BBC and ITV Agree with ‘UKTVEverywhere’ on Extrajudicial Shutdown

Written by Bill Toulas
Published on September 30, 2020

BCC and ITV have reached an extrajudicial settlement agreement with ‘UKTVEverywhere’ to shut down the pirate IPTV platform. The particular service was selling access to UK TV channels to users from around the world, like expats who have moved abroad, for example.

The platform offered high-quality broadcasts, which even caught celebrities’ attention - who admitted using it, maybe a bit naively or due to ignorance.

BBC and ITV took notice of this popularity and the open way people promoted the pirate IPTV platform, and soon, they knocked at the operators’ door. After all, these two British channels were directly affected by ‘UKTVEverywhere’ operations, as they were included in the large list of accessible channels (BBC One, BBC Two, BBC iPlayer, ITV, and ITV Hub).

This is the message that the visitors of ‘uktveverywhere.com’ are going to see now if they try to access the platform. BBC and ITV warn them that the above channels aren’t lawfully available outside of the UK, and anything relating to this is considered copyright infringement. At the same time, they are urged to give BritBox a try, which is the streaming service that the two launched back in 2019.

britbox message

This message also means that you have just lost your money if you had paid for a subscription to UKTVEverywhere. It has been used by UKTVEverywhere to pay the settlement - the amount of which hasn’t been disclosed, by the way.

The official statement from BBC on the domain seizure is the following:

As producers and distributors of premium content, we have the right and obligation to take action against piracy, in accordance with relevant laws in the territories we operate. Ensuring that our content is viewed legally equally ensures we will be able to bring our viewers the programs they love and expect.

BBC Studios and ITV both produce thousands of hours of quality British programming, which in turn gives vital employment to writers, producers, cast, and crew. Illegal streaming of this content means a wide range of workers were being deprived of their rightful earnings.

There are still quite a lot of pirate IPTV services that offer BBC TV channels outside the UK, so this war isn’t over. However, the two British channels have prioritized UKTVEverywhere, as this was the biggest of its kind.

If you want to access content that’s not available overseas, like BritBox, for example, maybe you should try a VPN tool. Check out our list with the six best UK VPN services in 2020, and pick the one that works best for you.

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