The Best Key Finders to Buy in 2019 — Never Lose Anything Again

By Vaidyanathan Subramaniam / November 13, 2019

Key finders are becoming increasingly popular items thanks to their versatility. Modern key finders are indeed a marvel of electronics and will allow you to track your keys, artifacts, or even your pet. You might even easily locate your phone and wallet if you forget keeping them somewhere. Key finders use Bluetooth and RF technology to enable you to quickly find lost objects.

Key finders are not overly technical gadgets but there are a few factors that must be kept in mind before purchasing one to ensure that you are not disappointed. Primary among those is the battery life. Not all key finders offer replaceable or rechargeable batteries so you must keep that in mind before opting one. That said, most key finders sport at least a year's worth of battery life so this shouldn't be a huge issue. Some companies also offer discounts on replacement batteries or new key finders altogether so watch out for those.

The next important feature is the loudness of the alarm. This is a key finder after all so it is important that you are able to hear the device beep when you are at least within range. We recommend selecting key finders with a loudness of at least 85 dB at the minimum. The range is also equally important as loudness and you would want to ensure that your phone or other key finder is able to track the device as far as possible. We recommend that you opt for a key finder that offers a range of at least 100 ft. at the minimum.

Apart from those, it helps if the key finder can offer two-way tracking for your mobile phone as well. Some key finders also offer geofencing, which helps in alerting the user if the device goes outside a defined range. So, with those factors considered, here are the 10 best key finders to buy in 2019.

1.Tile Pro

Tile is one of the most popular brands when it comes to key finders and the Tile Pro is easily one of the best key finders out there. The main reason behind featuring this device to secure a firm position in our list of the best key finders is the fact that they are loud enough for you to be able to trace your lost items easily. You'll also be able to buy them in different colors- one to match your style. The Tile Pro offers a 2-way tracking feature, which allows you to trace your phone from the tracker or vice-versa with a mere press of a button.

Earlier versions of the Tile Pro didn't feature replaceable batteries but the latest one sports a rechargeable CR2032 battery. Therefore, you can avoid the hassle of having to "re-Tile" every time the battery runs out. Tile has a broad user base so you also get the option of activating Community Find that helps other Tile users send location updates to your app.

While there is little to fault about the Tile Pro, certain phones might have connectivity drops with other paired Bluetooth devices.

2. Tile-Mate & Slim

While the Tile Pro is an excellent key finder, for those who prefer a combo pack, the Tile Mate & Slim combo might be ideal. Most features are common with the Tile Pro but at this price, you will have to adjust to a lower sound volume and range. The new versions of the Mate and Slim also come with rechargeable batteries so you needn't send in your Tile for replacement every year. The Pro is ideal for larger and more important objects while the Mate is best suited for bikes, keys, and luggage. The Slim version, on the other hand, is ideally custom-made for passports, laptops, and wallets, of course, which are notorious for often getting lost in drawers. You get the two-way ring feature in the Mate and Slim as well.

The Tile Mate and Slim offer similar tracking performance as the Tile Pro but users are quite unhappy about the fact that sharing the Tile with more than one family member requires a premium subscription.

3. TrackR Pixel

The TrackR Pixel is a compact key finder that can fit almost anywhere. The device starts ringing with just tap and the lights will light up allowing you to see the tracker flashing as well. The battery is user-replaceable and the user gets notified when the battery is low. TrackR also provides a free replacement battery in the package. Another great feature allows you to follow when other TrackR users pass by your lost devices as you receive private notifications at those times. It is definitely one of the most advanced key finders out there complete with geofencing capabilities.

While the TrackR is a good key finder, there are some QC issues that make it a little less appealing than the Tile key finders. Accessing the battery for replacement is also a bit cumbersome and the mobile app is in need of bug fixing.

4. Esky Wireless RF Key Finder

The Esky Wireless RF Key Finder is a key finder i.e under $30. Each receiver is color-coded and you just need to press the appropriate color button on the transmitter to call out the corresponding receiver.  The best part about the Esky key finder is that you don't have to install any smartphone app to use it. If you are the type of person that prefers to have everything simplistic and minimalistic in nature, Esky Key Finder is for you. In the box, you will find a transmitter unit and four small receivers, which can be tagged onto 4 separate items. The Esky sports a decent range of up to 150 ft., which should be suitable for things inside and outside the house. The sound is loud enough as well.

The transmitter unit is also equipped with a flashlight, which you can benefit from when you need to reach out to a torch in the dark. The only drawback is that you might end up losing the transmitter unit itself, rendering the whole system useless. Apart from that, the Esky Wireless RF Key Finder is the best in the business.

