Best Free Websites to Watch Cartoon and Anime Online!

Written by Dev Gupta
Last updated September 24, 2021

Who does not like to watch cartoon and anime? The good thing is that there are quite a lot of reliable websites that allow us to do just that! The universe of cartoon and anime movies continues to expand with the latest additions. Right from simple comic sequences to big-bang action, almost genre has over a dozen cartoon movies. Therefore, it's time for us to show you where to watch cartoon and anime online. 

Most of us have grown up on a healthy dose of entertaining animated movies. Cartoon and anime series is now available for free streaming on the Internet. Before we continue, please note that most of these websites are accessible by American users. In case you live outside of the USA, you may have to use a VPN service to mask your IP for streaming the best 5 websites listed below without any hassle.

Watch Cartoon and Anime Online: Top 5 Websites

Let’s understand that not all shows are made in the same genre. Nor are shows made in the same genre equally delectable. So when people hit the Web to watch cartoon and anime online, the need for content will be different. For this review, we are considering factors like channel availability, device compatibility, and user reviews. Let’s anime!


Watch Cartoon and Anime Online Funimation
Supported Platforms Apple TV, Android, iOS, Windows, Roku, Xbox, PlayStation.
Available Regions Works in Canada, US, Ireland, and the UK.
Price Free or $6 a month (full seasons, no-ads).
Web Link

Funimation is perhaps the only streaming service that you would need for all your animation needs. The site gives you instant access to no fewer than 410 anime shows in the library. The limited step back is that the website is not completely free. While the number of free episodes is pretty high, you may have to subscribe to unlock recent and locked seasons.

The subscription comes at just $6 a month. And you can consider the upgrade given that you get a lot of premium content to watch. But there are still plenty of free episodes for all the shows on Funimation. For shows like Spice and Wolf, you can watch the entire first season for free. Seasons 1 and 2 are totally free for Attack on Titan as well

Since most of the content on Funimation is free, you get a few ads when you watch cartoon and anime online. But the ads will disappear when you subscribe to the website. In the past, there have been some complaints because of the bugs in streaming. More recently, the website seems to have done better on that count too.

At the moment, Funimation is compatible with Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Android, and iOS. The app can even be found in the Xbox store and PlayStation. That means the service is available on just about any device you have. This is what makes the viewing experience totally exotic!

At the moment, Funimation is giving away a limited offer to watch all their content free for 14 days!

Adult Swim Videos

Watch Cartoon and Anime Online Adult Swim Videos
Supported Platforms Smart TVs, Chrome, Safari, Windows, Mac.
Available Regions At the moment, Adult Swim Videos is accessible in the US only.
Price Free.
Web Link

Adult Swim Videos is a reasonably good website that gets you full episodes of different shows. While you may not be able to view all the seasons at once, there will be several free videos that you can access anytime. Nevertheless, Adult Swim Videos opens up episodes of the following shows for you:

Again, it is difficult to find all these shows in one place for free. This place is especially relevant if you are a Rick and Morty fan (we definitely are). Besides the option to watch cartoon and anime online, you can also stream a few shows of your own. That is possible when you go to the Streams and then Marathon. But the streaming option might not always be available.

The one cartoon show that probably defines Adult Swim Videos is Rick and Morty. Like all fans, you must have faced sudden hunches to revisit some parts of the episodes. We can’t help it – some sequences demand that we watch them again and again. If you are looking to do just that, this is the website for you. Here is an episode that we landed straight on the home screen.

Watch Cartoon and Anime Online Adult Swim Videos 2

Adult Swim Videos makes it very easy to find whatever you are searching for. Scroll down the home screen and you will find a long list of shows. The alphabetical list starts at 12 Oz. Mouse and goes up to Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell. Additionally, the website is compatible with any device that can access it. It does not offer an app though.

Cartoon Network Unlocked

Watch Cartoon and Anime Online Cartoon Network Unlocked
Supported Platforms Smart TVs, Chrome, Safari, Windows, iOS, Android, Mac.
Available Regions The website is accessible in the US only.
Price Free; App requires a TV provider.
Web Link

Right at the outset, it is reasonable to disclose that the website has only Cartoon Network content. Notwithstanding that, Cartoon Network Unlocked is totally free to watch and that has to be something! That’s right. This is the website where you get all your Cartoon Network content in one place. This aspect alone makes it way more convenient than any other option.

The list of shows that you can watch on the website is particularly long. And it includes a few shows that you cannot find anywhere else. So if you are planning to watch cartoon and anime online and particularly shows from the Cartoon Network, this could well be the place for you. However, the website does not really offer you full seasons of shows.

