of hands.

The touchpad is the best feature on the PS4. It is located bang in the middle of the device. You can use it like a cursor control or even press the two buttons separately. In addition to that, it comprehends a range of sweeping gestures as well. Combined with the built-in gyroscope (yes!), the touchpad could be your ultimately skilling weapon.

Option#2:  Xbox One Wireless Controller - The New Magnificent

Xbox One Controller
Platforms Supported PC, Xbox One
Weight 9.9 oz | 280g
Connection Type Wireless
Prominent Features  Native support for Windows; Textured grip; Remapped buttons
What’s Missing No Bluetooth; Separately sold charging kit
Price $54.90
Where to Buy Buy from Amazon

Like the PC controller you just read about, the Xbox One game controller is a remarkable improvement compared to the Xbox 360 controller. If you have used an Xbox 360 controller in the past, you will see how this one is far cleaner and minimalistic compared to the past controllers in the Xbox den.

With better lines and a sturdier frame, the Xbox One controller gives you less weight and more ergonomics. In addition to that, you have a fortune of options to do the selection from. Moreover, you get the option to even decide your own design and make a customized controller altogether.

The best feature of all is the native Windows support that comes with the Xbox One controller. Since it comes out of Microsoft’s own hut, there are no hassles connecting it to a Windows PC. The moment you plug it into Windows, it will download all drivers necessary for gameplay.

Like many other gaming controllers in the market, the Xbox One controller comes with a standard 3.5mm jack. That helps you easily turn your wired headset into a wireless one. All of this combined with the new textured grip of the controller make it a real treat to long-hour gaming.

Option#3: Xbox One Elite Controller - Best for Hardcore Gaming

Xbox One Elite Controller
Platforms Supported PC, Xbox One
Weight 12.2 oz | 348g
Connection Type Wireless
Prominent Features  Hair-trigger lock for shooting; Customizable buttons;
What’s Missing Quite expensive; Questions on durability
Price $129.90
Where to Buy Buy from Amazon

If you like the Xbox One controller but want something that is more of a premium, this one’s for you. The Microsoft Xbox One Elite Controller is an expensive and improved version of the Xbox One controller. It packs in all the features of the lesser expensive comptroller and packs in a bunch of whole new features.

You can tell the Elite from the Xbox One controller with its color scheme, rather the absence of one. Precisely, it is a neat black device with liberal use of grey shades. When you look closer into it, you realize that there are several metallic parts on it. In the previous variant, most of these parts were made of plastic.

You can customize the thumbsticks and D-pad based on what you prefer and which game you are playing. This is one of the best ways to get the feel that you like the best. The four paddles located on the back of the controller give the user access to up to 4 button combinations. You can customize these to your preference using the official Microsoft app.

While the unique hair-trigger lock, you can shoot targets even more precisely. Notwithstanding all the new features, the Elite One controller is way pricier than its regular sibling.

Option#4: Valve Steam Controller - Best for Customization

Valve Steam Controller
Platforms Supported PC (through steam)
Weight ~10 oz | 280g
Connection Type Wireless
Prominent Features  Totally customizable; Two trackpads; Great haptics
What’s Missing Precision level varies from game to game
Price $81.99
Where to Buy Buy from Amazon

In the present day, it is quite difficult to skip the mention of Steam when talking about game controllers. But the Valve Steam controller did not leave as much as an impact when it was released in 2015. But boy, did this not turn out to become a sleeper hit for the company?

The function of the Valve Steam controller is easy. It is to be used with PCs for games that do not have native support for controllers. You will take note of the revolutionary design of the controller almost instantly. There are four face buttons and just one thumbstick.

You get two trackpads on the Valve Steam controller. You can use them either as the D-pad or as the second thumbstick. The design of the controller is quite elegant in itself. The exterior is futuristic and ergonomic at the same time. The strength of its build is easily comparable to a Dual Shock 4 controller.

The one thing that stands out for us is the total customization options in the Valve Steam controller. You can actually remap just about every button and touch function on the steam. So when it comes to the customization stretch, there’s hardly any competition for this controller.

Option#5: GameSir G3w - Best Budget Deal

GameSir Controller
Platforms Supported PC, Android, PS3
Weight 7 oz | 198g
Connection Type Wired
Prominent Features  Affordable gaming comptroller; Vibration option included
What’s Missing Only wired connectivity
Price $17.99
Where to Buy Buy from Amazon

Not many of us would have heard about GameSir before. But the Hong Kong-based maker is totally into the gaming controllers business. Over the past few years, they are creating some fun and basic models at dirt cheap prices. For the G3w, a lot of the design seems borrowed from the DualShock 4.

We have seen it so many times with budget PC gamepads that the moment PC gamepads go budget-friendly, they tend to drop the vibration functions. However, the G3w is a lot better than that. There are a healthy feedback thanks to the vibration motors. But it is definitely not the same precision that we have seen on controllers with premium quality.

You also get a detachable bracket for smartphones in the controller. It is designed to securely hold just about any smartphone – right from the smaller iPhones to large phablets.

Final Words

That completes our list of the best PC gaming controllers 2018. Which one is on your list of purchase? Let us know in the comments below. For more exciting stuff on gaming and other techs, keep coming to TechNadu.

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