5. Pebblebee Key and Phone Finder

The Pebblebee Key and Phone Finder is one of the best long-range key finders in this list and can work effectively up to a 200 ft. distance. The Pebblebee looks stylish and the setup is easy. It also integrates with Amazon Alexa for voice input. The battery is user-replaceable that can last for up to a year. The device features a loud buzzer and is also armed with bright LEDs that flash to help you locate the lost item visually. It is armed with Bluetooth, and you just need to open the partner app on your smartphone and click on the 'Find' button on the screen to be able to trace the lost item. The Pebblebee also supports the two-way finding, so you can just press the button on the tracker to ring your phone instead. The phone will ring even if it is in silent mode.

The main deficiency of the Pebblebee is that you cannot pair multiple such devices that can talk to each other. Also, while Pebblebee claims that the app does not have to run in the background, the iPhone app is a huge battery drainer.

6. Chipolo Plus

The Chipolo Plus is one of the loudest key finders available in the market today. It offers an excellent range of up to 200 ft. and you can track your items using the Chipolo app available for Android and iOS devices. You can also share the location of a Chipolo to others in your network so that even they can periodically check in on its location. The app remembers the last known location of the item, which you can then navigate to using turn-by-turn navigation. The battery is non-replaceable but the device can easily last up to a year.

The Chipolo does have its drawbacks, though. The device is not waterproof so if it encounters a rain splash, you are bound to have a non-working device. Also, the mobile app does tend to be a bit heavy on the phone's battery.

7. KeyRinger Key Finder Pair

The KeyRinger Key Finder Pair offers one of the loudest and long-lasting key finders in the market. They are designed to be used out of the box without any configuration required and can last up to 18 months in one go. The batteries are user-replaceable as well. The build quality is one of the best we've seen and these will last for quite some time. The KeyRinger can pair with each other or can also be individually called out from a PC or smartphone. The KeyRinger app provides many customization options that let you change the volume, response duration, and other properties.

There are not many issues with the KeyRinger and people will find it a worthwhile purchase. The loudness and range are certainly above other key finders in its class.

8. Mynt ES

The Mynt ES is perfect for those who'd like a smart way of tracking their lost objects. The Mynt ES can be bought individually or in a set of four units. The Mynt ES is equipped with a GPS sensor and comes with an iOS app as well for tracking your ES on a map. The Mynt does not have a rechargeable battery, but the included CR2032 battery offers nearly a year's worth of battery life and can be easily replaced. The tracker's sound is loud enough and helps in easy detection.

To use the Mynt ES, simply open the Mynt app on your iOS device and see if you can spot the location of the unit on the map. The map shows the last seen location so in all likelihood, you should be able to find your object in that location. Once you reach the location, activate the ringer to be able to locate your item. The only issue with the Mynt ES is that it does not offer an Android app so a lot many users will not be able to make good use of its functionality.

9. Magicfly Wireless RF

If you find yourself losing important objects such as purses, keys, phones, or any other object, the Magicfly Wireless RF remote key finder might be the one you need. The Magicfly remote key finder comes with a set of transmitters and four receivers. Each receiver has a key ring and is color-coded for easy identification. The Magicfly transmitter can communicate with the receivers about 130 feet away so even if your objects are floors apart, you should be able to find them. The transmitter also comes with a flashlight for easy navigation in the dark. You can also dock the transmitter when not in use.

The receivers use replaceable CR2302 batteries while the transmitter uses standard AAA batteries. Using Magicfly is very easy. Simply tag the receivers to your valuable belongings and you are done. To locate them, simply press the corresponding color code on the transmitter and you will be directed to your object. The sound output is also adequate loud so there won't be any issues in tracing your misplaced objects.

10. Fustar Key Finder

The Fustar Key Finder is the best key finder set for the elderly as it is easy to use and does not require you to install smartphone apps or configure any additional setting. The Fustar key finder set comes in sets of six or eight receivers. Each receiver can operate at a distance of 160 feet, which should be more than adequate for most use cases. The receivers can also emit sounds up to 80 dB so elderly people in the house will have no problem locating lost items.

Operating the Fustar is very easy. Each receiver is color and alphabet coded both on the receiver and the remote control. Secure each receiver to items that you misplace often and you are set. Each receiver emits both sound and light so it is very easy to spot missing items even in the dark. The Fustar key finder also comes with a replaceable CR2032 battery that easily lasts for about 9 months. For those who have difficulties in using the key finder, Fustar also offers technical support on call.

Dear readers, those were our picks for the best key finders to buy in 2019. Not everyone can keep an accurate track of things and in such instances, key finders are immensely useful. Just ensure that the key finder meets your requirements before buying one. Most of these devices are easily affordable so you can mix and match them to reap the maximum benefits. The models we have shortlisted above are all great and serve different purposes so you might go ahead and choose the one that suits you the most. Please feel free to share your comments in the space below and let us know if you've used or planning to purchase a key finder for yourself.

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