Even then, the collection of cartoon and anime shows on the website is so huge that you cannot ask for more. Here is a sample size of the variety that is served on your plate:

The greatest thing about Cartoon Network Unlocked is that you are not required to log in. Just click on the “Videos” column on the top bar of the home screen. You will find plenty of videos with the banner “No login required.”

Watch Cartoon and Anime Online Cartoon Network Unlocked 2

And that holds true for every video on the site. Cartoon Network Unlocked promises to show you free videos without logging in.

Apart from free full-length cartoon shows, you also have an option to watch Live TV on the website. But the option only functions in limited time windows. There are also quite a few cartoon games online that you can play through the website. The list includes games like The Night Begins to Shine and Omnitrix Attack.


Watch Cartoon and Anime Online Crunchyroll
Supported Platforms Smart TVs, Apple TV, Chrome, PlayStation, Safari, Xbox, Wii U, Windows, iOS, iOS, Chromecast, Roku Android, Mac.
Available Regions Available freely in the US and limited use permitted in Australia, U.K., and other countries.
Price Free / $6.95 per month (for premium, ad-free subscriptions)
Web Link

In many ways, Crunchyhroll does the same thing that Funimation does. It commits to bringing a large library of anime content to a broader audience. While the service is more or less similar to Funimation, there is one major point of difference. On Crunchyhroll, you will find more English subtitles in English than cartoon shows dubbed in English.

Some hit shows offered on Crunchyhroll are available on other websites too. But many others are not available on any other website. The mixed bag includes names like:

The list goes on and on. The site has a rollicking collection of 950 total shows. If you decide to combine Funimation and Crunchyroll, you can probably watch cartoon and anime online of every make and model. But that may also involve a small amount distributed between either website.

There is the latest news section too, where you can about the latest plot twists and new releases.

Watch Cartoon and Anime Online Crunchyroll 2

There are many online fans of Dragon Ball Super. The site offers a lot of free content for lovers of the show. Additionally, a lot of free episodes for many other shows are available on the website. There are some shows for which only sample clips might be available. At $6.95, the paid service is pretty cheap as well.

If you are interested, the paid service also comes with a free trial. Even without the paid service, the site offers you plenty of viewing options. Besides standard definition, shows are available in 1080p, 720p, and even 480p.

The trump card for Crunchyhroll is its manga collection. This is especially suited for those who prefer reading over watching. Or you can simply read a few interesting stories to break the monotony! Needless to say, this is one of the best places to watch cartoons and anime online.

Pluto TV

Watch Cartoon and Anime Online Pluto TV
Supported Platforms Samsung, Apple TV, Vizio TV, Chrome, PlayStation, Safari, Xbox, Wii U, Windows, iOS, iOS, Chromecast, Roku, Android, Mac.
Available Regions Light viewing limitations for viewers outside the US.
Price Free.
Web Link Free.Pluto.Tv

If you are in the US and have ever wanted to watch Live TV or watch anime and cartoon line, you must have heard about Pluto TV already. The free streaming website is actually a genuine source of free TV content. But it also has a chirpy collection for those who want to watch cartoon and anime online.

There are quite a few channels on Pluto TV (75+ as of now). But if you are interested in cartoons and anime alone, there are four or more that should interest you.

Here is a still from the live streaming of the channel After School Cartoons because we thought you would like one.

Watch Cartoon and Anime Online Pluto TV 2

Like you can already see, the streaming is crisp and there is a list of channels on the left. Right below the stream, you can view a list of shows that are to come next. And you can always move to the full screen for an even better experience.

Pluto TV never charges any money from its users based in the US. Additionally, they never annoy you with ads. So when it comes to cartoon and anime, it is just the limited collection that you have to put up with. The rich service offered by the website has already earned accolades from The Verge, Vice, and VentureBeat.

Even when you are watching a live show, you can pause and rewind! If you like the classical cartoons, Pluto TV could be the be-all-and-end-all service for you. In addition to that, there are channels like IGN and The Nerdist if that is what your heart calls for.

If you have not yet noticed, most channels on Pluto TV are typically internet channels. Furthermore, it does not hurt one bit that the grand show is available on almost every streaming device.

Final Words

A good cartoon show has the potential of decreasing the mass of the heart from heavy to light. We hope you have already found plenty of shows that you love while reading this article. Let us know your favorite shows and cartoons. And we tell you of the best option to watch it for free!

If you're looking other types of content, here's where you can watch comedies online, as here are the best free movie streaming websites. In case you feel we missed something, feel free to post a comment.

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